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My ribs and chest feel too tight.....

Hi guys i'm new here so bear with.... Ive recently suppered with quite a few infections.... had the flu, got tonsillitis, then got a UTI and end up in hospital as i couldn't shake it. Now my chest is feeling super tight, like my ribs wont expand enough to let me take big enough breathes. as a result my breathing is quite shallow and when i have to take a deep breath its difficult and painful?

Could this be another infection or a side effect of the Co codamol and oramorph i've been prescribed?

Any thoughts are appreciated :)

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Welcome on board amcd1989 .

We can't make diagnosis but use our experiences to advise where possible.

Your meds are unlikely to cause tightening in your chest so my advice would be to speak with your GP.



Agree that this is most unlikely to be your meds.. advise you go back to GP asap... I hope you are better soon.. this happened to me last year.. consultant said it was a mixture of the infection and virus I had contracted . took a while to recover but got thru all ok.. awful., please look after yourself and go back to GP 😀

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Do you think you haven’t gotten rid of the pneumonia when I had Pneumonia it took me seven weeks before I could go back to work. Becareful You don’t want to get it again.

You should go back to your doctor to listen to your lungs and have them take an exray

Of your lungs.


Yay amcd 1989, defo sounds like a possible chest infection? You need to see your GP as if it is and not treated your breathing may get worse and much more painful!


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Are you taking your temperature? Is it raised at all, keep checking, remembering to add 1 if taking good underarm.

Did you phone or see GP?

Has this resolved yet?

If not, are you going to A&E to get checked out?


It's all about the immune system which is what heals a cut or keep cancer cells at bay.. Fermented Foods are good bacteria, I take Colostrum or a Good Probiotic never pills because the making of a pills kills the bacteria..


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