Hello i am new here. I am a 26 year old paralegal who has had lower back pain since October 2014. In September 2015 i started getting pins and needles in my left leg as well as burning sensation. I've had multiple tests, X rays as well as MRI's but they all came back normal. However I am still in pain and a a result I end up in a&E every month or I get admitted to hospital. My fever ranges from 37.3 to 37.5 everyday and it never goes away. My pain usually gets worse around when my period is due but I have no endometriosis since I my laparoscopy in June 2015 came back normal. I keep going to different specialist but they keep telling me that they cannot explain why I am in pain. I feel very frustrated and annoyed since my pain is there all the time and I cant seem to function normally. Can anybody give me some advice as to what I should be doing and what other specialists should i see?

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  • Have you had blood tests to rule out an inflammatory cause - such as AS etc ?

    Have you had a SPECT scan ? - they are very useful.

    Been on a pain management program - seen the allied health professionals ?

    You don't mention anything about what started the back pain - any heavy lifting, trauma etc?

    Not sure a very mild fever has a lot to do with it - any signs of an infection - chest, urinary etc?

    How do you know what your temperature is every day?

    Do you have any other health problems ? Any stress, anxiety depression etc?

  • Hi. Thank you for your swift reply. I don't have any other health problems. The last time I was in hospital was when I was 12 when I got my tonsils out. I was a healthy 24 year old when all of sudden my pain back started and everything went down hill since. My life went from working everyday and having social life to being in a&e at least twice a month and being admitted to hospital at least once a month. When i'm in a&e my blood pressure is really low ie 90/70 or goes up really high 200/160. I usually have about 180 heartbeats a minute. Sometime I feel like passing out. I used to work out a lot prior to my back pain, and I've asked my GP and other specialists about this but they mentioned that my work outs couldn't have contributed to my extreme lower back pain. I've had loads of blood tests done but they never showed any inflammation but they always mentioned I had high number of white blood cells in them. Whenever I asked what can I do about this as in is there someone else I should see they would say no.

  • Have you discussed the high BP - 200/160 is extremely high, I very rarely see patients who are acutely unwell with such a high blood pressure.

    Can I check that you don't get abdominal pain as well ?

    A HR of 180 is life threatening and I doubt this is very likely - could it be that you are confusing some of the numbers. A life threatening arrthymia called SVT has a HR that high. If this is the case with both the blood pressure and HR, have you had a cardiology review ?

  • I normally have low blood pressure but my high blood pressure is associated with my pain. The more pain i'm in the higher the blood pressure. I asked doctors if they could explain this but they said no. My blood pressure goes back to normal once the pain is under control. Usually morphine helps with this. It relaxes me but i can still feel thr pain. I even tried butrans patches and tramadol but it didnt help much. Yes i get abdominal pain on my left side sometimes and it goes towards my left groin too. I feel like someone is squeezing my left side and i cannot breathe. The pain shoots through my left leg too up to my knee. Sometimes i feel like my leg is gonna explode. I always get this burning sensation behind my left leg. No nobody suggested cardiology review. What really frustrates me is that nobody seems to know what they are doing. This is the first time i heard of spect scan or cardiology review.

  • Pbe

    Sounds to me that you are being badly let down by your GP..Change doctor and make a fresh start.

    Best Wishes


  • See a lady Alexander Teacher.

    MRI scans do not show problems with posture and muscle control. It is worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor to see if you have any areas that are causing pressure on nerves that need to be relieved.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • It took my GP a yeat to reffer me for an x ray and MRI scan. I feel like nobody believes me since all of the tests that were done came back normal. However i still in pain and i take crazy amount of pain killers everyday. I went to a chriopractor and an osteopath but they haven't helped much. They just gave me massages but that didn't relieve any of my symptoms. I feel like i will always be in pain by this stage. However thank you all for all your advice. I really appreciate it.

  • Hi there. I had same pain as you started when i was 20 years old, I am now 46. I have lower back pain, shooting pain going down the front and back of both legs, I ended up on traction for 2 weeks in hospital and then the surgeries started. To date I have had 6 operations and wish I could turn the clock back and never started. I have had injections, bulges of discs removed then my first fusion. Bone from my hip taken to fuse discs then a metal plate inserted. It took a year of rehab after that op. I began to feel good after that op, life got back to a kind of normal. Got a part time job then out of the blue pain started again. Eventually another operation removing the metal plate and replacing it with a plastic one. Straight after I began to have numbness in my left foot and toes. It turns out that with so many operations I have nerve damage. Right now I am not working in constant pain and suffering from depression. If I had any advice I I would never have had one operation never mind 6. I am now classed as having chronic pain. Good days I take dihdrocodine on a bad day sevredol. I am having a very bad time at moment have been on mst,sevredol, diazepam and pregabelin. The mst isn't working so today changed to longtec, shortec, diazepam and pregabelin. I haven't been out of the house for 2 weeks. Just lying here in constant pain. I just wish they had never opened me up!!!

  • It turns out I have Lyme disease. I don't know how to feel to be honest. I guess I am mad at NHS for treating me like an experiment for 2 years. All they had to do is properly check my blood samples...

  • Hi pretty brown eyes - have you ever drank out of a bottle in a pub as you can pick it up from there if the landlords and other staff don't wipe the top/neck of the bottles properly - as rats pee on them whilst in storage and they carry the disease - there's a warning for everybody on the forum. Hope you feel better soon take care😘😘😘

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