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does anyone relate to this?


I have woke up again today with the whole of my spine and hips burning.. feel like I need someone to inject me with some freezing cold liquid to cool my skeleton down.. I am on prgabaline and codryadamol but this pressure and burning is awful.. my doctor says it is nerve pain as I have spondolosis of my spine and arthritis in my joints.. this seems to be a flare up.. sorry for the vent just hurt every where :(

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Hi Pat

Sorry to hear about your burning pain. I have had this myself and it's very unpleasent .

Hope it settles down soon for you x

That is awful and must be so hard to fight through. The meds may be to blame since there is double the side effects. I can offer a little tip that may help with burning in joints. Put two towels in a plastic bag in freezer overnight. Take out in morning an lie on them..preferably no clothes so coldness gets to your skin and nurves, but I suppose it may be trial to see what suits you. Hope it helps a little. It works well on swollen legs too.

Pat9 in reply to KymLadybear

Thank you.. I have a cold water bottle on the base of my spine right now it is taking away some of the heat.. I have bursisitis of the hips spondolosis of the spine and arthritis in the joints so one triggers the other.. when they all flare up it is awful just need to focus on remembering the times it has happened in the past and then gone as when I get this is is hard to stay positive thanks again for your help x

Rinoman1 in reply to KymLadybear

I agree but always have a layer of clothing on or you could damage your skin and not know it until it's too late. Good luck

I run cold water over the bits that can do easily and put cold compress on others sounds a great idea x

Hi Pat,I have lots of pain lower back legs and so on i have fibromyalgia .I been told to take pineapple juices trust me it works great i do still get pains but it does helps alot.

This is exactly how j feel this morning too... I can't move, my hip and down my leg feels like fire and pressure. I had acupuncture yesterday and last time the following day was bad but then it did get much better to the point that I thought I was cured!!! So I don't give up. So far if s the only treatment that seems to bring some relief and most of all regular pain medications are sufficient to control the pain.

zanna in reply to Lakomka

It is very common to get a reaction from therapies. It's just your body getting used to what has been done. It may take a couple of days to settle, but you are usually a lot better afterwards, even if it's for a short while. If it doesn't settle in a couple of days let the therapist know.

This could be pressure on nerves. My experience of hitting the funny bone nerve is burning big time in the hand. So it may be possible that you have something similar elsewhere. May be worth seeing a chiropractor to check for muscles that have gone into spasm.

Hope this helps.

In my opinion, you may have stenosis,narrowing of the spinal canal, I tried the steroid injections but they didn't work for me, so had to have micro discectomy. Hopefully the injections will work for you if you go that route. Cause the injections are much easier to deal with then surgery, trust me on that, cause I ended up getting a spinal fusion which is a life of unbearable pain for months so far. Good luck.

thank you for all your replies.. I am going to get some pineapple juice today the flare up is easing but I have been lying flat for two days it seemed a lot better when I awoke today but then sitting on the base of my spine again it seems to be triggering it .. so think a visit to the doctor tomorrow is on the menu thank you for all your suggestions and helpful advice will also check out the stenosis idea as I know something isn't right x

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