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Right Lower Back/Hip Pain

So I am 20 years old and the other day I was performing deadlifts. I am always careful on using proper form (not rounding the back) when performing this movement because I know people have herniated discs and messed up their back from this exercise. I have not performed this exercise in awhile and after the workout session my lower back felt fine (the muscles in the lower back felt a bit tender but this is normal as I remember it to be from the past). The next morning I woke up with a sharp pain in the right side of my lower back and right back hip. It only hurts when I bend over forward. Also, when I lay down and try to lift one leg in the air it hurts as well. I would say in the morning the pain is at about a 6/10 and the evening a 4/10. I tried to take a few days off from working out anything that would put strain on my spine or lower back. I enjoy running and this does not seem to upset it at all. I also worked out my upper body and this seems to temporarily make it feel better actually. I feel more mobile afterwards. But a few hours after these workouts my back goes back to the way it is. I have been performing multiple stretches and exercises for the spine, lower back, hips, IT band, hip flexors, and other surrounding muscles around this area but nothing seems to work. I have been watching some of Kelley Staretts (author of the Supple Leopard) videos on releasing tension in muscles around the SI joint and hips but these do not seem to help much. It has been just over a week since this pain has developed and I am considering seeing a chiro to help fix it. Any other options you all think I should take?

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Icing and rest while you get an appointment with chiropractor or physio


Hi James, you seem to have done everything but rest! It sounds muscular and those damaged muscles need a rest if they have suffered any trauma.

A chiropractor or osteopath can help but it can be difficult for them if your muscles are in spasm.


Have a look at the head neck angle in the mirror. Is the head upright or is it leaning to one side? If it is leaning to one side see if you can bring it to the upright.

Note: if the problem exists and you bring the head to the upright position bear in mind that it will take a few hours to re-adjust the muscle behaviour. So things will remain sore for a little while after you have gently corrected the postural behaviour error.


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