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DWP meeting at my house!


I applied for PIP as I am struggling more and more to cope with chronic pain and spending a fortune on therapies to help e.g. chiro, acupuncture, sports massage. I also feel like I need a 'disability' diagnosis to help justify things to my employer (and friends/family!) I received a letter back saying it had been received but I could be waiting 26 weeks, which I was fully expecting because I've heard it can be a long process.

However, I got a letter yesterday saying I have someone coming round to assess me next Tuesday! I have put it off to the following week when it will be half term (as I have had enough absences from work already!) But it just seemed very quick, and I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing! And I don't get why they're coming to me... I was expecting to be summoned to some sort of assessment centre. Does anyone have any advice?



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It's a lot better than waiting for 5 months which I had to do for an assessment. Just remember you always answer with the worst case scenario. If you can do something 2 days a week but not the other 5 then you answer you can't do it or they will take and use the best and ignore the worst


Is that not dishonest or am I missing something ?


No its not dishonest any more so than the pip people are when they only take into account your good days !!

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Not dishonest! It is your worst days that you have off work, can't do things, etc. It is your worst days that cause you the most problems. And also, this time next year, as I have discovered... the bad days *may* overtake the 'good' days, until there are only bad, very bad and extremely bad days left?

Hope that makes sense??

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I agree with you Westwalespaul



I am currently taking PIP to the courts and tribunals services for not giving me it. I had medical assessment and was awarded it by the medical team yet someone behind a desk has said no against their own medical teams advice. When I go to tribunal in a few weeks that will be a year. I have now got a rep from the local advice shop run by our council and she has been amazing would recommend getting someone to help you. I am very like you and I would explain both good and bad days etc on form and think because of me being so truthful it's taken longer. I didn't want to milk it etc I just wanted to be honest and when so ill I try and stay positive which makes me say things like the words sometimes or occasionally but when I think about it's prob most of the time like 80% etc. My rep says I have a really good case and I was just going for standard daily living but she now going for mobility too.

Sometimes if they don't have a place u can go to they come to you. I think they are catching up within timescales now. I hope this helps xx


What happened in your case?


Thanks for the replies, everyone. Obviously I'm not complaining about being seen so quickly, but it did make me a bit suspicious when I've been warned so much about it taking ages. Made me think that maybe they've already written me off as not needing anything?

I totally get what you're saying about the worst case scenario. Like many of us, I'm so used to trying to put a brave face on and struggle through without complaining too much that I am going to get me bf to be there with me, as he sees what I'm really like once I get home (the poor bloke!) And my bad days are definitely getting more and more frequent. Trained as a teacher 4 years ago but can't see me being able to manage long term -- I already have frequent absences and pretty much no life outside of work - as soon as I finish I have to go home and lie down :-(

Thanks again for the advice. I will let you know how it goes!

Lou x


SO, I had my apt last week. It went ok I think, although im expecting to be turned down because I know lots of people with much worse conditions who have had a 'no'! I 'just' have chronic pain. It was a good job my fella was with me, because some of the questions - like things Ive had to give up because of the pain - understandably reduced me to tears. I'm also too used to trying to put a brave face on and minimising my problems, so he was able to be more honest about what I can and can't do. The interviewing guy was really nice and understanding, and the appointment lasted an hour. Still find it a bit weird that he came to my house for it, when people who are in wheelchairs etc have had to go to their offices! Anyway, will post an update when I get a response. :-)


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