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Chest pain acid reflux dizzines headache muscle twitching sometimes sore throat

Hello guyz im male 22 years old 80kg 1.76 height everything started middle of april when i got out from shower and went to work at cold weather next day of the work i start having a dizziness chest pain neck and arms pain muscle twitching and headache i went to the doctor and they've done ecg and heart echo test results came fine just abit dilation on right side of heart i've been having this symptoms more than half year and i dont know what to do i m being scared all the time does anyone have same symptoms and does anyone knows even abit closely what it could be i dont drink alchohol just smoking and whenever i go back to the doctors they're making me feel go crazy they send me bavk home saying everything is fine when i know its not please small help could resolve my problem so i can get treated right way doctors dont even gave me any painkillers at all no medicines

And whats so worrys me is sometimes these pains go away for weeek and then come back again

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I m not having any swallowen fits or or ankles no sweating and not feeling like vomiting


Hi, sorry to hear that but it may be the acid reflux is causing all the prob, I have same but a longing with a hiatus hernia. Been to hospital several times as emergency & they say that's what's causing my problem, I take Lansoprozale for it 1 -2 a day when it's bad & this helps, also stay off any acidly fruits which help to cause it too.


stop smoking for starters because that really aggravates stomach

if other family members have thyroid or diabetes or other auto immune diseases then you need an auto immune antibody screen done


I would agree with lala67. I've had reflux and a hiatus hernia for several years now and all your symptoms fit. Considering how minor acid reflux or a hiatus hernia may sound, it can be really painful and debilitating.


lala and AuntieCath are right. Are you taking any medication for the acid reflux? You can buy these over the counter if you prefer not to go to your GP. The pharmacist will be able to advise you.

If you can stop smoking you will be doing your body a great favour.

You need to consider your diet too. While you are working out which foods start the reflux off eat a fairly bland diet; fish, white meat, eggs, cheese and milk should calm things down. When you add another food watch for an adverse effect, and if there is one leave that food out for a while. Keep a diary of what you're eating and how individual foods are affecting you and you will soon know the foods to leave alone.

Nobody else can do this for you; you have to take this on and be persistent. With my very best wishes for your successful recovery.

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Yes i do take acid reflux medicines just when i m having it and the other day when feel fine i m not taking it and plus even when i dont have acid reflux i m still experiencing chest pain muscle twitching and headaches

2 days ago i experienced really sharp stabing pain and lasted for 2 seconds it really felt like someone stabbed you on your lower ribcage and travaled back close to where kidney is located


And i started smoking 8 month ago so it has been not that long and im 22 years old and i guess i make big mistake starting to smoke at my 22's


Hi Strelx 121 if you've only been smoking 8 months it should be easy for you to give up - I had smoked for 30 years finally seeing the light in 1980 and gave them up I wasn't easy there was no help given at the time so I had to cold turkey it by myself - please give them up as soon as you can - you will feel better for it believe me 😜 - they weren't as expensive as they are now - think of how much you can save for say a new outfit or holiday - whatever you like spending your money on - I can put perfume on now without wasting my money as you couldn't smell it only just an old ashtray thank goodness.

You can ask your GP to send you for an appt at hospital for a scope to check your stomach out - you may have the heliobacter (I know it's not the right spelling) but this is a bug that a lot of folk have some are more prone to it - you could also have an ulcer forming - you could have hiatus hernia all these can only be found by having a scope - GPs these days don't really prescribe you have to ask for it unfortunately. I wish you all the best and hope this has helped you in some way - take care.


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