Hot water Bottle in July , any one else experience this need ?

I have a scalding hot water bottle every single night and I need it, I have been led to believe that people with Fibro get too hot not cold

On really bad days I have the heat all day long, I seem to massively need to overheat to sweating point,not pleasant for a lady! however it seems to work a little,it is like I have to go over this heat barrier,by no means cured but some relief.

I also get swellings on my inner elbow,possibly lymph node,is often raised on bad days, asked a GP at my surgery when they were significant and he asked me if I injected! I have never asked again what they are and have never been back o him.

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  • I use an electric blanket, frightened that the bottle would burst.

    Memory foam beds work well


  • Oh my a wise decision not to return to this GP you will obviously attend with a medical history and sounds like he doesn't understand your condition or hasn't read your notes prior to your attendance , not all GP's behave so irresponsibly . The heat ..... I have hot water bottles daily and an electric blanket at night the heat helps me I need it , I suppose we do whatever we need for relief. 😉

  • The feeling cold/needing to ultra warm up thing sounds like it could be raynauds...a condition that is commonplace in relatively "well & normal" people, but also raynauds is often a secondary condition in people living with a primary autoimmune condition, eg systemic lupus (my primary is SLE, with raynauds amongst my secondary conditions). Other symptoms of raynauds are extremities turning white, blue, red as they go through the cold-rewarmed cycle. Lips can also turn purple.

    The possible lymph node thing could also be related to an underlying autoimmune condition.

    Possibly a good idea to keep a log of these symptoms, including photos if poss, so that you can present a persuasive case confidently to your Drs regarding the consistency & persistency of these symptoms over time. These symptoms could help you & your Drs to refine your diagnosis & treatment.

  • I have to have hot water bottles too to cope with pain it is so hard when it is hot outside I know the feeling your not alone.. gentle hugs to you xx

  • many thanks, also had good advise re memory foam toppper, never crossed my mind as I have a good bed but the thought of bed topper seems so logical,my hips would really appreciate it so going to look into getting 0ne,thank you so much for taking the time to share this site has been so supportive.

  • Watch the heat of those hot water bottles. I actually managed to produce a nasty burn on my back from holding a too hot bottle over the same place too long. I now have an electric heat pad that cuts off after 15 minutes, so that's a bit safer. Also, its worth trying alternating heat with ice, though again, be a bit careful with icepacks as you can burn the skin with those too.

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