Chronic Chest Pain

Last year I had a bad herniated disc and was on crutches for 2.5 months. During that time i developed a pain in my chest that i thought was a heart attack went to the hospital and they could not find out what it was. So since last year i get really flare up's. They last for weeks at a time and it feels like i am dying. I finally had a doctor do some lab tests and found out that i have an auto immune disorder that my ANA was positive. I have had test done for lupus which i do not have. i always have this chest pain, hurts when i breath, walk to much, bend over, talk alot basically anything that has to do with movement. No one can seem to help me figure out what it is.

Any help would be great

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  • Sounds like the costochondritis that I get as part of ankylosing spondylitis (which is a form of inflammatory arthritis)

  • I was told that is what is was for the longest time. Have you been able to take any medication to help with it. I was also told fibromyalgia and was given topomax which I read has bad side effects so have not taken

  • But you don't know if YOU will be affected by side affects......!

    Suggest you try meds before writing them off?!

  • i have not started them yet and was told to take them at night time. I also take tons of different meds to i take

  • I really think you should post on the health unlocked Lupus site. Though you do not have lupus itself, you do say you have an auto immune disease.....there are many of us that have overlapping symptoms of connective tissue disease similar to lupus (and I have had costochondritis as one of my many symptoms since the age of 14 and I am now 53).

    There is help to be found amongst the wonderful people that post in this site but pop over to Lupus and post regularly on there too.

    Best wishes,


  • You had costochondritis. It feels like heart attack for sure! Nothing they can do but rest . it is frustrating because it is SO painful, and unless you have had it you don't realise how bad the pain is!

  • i have been told that is what it is but have done all the blood work to make sure that is forsure that

  • Have a look at the fibromyalgia sites as well as M.E Andnlupus there are supplements and advice and as person before said symptoms overlap x good luck x

  • i was put on topomax for fibro and was told i have that to but have not started the meds yet afraid to try new things

  • i was told i have fibro and was put on topomax for it but have tried to afraid to try new meds

  • If you take Anti-inflammatories, do you have Ulcers? Chest pain, tightnes and pain when bending over can be symptoms of them too. Though I have to say I have I agree with Earthwitch it sounds very like Costochondritis and it is bloody awful, no definitive tests for it I presented to A&E like you and it was a switched on Consultant that diagnosed me.

  • what kind of doctor did you end up seeing? I have not been told that i have ulcers nor been checked for them

  • The guy who saw me was an A&E specialist. He was just very switched on. I have ulcers too and a Gastroenterologist diagnosed them after an Endoscopy. I had Anti inflammatories after the diagnosis of costochondritis which left me crawling around the floor in pain, so back to A&E a few months later and an emergency look down the gullet. The pain from ulcers is very similar. You could just ask your Dr. "Do you think this could be something like costochondritis ? After all he can only say Yes,no, or could be. I wish you relief from your pain.

  • He said that he does not think that because he said that costo. Is norally in the ribs and not the breastbone. I noticed that the pain moves around and hurts so much when pressed on it plus I have noticed I have gained a lot of weight with no apparent cause. Mt breast are also very tender and hurt in the front when presses on

  • Are you "normal" my pain was in the central breastbone area, then moved about about quite randomly. Of course your G.P is medically trained, but I do despair of the label " normal". I guess for you the hunt for answers continues. I wish you resolution from your pain.

  • You can get a muscle spasm in the chest near the forth rib which will give angina like pain. A chiropractor removed this problem when I had an attack like this a number of years ago.

    Tight chest from muscle spasms around the ribs could explain some of your symptoms. So it may be worth going to a McTimony chiropractor to check for this problem.

    It may be worth seeing an Alexander Teacher to help with muscle coordination.

  • i see a PT and get dry needing in my back

  • Does anyone think that this could be heart related or breast related

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