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O.A and the weather?

I know the late autumn changes my pain base and the oa flares, and I've trawled the research, but there doesn't seem to be a specific reason as to why. We (oa sufferers) know to wrap up etc, etc and I have a daylight lamp at my elbow, but exactly why does the season change cause the flares. I thought it was only me this weekend, but nearly every insomniac on the internet the last few nights has been awake because of oa pain it seems. I also notice the increase of oa posts on H.U too.

Any comments folks?

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Hi Heorte!!I've had for years say neurosurgery gp. Why??has or would it been seen on scan years ago had 8 MRI scans since o8????? Why???he said oh boy very advanced for my age!!!my fingers hips slows kill..never had other bones. Looked at..I am killing.with dam back..bones ones even said what will helpx


I put it down to every muscle clenching up even tighter in an effort to keep warm.

I am an insomniac but have never given a thought to wether it gets worse in the Autumn interesting thought. Sometimes it's the new moon that has me up I swear.

Roll on spring.


Hi Heorte, you might have 'low vitamin D' or 'vitamin D deficiency', lack of sunshine equals lack of natural vitamin D.

D deficiency or low D can affect our bones. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin so it might be the reason the change of season causes your flare.? Your daylight lamp gave me a clue.

Ask your doctor for a vitamin D blood test (but if you are just 'low' in vitamin D, it might not show up on the blood test.)

Also check out the 'vitamindcouncil' for advice on what 'illnesses' vitamin D affects and dose amounts if needed.

I now take Vitamin D3 for my bones and it definitely works.

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My husband is bad in Autumn and winter, he has had 143 broken bones (head to foot) and suffers bad arthritis so is in a lot of pain, and finds doing anything not worth the effort and the pain. He is bed bound for nearly five months every year. he Says it is something to do with the barometer pressure. Strong winds, and rain??????


How awful 143 broken bones! Does your husband have brittle bone disease?


To p1pp1ns.

Not brittle bone disease, degenerating bone disease where the spongy stuff in between the discs of the back dries out so trapping the main nerve root in the back. His main problem is just arthritic pain. Osteao- arthritis. He was in a RTA trapped under the middle of the car. 25 years ago.


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