Post gall bladder pain amongst chronic back pain, arthritis, and high blood pressure!

Hi thank you for accepting me into the group. I'm 47 and have lived with chronic pain for the last 22 years. I bent down to pick my little ones shoes up and couldn't get back up as i was in severe pain and the pain had spiralled from there. I'm waiting on the Dr phoning as I had my gall bladder out in January this year, but I'm still getting alot of pain from the area. They said it could be post cholestectomy syndrome which can last a lifetime as all tests scans and blood tests have come back normal. I need to control the pain some how otherwise I'm going to loose my job. Any help and suggestions please? Thank you

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  • Hi Minnie69, about your gallbladder pain, it's early days to be totally recovered from operation. Did you have open surgery or laprascopic?. I had open surgery many years ago to remove my gallbladder and it took me over twelve months to recover. I also had problems with the runs especially if you eat the wrong things.So take care onslaught of your body takes time to recover from, can the dr not give you pain releif tablets for a while to see if it is chronic pain or just aftermath of op?.You need painkillers that do not irritate the stomach, capsules with a coating are better than basic tablets, in general paracetamol should be avoided for now as they effect the bilary tract which is where the gallbladder was. What about the chemist pharmacist for a suggestion on what to take. Hope you feel better soon, don't want to loose your job really on top of all else do you. There are many drugs you can use for the chronic pain, plus patches ect or heat bags for certain areas of the body, maybe you have tried most things by now. Take care x

  • Hi katieoxo60, he's prescribed oramorph on top of all my other pain killers. Sorry for the late reply but my dad passed away on Monday had an awful Easter. Because I was only on probation, work have terminated my employment, so when all's well I'll be job hunting too, which there's no sign of the pain letting up anytime soon. Thanks for your reply xx

  • Sorry to hear that on top of your health problemsMinnie69, you lost your employment and your father. Take care don't rush at things give yourself time to recover from all the shocks, losses play havoc with our system. Sounds like you need a little support right now to get you through a sad & stressful time. Nothing ever comes in ones. I should not say this but a shot of whisky in your tea or coffee can give you respite from pain temporaryily. Maybe the drs phone call has come up with an answer by now or maybe not. There is not much I can say except my thoughts are with you and condolences to you and your family at this sad time xx

  • Thank you x

  • Please find a Lyme literate MD asap. A traditional MD will not diagnose Lyme of co infections properly and the current tests are only 30% accurate. Go to to find an LLMD near you. Gallbladder and chronic pain are very common with Lyme. I work with many Lyme patients and many had their gallbladder out before they were properly diagnosed.

  • I feel so bad for your I have back pain, sciatica, bursitis in hips, joint and arthritis but I just turn 60, I tried everything, many doctors, xray's, MRI, etc. Good luck to you. I have done a lot of research, tried different drugs which I am usually allergic too. I have lost 50 lbs, but now I have stopped, have not eaten much, tried gluten free diet, low sodium, gave up many foods including milk, mostly cheese, don't eat much and getting weaker, but work two jobs and still cannot afford to retire. Need to research yourself and try other things, many accupuncture, massage, therapy, etc, to see if something will at least make you feel better.

    I miss doing things more outside gardening, dancing, playing more with my Grandchildren.

    Also pray to God for healing, but remember everything is in his time. Try to stay positive even though it is hard. Will keep you in my prayers.

  • Thank you for your response it's always good to know your not alone xx

  • Thank you, take care x

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