Glucosamine gold capsules

Hi all im new here .before xmas was diagnosed with osteo arthritis of spine and hips severe in right hip .have tried a paonkillers off doctor but nothing has worked so far .i was wandering if anyone has tried glucosamine gold capsules as i have read good reviews about them but i do no everyone is different .any feedback would be gratefully recieved as i am struggling at the moment to get pain under control .thanks

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  • Hi and welcome .My husband has tried these tablets because he is in constant pain but to no avail .Having said that,everyone reacts differently .So good luck.

  • All welcome here so hello!

    If your GP has prescibed pain rlief and it isn' halping - go back and tell him. Very little will kill pain but you should find something to take the worst away and at least make it bearable,

    There are also alternatives - TENS, acupuncture and often physio.

    So go back and tell him

    Pat x

  • Tried these and as they are supposed to help reduce cartilage reduction/destruction, but can't report noticeable effects. Won't help pain though, more of a prevention step. Do keep going back to gp until you have some pain control and perhaps secondary care eg physio. Good luck

  • Hi thank you all for your comments really appreciated .i have been going to physio but in early stages .i just wanted something to take the edge of the pain when at its worst I will keep trying different things and see where it leads .many thanks

  • Glucosamine certainly won't help pain. I take it as a preventative and noticed benefit but early on in the degeneration of my spine , due to osteoarthritis. Some studies note benefit other say not. I'd say worth trying if you can but it takes months maybe to work not days

  • Hi and like all have said Welcolm, you've probly come to the right place ,someone will be able to help you. I have osteo Athritis in the bace of my spine and in my hip. I can't say as I feel any pain from it, but my treatment is injection ( in my arm ) and it seems to do the job for me. My other suggestion is have you tried going on the Osteo Athritis forum. Good luck.

  • Hello gemini71 i wanted to ask you where did you have the injection done and does it keep the pain at bay .many thanx

  • To be honest with you I have never had pain with Osteoperosis,I see I put Osteo Arthritis, which is wrong. I have Osteoperosis , and Rheumatoid Athritis . Both are under control. It's the Osteoperosis I have a 6mth injection for and I have no problem with it. Sorry I got that wrong. Which Arthritis do you suffer from.

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