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anybody else going through this or is it just me?

I have had a 4 corner wrist fusion done on my right wrist to try and take pain away, before the op i found that as soon as i tried to load it with anything i got a tightness around my wrist, cutting up my own food, writing, carrying items was difficult, after the op i still have the same problems, it has been 5 years since the surgery and the pain is getting worse, i don't have to load it for it to be painful, i don't sleep because of it, but when i go to the doctors it is like they don't listen to me, like they think i am making it up, i have started over christmas to get pain in my other hand and started to lose grip in it to, i am so scared , and sick and tired of trying to explain myself to everybody

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No, it's not just you, have been through the trials of wading through chronic pain myself, as have most of the people who come on this site. It's a million times worse when you can't sleep, and new symptoms are always a worry.

Are there other doctors at the surgery you could see? I found it helped to write down the pain symptoms and other problems and how it was affecting me eg not sleeping, along with a list of medication and other treatments I'd tried and what effect they'd had, good or bad. It seems more clear-cut in black & white.

When we have chronic pain we are desperate for it to go away completely. Most of the time the trick is to balance dealing with the pain with getting on with life, which is difficult to do when you're stuck in the middle of it. It's easier said than done - we all know because we've been there too - but trying to do things that take your mind off the pain, even for a short while can help, esepcially in the middle of the night.

I hope this helps, even if it's just knowing you are not alone.


I must say that when you are suffering with chronic pain you are on your own with it. I had the steroid injection in the spine in November and the pain relief has been incredible. What has amazed me is that people close to me see no difference in me as a person, not sure if I am explaining this the right way? It,s just that I cannot believe the things I have done when I was in that terrible pain, like doing the shopping, housework etc etc, and no one took notice of how much of an effort it was. I am just totally enjoying the relief it has brought as I can feel it slowly creeping back. I have no intention of having the injection again, but that is just me. I know of some people who have it two or three times a year. I know that is just me and the pain and I have to work out how to deal with it. Getting into something that relaxes you and takes your mind of the pain is the only answer. i also find after reading what some of you guys are going through, humbles me! Let,s all enjoy the New Year, hope it,s better painwise for all of us.


thank you so much for your replies, i do understand what you have both put in your replies, i have tried everything possible, I have tried mirror therapy , to try and con my brain into thinking my bad hand is moving without pain, (works for stroke sufferers) tried physio, even tried tapping my shoulders to try and get me to hold my arm in the correct way.

Had anti depressants for the pain, made me feel sick, got given anti sickness tablets, made me feel sick, been given ibuprofen, make me feel sick, had co-codamol, made me feel sick, tried taking smarties and mm's, because they have the same effect on the pain as the tablets do without the sickness, but the side effect with them is that they don't really help with the diet.

i try and go swimming to make sure that i still keep the strength i have with out loading it, had to buy special swimming gloves, to hold my wrist in place so that i can swim, Love being asked why i am wearing the gloves??? used to explain about the op and the wrist problem, now i just tell them it is to stop my hands getting wet.

I hate going out for meals, as i have to look at the menu to see what i can have without it needing to be cut up by them for me, gets embarrassing having to ask them to cut it up for you as people don't understand why a 36 year old needs it doing for them.


Sorry to hear about your problems. I broke my right wrist in April 2012. I am still trying to get it to function right.

If you want to help yourself you will have to work at it. Physiotherapy under the NHS is a waste of time.

You are going to have to study yourself and look at ways to do things more efficiently. I find that Alexander Technique is helpful. I have been doing this for 35 years. It is a good method to make you aware of the muscular things you do which cause you pain and helps you find other ways to do the same required action which are more efficient and less painful.

The right T'ai Chi class under a sensitive teacher would also help. Another useful practice is Mindfulness with a group who work with Buddhist Monks.

This will not enable the pain to go away but it will help do things with less pain.

Study the correct way to use a knife. It is possible to cut things using very little strength. I have given lessons in this technique. I have had to peel the skin of swedes with no strength in my wrist at all. I have also cut streaks with no strength in my wrist at all.

Unfortunately the techniques I have mentioned require funds and a lot of searching to find the right teachers. They are out there. You will have to look.


John thanks for the advice, i don't have any funding, to be honest i lost my income support, and now have to sign on JSA while i try and appeal the decision, have a disabilty advisor who does not listen to me, either, she told me she would discuss my problems with me in the new year and look at doing a work placement, when i asked where this would be, she said she would discuss it when we next meet.

Got a letter today to say i start a placement on monday, at a recycling plant, doing 30hrs a week, so i now have the worry that if i am unable to do this placement then i am going to be with out money.

What a start to the year.


Just to update people more, been to the doctors yesterday due to the pain, when i got there not the usual doctors available, had been booked to see a locum, what a difference!!!!!

She listened to me, had a look at all my notes, and letters from the hospital, and told me she was annoyed that it had been to long in doing this, but she was not going to give me anything she was going to send me straight back to see the specialist, to see what could be done to help.


Latest update, Had an appointment today at the hospital, had an x-ray done, then saw the specialist, he wants me to have a ct scan to see if the fusion was a success, he then informed me that i might need to have the metal work removed, and the bone shaved.


Pgriffo how long did you have to wait after being referred by GP, to have the surgery? My rheumatologist says I need it, but I have to be referred to ortho surgeon via the GP.


Hi rowantree, it took about a month from when i saw the GP to when i saw the Specialist at the hospital. It depends where about you live, and what hospital you need to go to. Once you see the Specialist then it will be another wait before you have the surgery.


Ok just to update, come back for the hospital with the results of the ct scan, The bones have knitted well, but to try and ease the pain problem they are going to do some more surgery on the 4th july. Now for the fun part, they are going to remove the bone that has grown on the scaphoid site, they are then going to shave both forearm bones, and last of all they are going to remove the metal work, Got told that this will not 100% remove the pain i have, and that a total fusion could still be on the cards.


ok just thought i would update people. I had surgery on thursday, had a few problems, the metal work is that fused to the bones that, it would have ment long surgery time to try and remove it, so decided the best option was to leave it in place, they did remove the bones that had grown on the sides of my wrist, and did shave both the forearm bones down.

I have been told that i have even less movement now in my wrist, and that it is no longer the case of trying to fix my wrist, it is now about pain management of the wrist.

Still looks like i will need the total wrist fusion carried out at a later date, and will maybe need to have long term pain killing injections.

I will be 100% honest the pain right now is 1 of the worst i have ever felt.


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