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Lower Back Pain - Help :(


This morning I was in the gym having a great workout until I started doing deadlifts. As I was coming up I felt my back like slip and I dropped all the weight to the ground. Instantly I sat on the floor and knew I had injured my lower back.

-The weight I used is something I've done before.

As soon as I got home I did some stretches but as the injured swelled, up I cannot longer walk or even stand without my lower back pinching and it hurts so much. It was a hassle going from the ground to my bed.

This is what I've done so far to try to relief pain:

-Lower back stretches

-Pain reliever pills

-Ice pack

-Icy hot patch (have on now)

-Im currently laying with pillows under my knees and nothing below my head.

Im 23 years of age and never had this much pain in my lower back.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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You say you have never had this much pain in your lower back...does this mean you have had pain there before?


JorgeB in reply to Bananas5

Yes, I had a similar incident except I was squatting and I felt the pinch/ slip on my lower back as soon as I picked up the weight (I didnt squat after feeling that) My lower back felt sore but not as much pain as today. I had to call of work tomorrow but Im planning on going to the chiropractor. I'm hoping I can walk my way to my car.

Bananas5 in reply to JorgeB

Sounds like there is a weakness there. Maybe lay off weights and gym til diagnosis? Could do more damage and permanent


JorgeB in reply to Bananas5

Definitely laying off the weights, Thanks.

Have you gone to the doctors or the ER you might want to get x-rays to make sure you didn’t damage anything

Go straight to ER. It sounds very much like a prolapsed disk. Get/ demand an MRI scan. Make sure you get prescribed proper painkillers and don't, repeat don't, do any exercise stretches etc until a proper diagnosis is given. You could permanently damage your spine and be in agony for the rest of your life. This is serious.

I went to the ER the following day and got an xray and a CT scan and nothing was fractured or broken. They did recommend getting an MRI done with my doctor. They prescribed muscle relaxers and pain relievers and I was able to walk by myself after leaving the ER. Thanks to all who responded.

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