Spondylolisthesis - can anyone help me?

Hello, as well as suffering from Fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, CFS, sciatica I have now been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis.

I have had injections into my spine which have greatly relieved the pain but could anyone tell me more about this condition? Fore example, is there anything I should or should not do? What about exercising?

My special;sit was surprised to see that although my case was very bad I had no evidence of any physical trauma to my spine i.e. a fall It would appear that my spondylolisthesis has resulted from my gait - I am unstable on my feet as I don't know where my feet are most of the time.

Anything you can help me with would be appreciated.

Thank you


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  • Hi Sandy247 I had a spondylolithesis at L4/L5 where is yours?

  • Hello Taliswood

    I'm copying from my specialist's letter so that I get this right

    'Bilateral lumbar facet injections at L4-5 and L5-S1....'

    I hope this makes sense...'


  • Hi Sandy That bit seems to be about the facet joint injections (which I have too), does the letter say the spondylolithesis is at the same level and does it say what grade it is? Have you had a standing x-ray?

  • Hi Sandy I have just read the reply below from lowlife, there are different types of spondylolithesis. Have a look here chirogeek.com/Spondylolisth... there is a lot of info here but if you do not have a fracture (isthmic) scroll down (a long way) and you will see degenerative spondylolithesis. I had degenerative, this is seen more so in people over 40 and also those with facet joint issues and spinal stenosis. I had the full house! Chirogeek is a site that I really like as I like lots of explanatory stuff but you may prefer the NHS page nhs.uk/conditions/spondylol...

    or spine health which has some videos spine-health.com/video/spon...

    I had decompression surgery with an instrumented fusion (a cage of rods and screws to keep it in place) in 2012 which was really successful. I was out of hospital at 5 days, started my rehab programme at 2 weeks and back to work at 8 weeks. I have just had another decompression surgery without fusion because of central spinal stenosis and prolapsed disc and am now at 12 weeks. The op was successful but I have post op neuropathic pain this time which I didn't last time. If you have the degenerative type questions happy to answer if I can.

  • Hi sandy, spondylolisthis is a fracture of a lower vertabra that slips down and presses on the vertebrate below. This can cause pain around your lower back, hips, thighs, knees and sometimes feet. This damage is usualy caused through a fall or the type of sport that forces you to lean backwards like tennis etc. I have been diagnosed with chronic bilatral pars defect and spondylolisthis of L5 and S1. In other words i have a fractured vertabra both side's which has slipped down and pressing on the one below with nerve impingement. And osteoarthritis. If your GP thinks its your gait that's caused it it may be worth seeing an Alexander teacher who can show you good posture. Only do gentle excercise and stretching. If you can manage to swim then thats better still. It's good to hear that the pain injections have worked for you so fingers crossed that they last. Whatever you do don't wear a back brace as this will only stop your muscles from working which is the last thing you need. Hope this info helps.

  • You can also have spondylolisthesis in the cervical spine (neck), which I have, at C3/4. I was offered surgery, fusion with fixation. I decided against as it was deemed non dangerous but I think there are ongoing neurological upsets and I sometimes wish I'd had it done.

  • Me too, mine is c5/6, it means vertebrae are not stacked on top of each other but one has slipped forward or backwards. They grade the slippage too.

  • Thank you everybody for your replies. They have really helped me.

  • here is a good description of what spondylolisthesis is


  • Mine is at L5 &S1 with chronic bilateral pars defect. At first i was like you with little control of what my legs and feet where doing. Legs felt weak and didnt feel like mine at all. I couldn't excercise due to the pain so i tried swimming. I started slowely doing more each time and my legs are so strong now that they feel like mine again. The water takes alot of pressure off your body which makes excercise easier. Even if you can't swim you could do stretches at the side of the pool. Im still in pain 24/7 but i can walk a straught line lol.

  • Again everybody thank you so much for all of your help and advice. It is so greatly appreciated. S

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