Any help would be great ??

Really don't know where to start ??

Been having lower back pain L5 and sciatica in one side (left) for over a year been on codeine then co codamol tramadol and amptriplyine which has helped had MRI scan last month got a letter yesterday the thing is im getting pain in both legs like sciatica which only started 6 months ago the letter says

Long standing degenerative disc at the lumbersacral junction ie the lower most mobile level of lumber spine there is no evidence of compromise at the nerve root at this level and if there was it would not explain the distribution of pain that you have described

We are unsure as to how your symptoms have evolved since you was last since seen (October)

I really can't understand why they can't find where the pain in my both legs are coming from as I'm having trouble with laying down and siting

Any help would be great thanks

It's taking over my life

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  • Sciatica is a painful condition I have had it now for at least three years.

    Sometimes if there is nerve damage it can be difficult to pick up on scans and Xrays, The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that feeds down the leg to feet etc so pain will transmit further down the leg generally to the side of the knee Sometimes like in my case the pain can transmit through the tendon sheave as the nerve rubs on the rough areas and that will transmit to different areas. It sound that there is a trapped nerve effecting R and L of your body and that may be transmitting from a narrowing of the hole where the nerves run in the spine.

    The damage caused by the Lumber Sacral Junction can be causing a problem and can be transmitted pain. to both sides of the hip before the sciatic nerve. As I understand that you have a disk problem that can rub against a nerve group

    I am not a GP or Specialist and therefor not give any further advice, all I can say is keep at them a DUAL TENS may be able to assist and it can be set up as a nerve block. Your GP will advise on the best way forward and a course at Pain Clinic could be a good idea


  • Thanks Bob that's been very helpful never been asked about a pain clinc I'm thinking of asking for one I will keep pushing I got this fair and I won't give up

  • Not been on the others I will ask I did say I wanted something stronger as tramadol was not doing anything at all and guess what ? I got tramadol again I do wonder if doctors listen at all ?

  • It can take years for the causes of pain to show on scans, yet it does not mean the pain is not there. Unfortunately health workers tend to assume if they can't get an electronic image, the symptoms aren't of much relevance.

    Do go back to your gp and personally I found at least fifty percent capability when I went on gabapentin. HTH.

  • With back pain, as I understand it , locating the exact source of the problem can be difficult. Some people have terrible pain from a particular problem whereas others with the same difficulty have virtually no pain at all. I believe its a trial and error game. Try one therapy and see if it works. Where is your GP in all this ? If you can try to see a chiropractor or similar therapist who will examine your MRI. You can request a copy on disc. Here in Scotland it costs £10.

  • I've had Physio plus hydro which did nothing but give me more pain standing brushing teeth shaving etc only make things worse even going up the stairs is painful I can't bend down without feeling it stand I feel the pain down. Both legs and they say they can't understand where the pain is coming from ? Really does make me think if it's going to cost money ? It took 11 months to get a scan after seeing 7 doctors one specialist and a physio who said it was in my hips I have problems back in 09 with my SI joint it started this time in my ribs then moved down my left side now it's on both side

    Sorry for the long post

  • For me, I am not sure that they have provided you with a diagnosis. This is the first point of call to find out what is actually wrong. The pain is personal to you and unfortunately does not show up on any scans apart from a brain scan that may show related activity when you are experiencing pain. Only you know when it hurts and how much. I have two slipped discs L4&5 as well as osteoarthritis in my hips and spine. I am fortunate in that my GP and I communicate well together. She has prescribed morphine patches which last for 7 days and they work well for me. I can still take other pain meds Solpadol 30/500 when required to top up. I find that having regular visits to an osteopath and acupuncturist also relieve my pain. I also have a TENS machine which I use regularly. This deals with the physical pain. The psychological effects of pain also need handling so I give myself a break and take it easy when it hurts. I also use a wheelchair when walking is too painful. You can still do things, it just means that you have to plan a bit more and do things a bit differently. I hope that you have found some useful information in my explanation of my personal circumstances. Good luck!


  • Think your right all they have said it L5 long standing degenerative disc nothing about any treatment at all no evidence of any nerve root

    I'm the one in pain and I can feel where it's coming from both legs I've had sciatica before but never in both legs the painkillers I'm taking may as well be smarties they do nothing and I'm taking 8/50 mg per day

  • Pain could be caused by muscles compressing on nerves. This would not show up easily on an MRI scan if at all. So the problem would be missed.

    There is a spinal reflex from the neck which can cause tight muscles lower down the spine and lead to sciatica type pain.

    To detect this sort of problem you need someone who can use their hands to determine the presence of over contracted muscle. A McTimony Chiropractor should be able to detect this sort of problem. An Alexander teacher can help with this sort of problem.

    Yoga classes would be useful to lengthen out over contracted muscles in general.

    Hope this helps.

  • ive been having really bad neck pain which has been very painful at the back of my neck finding it hard to bend my head done.

    Thank you all for the input it's been great I can come here and people tell me

    Thank you

  • The Bowen Technique is really helpful for these kinds of problems often giving amazing results and I can highly recommend it from personal experience. It might be worth finding a local practitioner in Yellow Pages and giving them a ring for a chat about your problem and see what they say. I also rate EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique for any pain or disease. You will find plenty of info on line about it and it can be self administered easily once you know the basics. Again you can find practitioners in Yellow Pages or from personal recommendations in your area. A new approach is always worth trying if what you are doing now is not working out for you. I wish you well and pain free soon. Best regards


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