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Bad Back at 15

I'm 15 years old, and have had a severely sore back for around 2 years now, and it's starting to get considerably worse.

I think it was caused by horse riding, and won't help that i still ride, but want to keep riding for my mental health as it helps me keep calm, due to suffering really badly with anxiety, and it helps me relax.

My Mum keeps saying it's growing pains, but I don't think this is the case since it's been going on for so long now.

I keep coming back to the idea of having a slipped disc in my back, I seem to show all the symptoms of it.

My problem is that since My Mum think it's only growing pains, she won't take me to the doctor.

If someone could help me out here, I'll answer any other question needed:)

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Hi I am so sorry to hear you are in so much pain. You're mum might be right and it is only growing pains but it is best to get it checked out with a doctor. It could be something simple like bruising while horse riding. Try and have another word with your mum maybe show her what you have written and she may understand better of how this is making you feel. Or is there someone else you could Confide in another family member or school nurse or counselor. I find it really sad that you have anxiety issues again you need help with this. You are old enough to make an appointment to see the doctor yourself. As you don't want the pain in your back to continue without getting a diagnosis as this could cause a lot more problems in the future. Don't forget your love of horse riding and your back needs to be strong for that.

Good luck and take care x


Why can't you take yourself to the Doctor? Surely You don't need to go with your Mum.

There is in reality no such thing as growing pains.

I feel you need to find ( even if on a temp basis) something else to help your anxiety. And remember, anxtiety causes more pain.

Sorry if I sound harsh. But you are 15 years of age.( and good for you for posting on here). Many of my friends years ago were working at 14 plus years of age.

perhaps just being around the horses and talking to them, brushing them down can help as well on a temp basis.

Good luck🐴


You are probably quite old enough to go to the doctor on your own, but it would be good to get your mother on your side as you will need her for support.

At your age, it would be important to rule out some kind of inflammatory problem in your back (as inflammatory spondyloarthritis usually starts in young people), and you would need to be seen by a rheumatologist for that. That would be particularly important if you have a family history of autoimmune disorders, like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, thyroid, coeliac disease, crohns, colitis, etc. The first step is to see your GP though.

If your mum thinks its growing pains, agree with her that it might be, but that you would still like the doctor to rule out any other kind of injury or inflammatory problem, and say that you are happy to go on your own if she is OK with that.


I have 2 grown up children, at ! 5 you still need your mother's support, if you go to the doc they may send you for further tests or prescrribe you mediccation, this will be alit easier with your mum at your side, sit down and tell how how worried yoy are, tell her yes it could be growing pains but could you go tio do just to reassure you thats all it is, sometimes us mum dont know when to take you serious, your mum will nit want you to be worried and stressed out, sit down calmly when both of you's have time, tell her whats worrying youand how you'd like her to come to the doctor with you, good luck, let me know how you get on x



Sorry about the pains you are suffering, may I ask what kind of pain you are feeling? I only question as I had a similar problem in that I had a serious accident where I nearly broke my back when I was 11 and I still have back problems now (28 now). It could be that your muscles are still spasming because they aren't able to heal without the right treatment, and as you're growing they will just build on the problem. I'd suggest do some research on what you're feeling and definitely talk your mum round. Beware of your gp though as if they can't find anything physically through an X-Ray they may not help you properly. Look into Pilates or yoga as movement and stretching help anyway. Hope this helps.


As a child i had constant pain in one knee. I was fobbed off for many years that it was only growing pains. When i finally reached the age of 20 i made out that i wanted to start a family soon and the extra weight will cause further pain on my knee. At last they sent me for an exray and found some ruff stuff in between my joint and knne cap which was causing the pain. I had surgery to remove the ruff stuff and no longer have a knee cap. Relief at last but i had to lie to get them to do something. Keep on going to your GP until he does something. But tell your mum that your fed up with the pain and can she support you by going with you to see the GP. X

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At 15 you can take yourself to the doctor you don't need a patent to do it for you . Growing pains normally don't cause so much grief especially in the back. It will be due to your riding however sounds like you need a little help . Book an appointment with GP . Let them make the decision about future care ie Physio for you to find out what the issue is . You could have bad posture and poor posture causing everything in your body to be sitting the wrong way hence causing you grief I hope you managed to get some help .

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You don't want a life time of back pain see your GP on your own get the right pain killers physio and a specialist scans get some back exercises to do look into doing back Pilates


Are you in the UK? I don't think you have a slipped disc. If you had you would find it impossible to ride.

I have a suspicion that you maybe are riding with a very straight back. This creates a lot of muscle tension which leaves to aching muscles. Try going to a local yoga class. Discuss the problem with the yoga teacher.

This will give you an opinion that will re-enforce the need to see a doctor or give you the means to tackle the problem of possible poor muscle usage leading to pain and discomfort.


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