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Just joined. Have had awful pain with slipped disc and sciatica, anyone had an op for that?


Have been in terrible pain for 8 weeks now, take 8 tramadol (awful to come off) 8 paracetamol, 2 Naproxen as well as 150md setraline. have had two weeks of diazpam but keen not to take long term. I go for physio and I'm going for an mri scan in view of possible surgery. The pain is so bad in my hip and down my leg, I can't walk far or sit for long. Pins and needles and my left leg and foot have numb parts.

Getting really down about it as I have a 1 year old baby to lift and play with!

Has anyone been through this and got better on their own or with an op?

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Hi Penguin,

Firstly, let me say that I can empathise completely as you have just described my everyday and I know it can be devastating ; especially with young children/family in your life. I have 3 young children and can appreciate the frustration and sometimes guilt that can be felt. You can combat this by changing your 'role' for the time being - instead of crawling/playing with your 1 year old as normal, do something you can manage - maybe put them in a high chair and play blocks with them so you can sit (if this is easier for the pain). Small adjustments like this can help make a big difference, and although not what you would normally do should help for you get through while the op/therapy is arranged with you. The MRI should help a great deal with any diagnosis of problems and shed more light on outcomes.

Personally I had spinal stenosis from herniated (slipped discs) and from other bone issues that narrowed my spinal column and had to have a disc decompression to try and take pressure off nerves that were causing sciatica and loss of sensation along with considerable pain. The decompression removed the part of the disc and bone that were pertruding into the column; unfortunately in my case this procedure did take pressure off but I have damage to nerves and spine that could not be fixed; however, the procedure can be very successful in releiving the symptoms of pain and sciatica that you are feeling in your back/hips/legs.

At the moment you are probably experiencing a combination of sciatica, back pain, referred pain and tension; most likely both acute and chronic which can all be dibilitating. Obviously strong meds like tramadol and diazapam can also affect your thought processes until you get used to meds, but you will. You will learn which meds are working and which are needed ( for example are any hindering your everyday by making you too drowsy more than helping).

Hopefuly the meds are taking the edge of enough to be able to move about. My advice is (although difficult) you try to keep busy with gentle/easy tasks whilst your scan is done; and try not to let the pain control your thoughts.

I hope the scan shows the op/therapy would be helpful in releiving or removing the pain, and that it reduces in the mean time. More advice is to take advantage of your physio sessions by asking for tips on general day to day things that you are finding difficult such as getting up out of bed, sitting/standing, washing etc.... the best help I personally received has always been small tips/techniques on doing the small tasks which can make all the difference for pain along with any excercises that dont aggrovate the pain of course.

I wish you all the best and hope your situation improves. All the best and keep positive that the scan will help.

Thank you so much for your reply, so sorry to hear you have been in such pain with a large family to look after. Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing the results of an mri scan so I can make a decision on treament and understand better why I'm in such pain. If only the sciatic nerve could be removed!

Have you been swimming at all? I wondered if the water might help me walk and get some excercise.

kindest regards

Hi Penguin,

Yes I have. I completed 2 courses i hydrotherapy in the last couple of years and try to go to the pool each week. I can't swim anymore as I loose control completely, but I can stand, walk.and do many excercises I cannot complete out of the pool.

It should help you a lot, plus it is nice to move around more freely.

Take care.

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Lol i tried swimming for my pain last year it was funny because my leg was so painful&weak i went so far over diagonally lol,i was like what the hell howd i get way over here then i realised because of my leg.

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Hi good morning Penguin x I've had the most awful sciatica for about 4 years now. I had an MRI Scan back in 2012 and although it was pointed out that it was arthritis inpingeing on my sciatic nerve. Pain would be mild to moderate apparently and despite my repeatedly going back and asking for help, I was given painkillers and told "you will have to live with it".... Eventually last year it became so very painful that the Doctors sent me for another MRI Scan - I now had a prolapse disc too and they said the pain would be moderate to 'shouting'. It was actually screaming. Cutting a long story short I was referred to a lovely surgeon who said that the relief would be immediate after my surgery and he asked why I hadn't been referred before???!!!!! Anyway I left work on the Friday telling the girls I'd be back in two weeks jumping about like a Spring lamb. I had an L5/S1 discectomy. It's now just over 4 months and I am in the same if not worse pain than before. I used to walk over 3 miles a day before all of this and now I can't walk passed the end of our crescent. The pain gnaws into my hip/butt cheek and burns. Then I get pain radiating from this pain down my leg down and around my ankle. The pain killers take the edge off BUT the only thing that helps is resting - obviously this can be uncomfortable too. I use Deep Heat (extra strong) and heat pads to try and mask the pain. I am currently having physiotherapy, second one today. I've also got fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis etc... Depression since my darling son was killed in Afghanistan too. I've done everything right, took all the advice and been a model patient. I am reassured by the surgeon that it is the nerves mending and that I will be fine eventually.... how long though I can't rely on SSP forever!!!! I've now got to have a Liver Scan too so it seems that I'm just ready for the 'knackers yard'!!! It's so frustrating when you've been so active! I was advised that I shouldn't pick up my Grandchildren so I can imagine how that it's impossible for you not to pick up your child.

I usually read up on everything before I commit and obviously every op has risks BUT I really wish I'd have read up on it fully before and maybe tried exercises other people have tried, including my cousin which has helped him immensely with the pain.

I can only share my experience and I don't want to put a downer on it as I'm sure there are many other patients for whom it's been brilliant.

Good luck and big hugs xx


Hello penguin

You seem to be young as you have a child. One of the problems that you have is sciatica that transmits down your leg and possible damage to disks, generally you will need not to lift although with a child at one would be difficult . One thing you could try when sitting is a sponge cushion with a hole where the cocyx ( BASE OF PINE, where your tail used to be, this would take the pressure of the spine and may help with your sciatica. You may be able to get one at possibly Boots or some other disability equipment company, if you have problems your surgery will help and point in right direction.

One thing you need to do if you have too lift is keep your back straight and lift with your legs also tuck your chin into your body, this will take the weight of your spine, although if you have a partner they need to do all lifting for you

Medications seem very heavy, if you have been put on 50gx8 daily it is a large dose and if you are not used to them you may feel not too alert, paracetamol is a good mixer with tramadol although on a daily dose of x8 daily can also be a problem as they can effect some of your internal bits, they also may be heavy when mixed with tramadol, the nsids will keep swelling down and also produce possibly a bad tummy.

Only one thing about your meds, if also you are taking diazapam as wellI wonder how you are staying awake, if you are not used to so much medications.

Really you need to get the tests done asap so they can get you seen too,

One piece of kit you can get is a TENS machine, again at BOOTS, they have instructions with them and it will explain how to use it, they are quite reasonably priced. The pharmasist will eexplain how they work. With the machine you will need some jell pads to go with it.

When using the machine put one pad sometimes marked with a white strip down the wire on your lower back next to where the tail used to be, the other pad about four inches down the leg, this will act as a nerve block, Many of these machines have two channels so now do the samething about eight inches from the lower pad , now four inches from the lower pad put the second pad of second channel on your spine.

Now set the pulse rate so that the pulse is not painful, you will do this as it is a matter of how much feels comfortable. The pharmasist will help you, although you could ask the doctor to explain it to you, although the instructions will be self explanitory, keep varying the modulations so as the body does not get used to the machine. This will give you a spinal nerve block and may give you some respite and reduce your medications, It would possibly be a good idea to have words with the GP, as he understands the Tens unit, you do not need a doctors script for these machines as people use then when doing sports.

I hope this will help, this instruction will help to reduce the medication doses and make you more with it.IF POSSIBLE GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE LIFTING




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Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for your reply, I'm 39 now, had the baby before my 38th birthday so I'm heading fast towards my 40s and not feeling so young!

I've managed to stop the diazepam as I was pretty sleepy with it all and yesterday I managed on 6 tramadol and paracetamol during the day and 1 at night, so thats me down to 7 at least. Pain gets very bad at night.

I'm going to order a sponge with a hole from ebay, that sounds like a really good idea, thank you.

Have you had back problems>

Kindest regards


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Hello Penquin1974

So glad you got something out of my script

Personally I have extensive pains due to an unusual form of arthritis that effects all my tendons and small joints, osteo arthritis effect spine, hips and knees.

My condition has lasted for thirty years now so I have been on all the courses that the NHS can give me.

I am on my doctors participation group and LINK the NHS think tank. I will be included into healthwatch soon as a patients friend, in Mental Health and dementia

My last dog was a patient pat dog in mental health charities. My new dog will do the same soon hopefully when my new position is given in the NHS I will now know soon what I will be as a voluntary worker in above.

Good luck with your journey, if you need further help please contact me here I may be able to give you some support. This site pain concern will also give all the support that they can give. Pain can be a very lonely journey

All the very best


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Ah is that like a 'therapet'? Animals can do wonders with helping people feel warm and loved and often sense when someone is not well. My cat knew when I was going into labour before I did and she paced up and down the hall for ages wanting into my bedroom.

What type of dog do you have now?

When I was given the number for this site I phoned it up and cried all through the conversation! At least with email you can type in your own time.

Sound like you are doing a lot of good work Bob. Sorry to hear you have been in pain for so long. What helps you?


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Hello Angela

BOB here

You ask regarding treatments that I have to do, in my condition I use a hydro spa bathroom with steam shower, At the moment my house is beingcompulsory purchased so I am moving into our holiday home on the English, Scottish border, We have the oppertunity to purchase the next door bungalow so we will need to knock two properties into one as they are very small bungalows, so then I will need to start again with a redesgned bathroom with spa baths air and water and a special shower that acts as a steam shower, it is fortunate that we get the vat off it because of my disability, days before we left our old home social services began upgrades as I was finding getting into the units was becoming difificult

The shower will have a pulsing action and a special shower head with more than the five settings, showers are along the sides also. and I can sit in the steam shower for 15mins or so

My new home is now a bungalow.and will contain all the facilities that I will need to make life easy.

Medications are a problem I have been on Opiates now for about twenty years, I take anti inflamatories that are slightly different to to the common ones they are called Cox 2 inhibitors, and I take further medications for nerve damage.

Also I need to take antideppresents for to control my moods

In the next weeks I will be given medications to suppress the immune system they are called -TNF a biologic medication that that stops my immune system attacking my joints etc.and I am not happy to take them

Also when required I use a VTENS machine to provide nerve blocks to nerves and joints.

Also I have a special bed that does all the movements and has massage facilities.

What with all of that I do voluntary work for the NHS and am waiting for my new work to be given next week I think, My interest is mental health and dementia

I have a very full life

All the best BOB

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Hi Bob (I'm changing your name to "Bob the Builder") I don't have anything relevant to say, other than to express my admiration for you, as we both have certain health problems in common,and I have a certain Idea of how much pain you are going through, but that does,n't stop you having a go. In addition, your alway's prepared to help someone by giving them sound advice. Keep ity up Bob, your a hero.


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Bob again my dog now is a Welsh Collie he is two years old on 1 April, He is a rescue dog and his name is PAX he is pur black with a white blaze in the shape of a cross and has a white beard on his chin

All the best, KEEP A HOLD


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BOB B, i would like to have you as a friend for help with questions and maybe some support. You sound supportive and helpful,

Just another recommendations for TENS! tenscare.co.uk has the Ultima TENS, which used to be available in Boots, which is more compact and gives fewer errors then the iTOUCH they now stock. Do persevere - with a number of programs and electrode placements it may take some time to find the best.

I have had compression of L3/4/5. I went to a sports physio to get them manipulated. The idea of an op just freaked me out. It took 6 sessions and I have a list of exercises to do each day to keep my back healthy.

It did cause more pain but I justified that by looking at the bigger picture and the overall long term benefits. At the time I had a 4 and 2 year old to run around after.

I don't feel pain in that area of my back now. If I over do things I may feel occasional dull aches.

I have recently had very bad sciatica, which I took pain killers for. It lasted nearly 3 months and seems to have settled just with increasing my exercises, more rest lying down and being very careful about what I do.

I use a coccyx cushion and cannot belive the difference it has made. They are designed to tilt your pelvis slightly forward so that your spine is aligned properly.

I also use memory foam insoles which act as shock absorbers when walking. These caused a bit more pain for a couple of days until my body got used to them. Again they tilt your pelvis forward to keep the spine aligned.

Also found looser clothing was less agravating to the pain.

TENS may help, sometimes it can make the pain worse.

Try and reduce the amount of lifting you do. I know that sounds impossible with a baby, try and co-ordinate feeding and toileting so you only lift once instead of twice. Give finger foods that can be eaten on the spot - no need to put in high chair. Try and have friends and family visit during the day at different times so they can help.

Penguin1974 in reply to zanna

Thank you so much for your reply, I too find I can't ware tight jeans anymore as it really hurts. I think I will try and get some insoles, my feet and leg seems to hurt when standing up for too long.

Finger food and a good local nursey have been a lifesaver!


Remember you are not alone back back is very very common. I was rushed to A&E in september and eventually had an MRI which confirmed I had a slipped disc caused by degenerative disc disease of L4/L5. I don't have kids but I can imagine how painful it could be trying to run around after them as well. My personal tips are embrace the pain. Try breathing and relaxation podcasts. Sometimes you can distract yourself from the pain but through good breathing etc it really can calm the body and settle the muscles a lot. Do take the painkillers. I was on diazepam, naproxen, coedine and tramadol for 8 weeks after I did mine. You can slowly reduce the meds but pain is tiring and you need to sleep so stagger them and you'll find they will give you some relief.

Personally a TENS machine was like an electric shock into my already inflammed sciatic nerve. I've used them in the past and found them handy. But if you are in the acute painful stage I'd be wary of using them as they can irritate any inflammation. Have you tried biofreeze gel or a wheat microwave bag? You'll find they really help and you'll get to learn if you respond better to heat or cold.

The Physio will work wonders. Do the exercises they give even if they are a little painful. You'll be surprised at how they work i.e. knee pulls, leg tilts, pelvic tilts all help the muscles and blood flow into the back. I couldn't sit for 4 mths (which was tricky using the loo!) and I had to use crutches for the first two months. Just remember things can only get better.

My consultant said I'd need a spinal fusion op. Which as I'm in my 30s I'm not keen on. So I've opted for the physio and exercise route and am now having 1:1 pilates. I've had a recent flare up and spent this evening in tears through pain and frustration. But it's useful to remember that sometimes you take one step forward and one step back. Ops can cause many problems so do have a good chat with your Dr when you see them.

All in all if you can get your core muscles working well, and strong so they support you then that'll make a big difference. I still have a long way to go but remember small steps will get you there. Try and get some help with the family stuff. Your GP can arrange for a carer to help wash and dress you if you need it. Don't bend lots or lift anything at the moment - you will be able to do so when the inflammation has gone down. Do keep walking around the house and try to build that up as that really does help your body.

From all I've read online ops are only 80% good and after 1-2 yrs someone who has just done physio etc vs had an op end up in the same place. So I guess the message is an op doesn't cure everything. Good luck and don't give up.

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Thank you so much for your great advice, its horrible to think you have been in such pain but a comfort to know that other people have been through a similar experience and can give me advice. Interesting about the TENS machine, I have never used one and was thinking about it, but perhaps will leave it for now.

Getting the mri soon, and will have a good think about the op, as I would rather not have it done due to the risks.

Kindest regards

As someone else has commented you will need to get blood moving through the muscles again at some point and if you 'rest' to much - pain can set in for the long haul. HOWEVER, you will need a good physio to give you some good advice and treatment to help you get moving again. Seek out a sarah key physio if you have one near you as they are the most hands on people I've come across. Very, very gentle knees to chest lullaby rocking movement is very good for getting out of the worst pain. You WILL get rid of the pain and regain confidence even if the MRi comes back with something. Discs have a poor blood supply and suffer ligamentous injury like anything else in the body and are tricky to fix sometimes but it can be done. Finding timely and expert help is everything. best wishes, x

Thank you Boozybird,

I've been attending a physio through the NHS, she has been very good and has had me down on my tummy, lifting my head up and back, pushing up with my arms. Pins and needles shoot all through my bottom and left leg when I do this.

Sometimes I think we weren't designed very well back in the day!

Thanks but I don't have any pain in my hands or arms!!

My pain is in my left leg.

now i am cautious as i had surgery o a leg injury that did not go well for me and i went from expecting a cure to a problem to having severe chronic pain so bad that amputation was the best option at the time- so i kind of whish i could go back in time and perhaps look at other options a while longer

i do understand your current situation too though, i am now in my 50's i have osteoporosis- i fell a couple of yrs bak and crushed L3/L4 and it has left me wih severe pain down my leg, i can't lie dow without being in agony ( i sleep in a recliner chair!) i have disck bulge and spinal stenosis. Now i also have MS which is one of the reasons i fell but i also have no bladder control and less than perfect bowel control and while initially my cntinence issue were deemed o be MS now there is concern that it is related to the fall(at least the bowel stuff sd this is a new prob- but i am not a ood candidate for surgery my pain is managed by a pump that gives me pain meds direct to the spine- i had the pump inserted originally 13 yrs ago to help with pain that was caused by the leg problems

the specialsit i see at the pain unit has recommened i get a book called "treat your own back" by Robin McKenzie- he is a well respected physio from newzealand- its not expensive so i have ordered it then i plan to take it with me to a physio and have a chat

i am not trying to scare you when it comes to surgery wither as i can see you need to have a good back to help care for your family, being on thse kinds of meds is tough for you but you need to understand that even when no mistakes are made you don't always get the desired outcome- do some research into failed back syndrome- no to put you off , just so you know about some of the negative outcomes and can therfore ask you doctors and surgeons very direct questions- give yourself the best education you can abou all this before making a decision. from what my pain specialist said though, the techniques described in this book (a series of excercises) apparently have produced some remarkable results and certainly the terimonials on the web site we encourging ( i found it on amazon- makes sre it is the patients version you look at its about 150 pages and around the US$10 mark i think on amazon -

good luck, i really do hope you get a good result from something- life with chronic pain is tough and i would not wish it on anyone

Penguin1974 in reply to kebsa

Thank you for your message, it sounds like you have have much worse pain than me, I do hope your pain is under control.

I was also recommended that very same book by my physio! I purchased it from amazon and have read it. It is very good indeed and a lot of the medical profession seem to mention it. Most of the exercises in it have been prescribed by my physio.

The author talks a lot of sense.

Are you able to do the floor exercises? I find it helps with lots of cushions under me.

My MRI scan is this Tuesday, I'm still in pain but can walk without the stick now.

My tramadol dose has gone down from 8 a day to 4 a day. Already I feel it will be hard to kick the last dose as I feel the tramadol lifts my mood and helps with my depression.

My work have recommended I move from being a lifeguard to a receptionist and get a special chair for my back. Hope to go back in the next 2 months.

I'm teaching my 13 months baby to walk! he can already climb the stairs but we are moving back to my ground floor flat.

I think you are right, the thought of surgery again is a worry and I would rather treat it myself. I've had 3 ops on my tummy in the last few years and the recovery can be long.

Let me know what you think of the book,

Kindest regards,


Jamie186 in reply to Penguin1974

Hi Penguin, I read the first post you wrote, and it was like reading my past medical history. You asked if any one had awful pain from a slipped disc, sciatica, and had an operation for it. Well I can answer Yes to all those questions. It was 40 years ago, and the most important question you would now ask would be, was it successful and my answer is a resounding yes, after a months recuperation I was out walking,, gently running, swimming e t c.

You have had many answers from other pain sufferers which I don't feel competent to advise you on. other than I use Biofreeze and found it very helpful, and a hot water bottle filled with water as hot as you can stand placed on the spinal area where the disc's are affected.

Now you may be asking yourself why am I giving you advice on pain relief when my operation was so successful,the answer to that is about 5 years ago, I started having pains in my groins after walking, which has got worse and worse, until a had been seeing a NHS consultant with no help, I then saw a spinal consultant, privately and after X-rays a MRI scan e t c I'm having an operation in a few weeks.

So try and keep your chin up, take your drugs carefully until you find the regime that keeps you pain free. May I wish you my very best wishes and I send you my love.


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Jamie, do they know what is causing the groin pain? I ask because I am in the same situation. I had fusion on 3discs 18 months ago but recently have been getting sharp pains in the right groin which are so severe, I cannot put pressure on the right leg for a few minutes until the pain subsides. I have arthritis in the right knee so I am waiting on the results of an X-ray of both knee and hip.

Hi..yes had a operation in 2011.happened in 08. Worse now ever been..we haven't got no one to help with kids.I hovered week after..was cleaning house..if had more help would been OK.oh and a partner that helped..its worse now..I've just turned down my operation my pain was right side.is it to foot.my disc .bits had come right out..I've 2 austisc boys

Hi my name is Joanne I had the same problem years ago had an operation had 2 discs removed I recovered quite quickly after the opening and had 3 years pain free wonderfull then all of a sudden I slowly started to get some back pain and years later I'm back to how I was before the operation my discs are collapsing above the ones they took out I've got crumbling discs wear and tear so they say, arthritis I'm in pain 24/7 I'm sick to the back teeth of it I've also made my self jobless as I could no longer work due to the pain claiming benefits is hard work I take very strong pain killers which make me want to sleep as usually with the bus I have to wait months for a scan.

I have. I had PT for awhile and did exercises that helped. Also used a roll when sitting. Mine was in the lower back and surgery I was told wouldn't be a good idea. I also had the shot in the spine, it didn't help me. Later they tried a never blocker but that failed to work too. The best thing that helped me was the TP, exercises and the roll. Hope this helps as I limped around for over a year and couldn't life my leg at times. I feel for you!!!

I had the same diagnosis as below. The first op was a discectomy, where they shaved the bulging discs so they didn't crush the nerves. Failed miserably! I had at that time, 4 small children and I needed to work full time. I was off work for a year waiting for the second op, which also failed. But in fairness, that was because one of my MRI scans picked up a brain tumour, which they had to address. By the time they got round to checking my spine, one of the bolts was a mm out of place and bone had grown over it and that was that. I have muddled through with the help of a great husband and kids. I may never have taken them camping, or played football in the garden, but I did other things. I taught them to cook and bake and we read together. They are at university now and hopefully, they have more patience and empathy then your average student. You are there with your child and as much interaction as you can do is fab. Don't beat yourself up. He/she is loved and safe, there are many, many children who don't even have that. Good luck with the MRI. Let us know how you get on.

I have 4 disc prolapses (L2-L3, L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1) with severe Sciatica and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (Nerve pain) causing all kids of pain in my hips, small of the back, thighs, legs, feet, sole, heel and toes. From the time I wake up and till I go to sleep, I suffer pain of various types. I have been advised against using any pain killers as they raise my Creatinine levels (a risk for my kidneys). I cannot stand for more than 3 minutes and cannot walk without support and certainly not more than about 30 feet. A type II diabetic for 25 years ;on insulin for 10 years. Have been advised against an operation, due to complications. NEURACEL Cream seems to offer some pain relief. B6,B12, R-ALA injections may also help. May be stem cell therapy may be a solution. I am still looking for a comprehensive cure. A FULL-BODY REPLACEMENT (if available) may be the only solution!


I suffered what could have been the same thing but after an MRI, it was confirmed that I have spinal stenosis. Both have similar symptoms, you may be offered injections into you spine. These should help considerably and they will consider you for surgery if this relieves your pain. At least that is the normal plan, I found out the hard way on returning to the hospital to inform them that I felt no better, to be told there was nothing more they could do for me, as I was inoperable. There's quite a few books and information on the internet about re recovering from an op. There are many tips on how best to recover, also

There are stories of surgery going wrong and making a bad situation worse, so really look into whether you want or have to go down that line.

For your sciatic pain there are medications you can try but they make you extremly drowsy. ( my husband of over 30 years managed to have an affair when I was adjusting to my drugs, with my supposed best friend, as he couldn't cope with me needing a wheelchair to walk more than 50 metres at the time, poor soul, he left me on the day my mother died as he went a-wall) so I learned how to take two labradoodles for walks. I had an electric wheelchair, bought through eBay, but kept out in all weathers because catering equipment filled our garage. He availed himself of all that equipment, over £6,000 worth stating he needed pots and other equipment to work apparently, I had kept him over the previous 14 years. I even paid our mortgage in full over that time, but he gets half of our homes value despite never making more than 6 very reduced payments on an outstanding £5,000 as I had paid the rest off. He even is in the midst of getting the courts on his side to make me homeless, as he wants to sell the house to release money. I divert completely but he couldn't cope with me being truly incapacitated as I had been his provider of all sorts.

Drugs are one solution, there is another path you can try and it can reduce pain. You need to put effort into it but it was started for people in pain 24/7, the solution is to self study or as to be referred to take some classes through your G.P.

Hope you are feeling better soon and take care of yourself and the wee one too!


I have had back pain for years but then i had a spinal block done 8 years ago and ever since sometimes when im standing or walking i get a sharp pain shoot up my spine. I can't pick up a lot of stuff. When I do have to pick up a box or something like that I am down for days.

If I'm bent over to long I can barely walk. Every night when I lay down my back pain is so bad that I am in tears until my back finally adjust.

Does anyone know what is going on? When it happens it fast and sharp and sometimes takes me to my knees. Feels like someone is stabbing me.

I can relate to the same pain. I went to see a chiropractor and have got 90 per cent better after three sessions of manipulation of the spine and neck. This all started two -three weeks ago. I did not see my GP about this complaint. I bought devils claw tablet from the herbal shop to help with the pain. Apparently you need to keep taking them for them to be affective. I felt some of the pain was caused from resuming swimming and being in a swimming pool that was too cold (of course I felt at the time that the cold would not get to me). I have not been back to the same pool as I would like to be well for a while before risking my health again. I could complain to the staff at the pool if I feel the pool is too cold. I also moved an item and my lower back "went".

Hi Penguin

Sorry to read about the pain you are going through, especially with a 1 year old. I myself have 2 children and i can totally relate to the the inconvenience you are having. i am suffering from sciatica for the last 12 months, going to the drs was a weekly routine, i had never been subscribed so many pain relief in my life. My mood / character had changed which of course was affecting my children and family. I found that 30mg dihydrocdeine is helping me to manage the pain taking them twice a day . When on the influence of the medication i started swimming a few lengths a week, which helped and is still helping. I then stopped going to the drs and started to buy my medication online which saved time and was a feel good factor, if you know what i mean. Hope you get better and if you know which pain relief is working for you try purchasing your meds onlinepharmacyinuk.com

ps - i have booked myself in for a massage next week so will let you know how this goes.

Naproxin didn't work for me so ask gp

I have buldge n sciatica with cyst same sort of symptoms

Have you done your stretch excersizes have some great ones on utube put in sciatica & they will come up or if smart phone you can get app with 5 minute stretch

I cannot tolerate heat it makes mine worse, but bad days I have ice pack on for 15 mind every hour to cool swelling heat work for some people but me it's ice

Hope that helps as keeping active but slowly active stops you seazing up

Well works for me, but we all not same, so maybe trial & erroe

hi. i am currently going through the exact same thing. i had a mri 2 days ago and was told they couldnt see anything wrong so i was sent home with painkillers. the other issue i had was the fact i have no sensation down below so i cant tell when i need to use the toilet so i rely on the time to go. i have to go back to gp for another referral. i do hope that when you get your scan that it helps and you get the treatment you need and you can continue to play with your wee one pain free. all the best x

I started down your pain control route - through paracetamol, cocodamol, solpadol, tramadol, and finally zomorph which was eventually needed to really control things as all the others did not.

I benefitted most from the Zomorph, a slow-release form of morphine, 30mg every 12 hours. And I now also take Pregabalin, 25 mg/12 hours. And sometimes 15mg Codeine for what they call "breakthru" pain.

While this suits me it may not suit you, so you really need an expert on the job from your Hospital's Pain Clinic, if you are in the UK and can get a NHS referral thereto. Otherwise it is pay to see a Consultant privately, cost in UK between £100-£200.


Going through it niw...Tremafol won't do...I tried...acoxia is the best....along with a paracetamol..120 mgf one a day...in uk they don't give it but if yoj can you will be laughing..along with some relaxant and b12

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