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ongoing chronic pain

have reached breaking point now with my leg and foot pain all coming from my lower back facet joints awaiting a bilateral facet joint injection in march then if i have relief with that then denervetion of the facet joint nerves.

But at the moment i am unable to sleep or do many daily chores let along try to do my physical job with out being on 30/500 co codemal up to two four times a day i try to alternate and take one with 500mg of paracetamol but i am not getting total relief.

in evening i use tens to try and be comfortable to enable me to sit a while and watch telly.

I have now gone onto amitriptyline just to try and enable me to at lest get some sleep at night. tried these once before but flt hung over nearly all day but needs must not sure how i will manage to go and do a days work but at the moment thats not a concern to me just want to be in less pain its taking over my life

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Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

I have long term Sciatica due to nerve damage in my spine. 13+ years now.

I started off on Co-Codomol 30/500 and an Ibuprofen 400mg.

I was then prescribed 2mg diazepam to relax my pain when really bad.

I would try taking ibuprofen along with your co-codomol just now.

When my leg and foot is really sore I rub on Muscletone Gel which really helps me.

My meds now include Dihydrocodeine to take at night.

I also have Pregabalin & Naproxen. It took years of pain, hospital appointments, physio etc before my meds all changed to help me cope with the pain.

Speak to your GP about upping your medication if you continue to be in so much pain.

Good luck, its draining being in constant pain.

Hairy haggis xxx


thanks for your advice i am unable to take anti inflammatory meds due to stomach problems do use the rubs never thought about putting on leg as well will give that a go was always told to put it at the root of the problem but will try your idea


Sounds like Sciatic. My doctor explained that nerve goes to the end of toes. i have had several Epidural shots of Cortisone. It helped but is less effective after about four- 3 month intervals. I am going to try Penetrex ointment and then resume Cortisone later.


I really feel for you. I have been suffering with similar problems for years. Hope you manage to find a way to relieve the pain and get some sleep! Try all that is available and never give up. Some days are better than others. Good luck, Ann.


Hi, I am sorry you are haveing so much pain, have you tried a chiropractor.I know most doctors do not like sending people to see one but I have had lower back pain for 20 years , i used to work concrete construction then one day my horse reared up and went over on top of me so now i have plates and screws that hold me together my pelvis and right ankle, that was in 2008 then hip replacement in 2010 i have nerve damage from my hip to my toes on the right side that the doctors said will take many years i take lyrica 150 mg 2 times a day but most of my relief from the chiropractor and deep massage therapy my pain level never goes below 5-6 on a good day, yiou have to stay strong and don't give in to the pain, try a tennis ball that you can place in the area where the siatic nerve is you can control the presure but i know what it is like to live in pain and not sleep, i have not slept in my bed since my accident and only sleep maybe an hour at a time then i have to move to a chair,good luck i hope you get better


well waste of time since having my last lot of injections i now getting so much defered pain in legs and feet it takes me all my time to walk back on amtriptyline at night and co codamal at day.

even the easy task of vacuming or standing too long when ironing or making tea is painful. doc put me on sick for another two weeks so can see work will be trying to redeploy me when i get back


once again in terrible pain following further injections could harly walk today


I'm the same meds as you I use ice packs when its hot and a hot water bottle in the winter it helps easy tasks like walking upstairs its a struggle vacuuming I do on my all fours

I Know how you feel its living hell


got a heat patch on at mo and no relief so might put ice on later


Waste of time the recent injections back on full pain meds, hands on private physio, heat/cold patches and tens machine.

will be asking doctor why i have all this strange foot pain on walking and sometimes a spasm that makes my toes stick up independently really strange. Lost job hopefully starting new one next week but if not its redundant due to capability or lack of it ha ha.

Not got follow up appointment with pain clinic til september so will be asking loads of questions at the chronic fracture thats on my MRI that they seem to have just forgotten to mention much about.

Just managing the pain day by day and trying to not take over my life and prevent me from going places and doing things just grit teeth and grin and bear it i suppose


I wish you well because I have also been down that road where I also felt as though pain was beginning to control my every move. I was also prescribed Elavil (amytriptyline); however, it caused hallucinations since I was also prescribed an SRI like Zoloft or Prozac.

I just kept up with my meditation and also stopped the amytriptyline and my Physician prescribed Lyrica which helped with The nerve pain and also allowed me to get some sleep. After beginning to get some sleep, I was able to take back control of my life.

Best wishes for you and do not give up. You will find the right medication regimen. God bless!


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