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Problems with my doctor

Hi my names Michelle and ive had severe undiagnosed lower back pain for 10 yrs. 2 yrs ago i moved up north and had to find a new doc, as i already knew id need home visits because im mostly house bound and often bed bound i was told i had to sign with nearest doctor to my new address.

the 1st problem was she wouldnt sign me up until i would go into surgery so i spent 3 months in agony with no pain meds until i could get there.

2nd she wouldnt read my past records and then told me i couldnt have the tramadol id always been precribed

3rd shortly after this i went in and told her my depression was back (its in my record) she advised i wait for an app for talk therapy. i tried to explain that if she checked my records she would see that we had tried this in past and several types of tablets and the only thing that works is fluoxatine. i also told her that my 1st doc said i should never stop taking them but my last doc agreed i could stop as long as i always go in and restatrt them if i feel the need - which is what i was trying to do. She refused repeatedly to check or help until i told her if i killed myself over weekend it would be her fault and she then called the mental health service , didnt give them any of my history and came off phone writing a prescription for a tablet i already knew didnt work and gave side effects.

Now my back is much worse than its been in 2 yrs so bad i cant get down my stairs and my daughter has had to stay and look after me. I keep ringing and asking for a home visit and she keeps refusing saying its just backpain doctors dont come out for that and she sends me a prescription for codiene paracetamol and naproxin but these are not strong enough they are keeping me comfy if all i do is sit still in bed but not dulling pain to a level i can get about to bathroom or down the stairs :(

has anyone any advice or had same problems with there doctor?

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I think answer is straight forward! I wouldn't put up with this and would look to change GP.

I changed GP last year and do understand. Have gone from amazing GP to a surgery who don't seem to care. They ARE good about my physical health but seem non plussed about my mental health. Am very disappointed 😔


Hi Michelle - I agree with Bevvy. This isn't right at all. No GP should behave that way - you shouldn't have to put up with it. The first question, is there another GP in that practice you could see? You don't have to see your named GP so if it's a multi-GP practice then the first thing I'd suggest would be to try another doctor in the practice.

If that doesn't work, you need to change to a different surgery - is there another nearby? If you are able to change to another surgery then, personally, I'd put in a complaint about this current doctor. The way she has behaved is just downright wrong! The problem is, though, if you complain now - without having another doctor to go to, or even seeing another one in the same practice - you might find this works to your disadvantage. I have heard of doctors' practices taking it out on patients who complain. :-(

I do hope you can get this sorted. It's just unbelievable treatment from your GP. I feel so angry about this on your behalf.


Sounds a difficult situation.

I don't think it's unreasonable that your doctor wants to see you first before starting to prescribe tramadol. Secondly the doctor takes full responsibility for you r prescriptions so what your previous doctors have said is a bit irrelevant :

My concern would be that despite strong pain killers - controlled drugs you are bed bound and often house bound. Are they really helping or doing anything ?

I'm surprised you are not on antidepressants anymore to manage your pain. They are often a line which helps.

I hope my post doesn't come across rude, but it does explain maybe why your GP is as she is.

I would suggest a review by the pain clinic, both in terms of medication and pacing/ psychology. They need to get you out the house eventually but of course it will be done in baby streps.

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It is what that "is not written here" that is interesting.

You have left out how much preparation you did before you saw the GP. How you have not thought at all about how the GP would have determined what sort of person you are you when the GP saw you.

You have survived 3 months without pain medication. Why do you need pain medication? Being Devil's advocate here looking from the GP's consideration of the situation. 3 months of drug withdrawal, lack of sleep, frustration, and pain putting an edge on your voice when presenting yourself to a new GP does not paint a pretty picture of you as a reliable person. So the GP will have a certain level of distrust.

GPs are answerable in law to what ever they do. So they have to have a reason to prescribe what ever they prescribe. You are the patient with no medical training. So what evidence can you give the GP that you have a grasp of what you actually need.

You need to find a local charity who can sit down with you and help you frame what you present to your GP. You have only 10 minutes to present your argument to a GP. You have to determine what is relevant and what is not. Someone else going though this with you should help a lot. We get emotionally attached to things which have no meaning to someone else. Another person will be able to point this out to you.

Age concern or equivalent could be helpful if you are 50 plus. One of the local carers organisations would have seen your type of situation before and hopefully should be able to give useful advice to both you and your daughter. The CAB may know of useful organisations.

Being able to present yourself to the GP the right way will help you get what you need. There is a social element here. There is a difference in culture between northerners and southerners. What works down South may work against you up North.

Hope I have been able to be helpful.


I have had lower back pain, started in March this year. Also have RA and many other conditions, have had triple foot fusions on both feet and a collapsed right ankle. My posture doesn't help. Was referred to a physio a couple of months ago and went to pain seminar, very helpful. Have had 4 excercise classes and the difference is amazing, still doing excercises at home. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I am 71. You don't say you have been seen by a physio and wonder why.


I think it's important that you write or type your concerns, ailments in brief on paper for when you see your GP. This way It explains things in black and white and you can hand this over to get your main points across. Most surgeries will have details of a medical voluntary car service which means you will be picked up in a car to be taken to the surgery for a small fee and taken back home again. If you are thinking about changing to another surgery, check it out online to see its rating. Before deciding. In my opinion it would be a bad idea to make a complaint. It could go against you and in any case nothing happens, and you will have had more stress. I'm amazed you managed to get home visits. This, as far as I know does not happen in the north, unless you are dangerously ill. But of course I may be out of touch.

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