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Pain in both feet and thighs

well since my last lot of injections for my chronic back pain and leg pain i now have gained more pain in both my feet and thighs. Had to go on a redeployment scheme and work has been told unable to full fill my role that is on my contract. Been on and off amitriptyline, co codemal and tramadol sometimes i seem to be doing very well so i stop the night med amitriptyline and just manage on the co codemal but it dont last long. Today i wooke in early hours with bad pain in my calf and foot had to jump out of bed to try and walk on it but it didnt help much. managed to get back to sleep but this morning i am in pain just about all over. got check up on 9th oct with the pain clinic really want this sorting has i need to manage to hold a job has dont cope being at home as husband works long hours

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