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Anyone else experience this?

I get severe numbing and pain in my left hand, if I've used it a lot the previous day, i.e., playing guitar or any activity that repetitively stretches my fingers apart a lot.

The sensation is similar to when your arm or any other extremity "falls asleep", followed by the "thousands of stinging pin pricks sticking into you". Only, with my situation, there is numbness and the stinging, and both are accompanied by SEVERE pain!

It started as an anomaly that would happen the day after strenuous use of that hand. However, recently it's becoming a daily event. I'm also losing a great deal of sleep as well, because it wakes me up in the middle of the night almost every night.

Please, let me know if anyone else has experienced these symptoms! I need a diagnosis and treatment, if possible. I'm thinking it could be carpel tunnel syndrome, but this thing hurts SO BADLY at times, that it makes me wonder if it's something else...


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You really can't expect a diagnosis from the members here, you need to see your GP.


Yeah, I haven't officially been to an office visit, but my good friend is an orthopedic surgeon, and he seems to think it's carpal tunnel syndrome.

I was really very interested in finding out if anyone shared this exact ailment, and if so could recommend some home remedies.

I'm trying to avoid my buddy's scalpel, if you catch my drift...


There are probably exercises you could do to relieve your symptoms in the short term and I think you can have steroid injections too but they're only a temporary fix and have to be repeated every six months or so- but you may not be able to avoid your friend for too long!


If you don't want an unnecessary operation, then make sure they do nerve conduction studies first to prove its carpal tunnel. That kind of tingling can come from anywhere between your neck and your wrist - as well as carpal tunnel it could be ulnar nerve entrapment (at the elbow) or at the shoulder, or right where the nerve leaves the spinal column in your neck - which obviously wouldn't be fixed by a carpal tunnel operation. You might want to try seeing a physio first, as they can give you stretching exercises that would help a neck or shoulder cause. If that doesn't work, then you could pursue the carpal tunnel investigations.


Thanks for the advice, Earthwitch!

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond, and I think you're on the right track.

I do wonder if it could even be some type of arthritis...


I have a friend who is a fiddle player who experiences this. Sorry to say it just got worse. She plays a harp now. I'd see your GP. I'll ask her about it though


Thanks deejames!

Appreciate the reply!


Could be carpel tunnel syndrome which I've had in both wrists. I had the operation on one only, this being the worst affected. The symptoms which I believe is quite usual was severe tingling of the thumb and next two fingers. This description is important as before seeing the surgeon I thought I felt it in all fingers, but in a more considered assessment I found this to be true. I was kept awake for several hours each night for months. There is a test that will determine whether it is the tunnel syndrome. Best of luck

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Thanks sargrith!

Great info...


Definitely sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm getting an operation on Thursday for it. You need to go see your gp.


i thought i had CPS turns out its Peripheral neuropathy in my hands saw a specialist get it checked out i also play guitar and its very hard to hold the chords down


Thanks for the tip! I have an appointment this week. I also dig the Hendrix reference (user name)!!!

I hope you have been able to get some relief! Hope you can still pick a little, without pain or numbness...


Wish I could play as good as him lol it's the fingers and wrist that's gives the most pain



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