Scared :(

Hello, I'm a normal 16-year-old who is suffering from horrible chest pain.

I randomly get chest pain and stomach pain. I have been to the doctors and they did an ECG scan however, everything was fine. Yet I'm still suffering from extremely bad chest pain and I'm very scared.

Apart from this I sometimes feel as though I can't breathe. I don't know why but at very random times. To make myself feel better I try unusual things, such as right now the only thing that helps me is to lay on my side or I usually watch tv shows on my laptop.

I recently had a blood test and I received a letter from the doctors saying that I should make an appointment to discuss the results. I am extremely nervous as I hate doctors.

I don't know what to do and on top of this, I'm very stressed about my upcoming GCSE exams. I want to do well but with this oncoming pain I can't revise or focus at all.

Lying down flat on the floor right now because of my chest pain ;(

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  • It might be anxiety, you need to try to relax and stop worrying or it will make you feel worse.

    Try to keep yourself busy so that you don't think of the things that upset you.

    I hope everything turns out to be ok.

  • Thank you.

    Yes, it could be anxiety but the doctors did say that anxiety doesn't cause continuous chest pains. Thank you for your advice :) Hopefully, everything will be ok.

  • It can cause chest pain but I'm not sure its continuous, I get it sometimes.

    I am sure all will be fine, just try to stop worrying yourself.


  • Okay, thank you. :)

  • You are welcome. :)

    Pop onto here if you are feeling down, lots of good people on here to listen to you and maybe help you if you need it.

  • Yes, I already feel slightly better :)

  • That is good, talking about it really does help.

  • You should definately go for those results, if its something very minor you will get help to clear it up, if its anything else then you take on fighting it, but what your doing at the moment is fighting an invisible opponent in a dark room and then lying down after until you feel better and that is giving you anxiety. If i was in that same dark room i would be anxious too. Go get your results and get advice, doctors are sworn to help people and beyond that they do doctoring becsuse they want to. Our biggest fear is feat itself and i promise you that having got to an age way way older than you i have never found anything, not ONE single thing that is as bad as i imagined it to be.


  • Thank you for your help.

    Yes, I will go to see the doctor. I just made an appointment now. Thank you so much! I will continue to fight, no matter what. :)

    Reading your message has already helped me to feel better, so thank you for that.

  • Hey dont go giving me the credit i just helped a little, you know what many people get to be 85 etc and you can still hear them saying "oh you made me feel guilty", well i assure you the wiser of us know that only you can make yourself feel guilty or make yourself feel sad or anything else. We all go through life learning what we are told we need to, but the people who have the happiest and most fulfilled lives learned above all to at least try to understand themselves, try and give yourself at least a few minutes of quiet when you can and allow that time to get to know yourself. Oh and google DESIDERATA and read it, then when you have read it read it again a few days later, you will find even in those few days that you will find new meaning. Give it a try.


  • :) Sure will do.

  • Again I hate to hear about you going through this so young. Hope docs figure it out and you fully recover. I share your hatred of doctors.

  • Thank you!

    Yes, I'm hopeless when it comes to doctors ;)

    Quite ironic as I really would like to become a doctor myself xD

  • First, try not to freak out too much. It could be something not a problem at all. It does kinda remind me of myself though. I would be hit like BAM!! I could barely breathe because every time I would take a breath the pain would stab and interrupt my breaths. So during episodes I would lay down on my back with my arms relaxed out a bit and would take very shallow breaths until it passed. I was told it was angina. But a doctor years layer said the only way to know 100% if that's what it is is to do that procedure where they put dye in you and basically see how your blood is moving through your heart.

    But if it is angina that is Not bad. There are different kinds of angina and the kind that begins when you're younger is the Safest kind to have. I would give a few bits if advice. From my own experience I could only ride the least scary roller coasters and even then after 2 rides it would start to hurt. So until you know for sure what is I would avoid those. It would help to take up meditating, stay active (even a leisurely stroll counts as active). I personally, didn't have trouble donating blood. But when my friend donated blood she felt sick and she hurt (we didn't yet know that She had heart issues). So I wouldn't donate blood without your doctors permission.

    But I'm much older now and it's not near as bad as when I was younger. So now I just have to keep an eye out for any changes in the episodes and it's fine. If it does change then I'd have to go back to the doctor. So hopefully it's nothing, but if it's angina it's actually much safer for you to get it now rather than as an adult.

    Wish you the best.

  • Thank you :)

    Hopefully, it isn't but you never know and if it is I promise to take your advice!

    Thank you! :-)

  • See your school about the chest pain. You need advice about the exams and your present ill health. This will help reduce one reason for anxiety.

    Worth getting your parents to take you to a McTimony chiropractor. You may have ribs which are too tight and their musculature may need to be untightened. Also you will get a second opinion to take to a doctor. Unfortunately doctors do not know very much about muscle behaviour and pain.

    As you practice lying with your back on the floor. It is worth putting a book under your head and bending your knees and observing if this helps or hinders your pain.

    It may be worth seeing an Alexander Technique teacher. Posture and pain are often related.

    Tight lungs and anxiety are related. Because of your breathing difficulties you are probably feeling more anxious than need. Emotions are felt in the body. What you feel are muscles doing all sorts of things. Change the muscle behaviour change the emotion. This is why children who play physical games do not remain upset for long. The physical activity changes the emotion.

    When looking at your laptop bend from the hips not bend the back. Look at balancing the head on top of the spine instead of holding the head in a downward position.

    Hope I have been able to be helpful.

  • Thank you!

    Yes, I will talk to my parents and doctors about this. Thank you for your help :-)

    Really does mean a lot.

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