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Chondromax and glucosamine combination -osteoarthritis

Hi all I have osteoarthritis in both hips and spine severe in right hip .i have been taking the above For about a month now .for the last 2 weeks I have noticed a considerable change in my hips and spine .no longer do I get the pain I used to where at its worst I couldn't stand up any longer I had to sit or lie down .not even once have I had the pain when at its worst .i know the weather has picked up slightly but I remember being in lots of pain even when it was warmer in the past .there is al little part of me starting to think these tablets are helping my joints as no pain killers were helping at all with the pain .where in the past at times I was in agony at work I now get through my day a lot easier.i did even think about stopping them to see if the pain would return but thought against it .i was due to go see my doctor after my physio finished but if things stay the way they are I will be more than happy .i do still get a bit of pain but it is easily bearable compared to what it used to be like .i thought I would share this with everyone because I know how many people out there are suffering .i just hope things continue as they are and will be ordering my next batch in about 10 days time .it might not work for everyone but there is definitely a big change in my life since taking them .will keep you all posted in the next few months .

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I tried this mixture for over a year but it must work on some and not others as it made absolutely no difference to me. I things stay good for you


This is fantastic news if it is working for you. No doubt that the Sun helps the body and mind. I hope that you lack of pain continues.


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