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Hi I suffer from long periods of chronic pains in my wrists , have done for the past 14 years , whilst i am on heavy pain killers , which helps at times this cold spell is really playing havoc with the pain has anyone have any suggestions on how I keep my arms warm from wrists to elbows . thinking along the lines of somthing thats heated , would welcome any suggestions ,



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  • I am assuming that you are looking for something to use at home. As you are just a nip younger than me I bet you remember the leg warmers that were all the fashion in the 1970 's. I got someone to knit me a pair that are loose and baggy with tighter cuffs at each end. These keep the "sleeves" in place. And the bagginess traps lots of warm air. They are knitted out of left over acrylic and cost me nothing.

    I recommended same to a friend. He asked the neighbour if she would knit him a pair for his legs. They fit from above his knees to his ankles and he even has a second pair now for bedtime wear.

    Regards Rib

  • thanks for that , most welcome , sorry i pressed the report button first by mistake , hope that doesn't cause any problems ,

    Ian age 66

  • you don't say what the cause(s) are? If, by chance, it's arthritis, you might look at using some of the heavier RSI support wrist cuffs which help keep a better position as well as reducing stress on the bones. If it's still cold you might want to use a thin layer (tubigrip, cut sock etc) underneath. It is possible to get some woollen knitted half fingered gloves that go virtually up to elbow (try the ebay search). The trick with the RSI gloves is to wear them all day but remove at night. HTH

  • thanks for your comments , the causes well thats a bit difficult for 14 years I have been diagnosed and treated for Peripheral Neuropathy and then one consultant said I did not have it and am now going through the process of being re-assessed in the meantime I have tried acupuncture and purchased a tense

    machine unfortunately without success and with this cold spell it certainly exacerbates the pain in my lower arms / wrists

    again thanks


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