DWP - how they surprise us!

DWP - how they surprise us!

Hi Everyone,

I had one of 'those brown envelopes' in the post this morning. My heart sank and I could feel my anxiety rise as I had reapplied for DLA 3 weeks ago. Having had such a struggle with them previously ( haven't we all?!) I was ready for more stress. But, they have put my claim through for an indefinite period at the same rate as last time, just over a year ago. I thought I had demonstrated that my condition had worsened significantly in the last year but I guess I should be grateful for the crumbs they throw me.

Just to give you a laugh, when I was claiming in 2012, I was in a cast for 4 months ( see pic) and then went back into hospital for 2 weeks rehab, then a very lengthy period of outpatient rehab.

My claim for DLA was refused!!!!! They said I had no need for help with personal care, I could bath or shower myself ( errrrrrr, I couldn't bath or shower for 4 months at all!!!) I could prepare a meal etc etc.

I had to go to a tribunal looking like this and feeling dreadful - I had had major surgery and it wasn't easy hauling the cast around with my seriously dodgy spine.

Needless to say the Tribunal didn't say much but looked horrified and overturned the DWP decision. I had even sent photographs of me in the cast when I asked for re decision before the tribunal.

Don't they put us through it when we are least able to manage?

I shouldn't feel grateful to get the pittance they have granted me, I've worked for 40 years but hey 😁

Hoping everyone having a comfortable day as possible


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  • whoohoo whoopee excellent and well done shirley but sham it wasnt nore.

    can i be nosy and ask what rates you get now.

    indefinite - join me in waiting til.....pick a year when we will all be done for pip. done being the word.

    think dwp should hange colour of envelopes to - all nice pretty ones.

    pat x

  • Yes I agree Pat, should be more. I only get middle rate for personal care and nothing for mobility, it's almost funny!!



  • Whew and relief for you. I had my transition from DLA to PIP last year (October) and that brown envelope arrived late November. I rang them and asked for a reconsideration as they had lowered my mobility from Highest (old DLA) to Standard (PIP). My care - remained the same. They rang me about three weeks ago to discuss it - said the decision for Standard is my front door to the front gate was 25 metres. I advised them over the phone it was 9 metres and happy to send in a letter from the Council stating this. Ten days later another brown envelope. Hey ho - received my Enhanced mobility and retained the Standard care (reconsiderations mean they reconsider the ENTIRE application).

    It is definitely worth persevering but the sheer stress waiting and reapplying and apprehension waiting for an outcome.

    I worked from the age of 16 up until I was 47. We don't choose to live in pain.


  • Well done to you. The DLA/PIP is inconsistent & stressful system. Genuine people seem to fair the worst and it enfuriates me.

  • I have just worked with a lady who is 80 feet from her front door to her car. They have told her to have a wheelchair to the car if she wants higher rate.

  • Hi can I ask a question my brother is on indefinite DLA he has had five strokes bed bound in nursing home will we have to fill

    in new forms for him he has lower rate as he is in home or do you think they will just transfer him ? Thanks Ann

  • Hello alexann

    As DLA is being ended all of us will have to undergo assessment for PIP.

    Iy is not automatic and your brother will be sent a letter inviting him to apply.

    Indefinites should be sent out....pick a year. No one is quite sure due to backlogs.

    Best bet is to sit tight and wait but be prepared. I am indefinite and will put all thoughts of form filling to one side for now.

    Pat x

  • Hi Pat, thanks for reply, it's just the forms are like books never

    ending and I also have to get nursing home to fill in bits as well.

    It seems silly for people who have long term health problems

    to have to keep going through this the same I have with him

    with esa support group. Oh well I live in dread of it coming.

    Thanks again for your reply. Ann

  • Its the people in this country that have pretended for years that they have a back problem etc because they don't want to work that has made it hard for the genuine ones that really can not work. If people can't see the disability they assume your lying. How wonderful it would be to pass on your condition to others so they can feel what your going through and it would be only then that you would get some sympathy, and money to live on. I am 58 years old and have worked since i was 15. I have chronic back, leg and hip pain but because i can wash and feed myself i am entitled to nothing. The government has never given me anything because i am an honest person. I wish you good luck and hope you get the money you deserve. X

  • Was the medical through Atos or Maximus the new company? as I have heard they are a lot worse and make stuff up and dont make notes of anything you suffer from no matter what evidence you present.

  • Yes seem some of the complaints in the US going from one bad egg to another

  • I didn't have a medical terrytibbs, they made a decision this time on the paper evidence. No rhyme or reason to them really is there? 😳

  • Well done for fighting through this ridiculous system. Congrats.

  • Hi just read your. Post and just wanted to say glad you succeeded in the end for benifit I have been trying for 5. Years with out success. Travels to an appeal could hardly walk had 2 walking sticks I was turned down but I have just been awarded payment just after christmas

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