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Hello I am a 50 year old female and have pain in knee due to arthritis and burning nerve pain


Arthritis pain, my pain meds include pregablin 50mg twice a day and 20mg of amitriptyline at night I also take co codomol for the pain, the pregablin is for nerve pain due to a failed carpal tunnel surgery.

I just can’t take it anymore, tired of trying to control the pain, I just feel so lost, any advice would be really appreciated. xx

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Poor you, I feel so sorry for you.You could see if there is a pain

management clinic in your area.

They are very good supportive

groups . Good luck .

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Hi, oh thank you for your response. I will certainly look into the clinic and hopefully. find the closest one to me. Take care! xx

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Ask to increase both I take 600mg twice a day pregablin and cut down amilytripline I found this helped me but increase pregablin to 75 or 100mg and maybe if doesn't help stay on same amilytripline good luck

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Hi! I will certainly try this and see if it helps!😊 Thank you

Hi there .. I am so sorry to hear your nerve pain after your carpal tunnel surgery. Where do you have the pain and what kind of symptoms do you have? I strongly recommend a couple of American pain support groups one is called Curable and the other is a group run by a pain physician called Dr Hanscom and he runs a course to help people get rid of pain and that could really help you. A lot of nerve pain is often termed TMS in the American community and that can be helped greatly with mind-body approaches

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Oh, I will search the groups online and see. The pain is in the wrist, I am certain these support groups will have loads of helpful information. Thank you 😊🙏

Are these two pain management groups online. How would I get in touch? I live with 24/7 pain in my back neck to tail bone and arthritic knees.

Yes they are on Facebook

Thank you for replying. I do appreciate it.

Sorry to hear you are not getting pain relief from meds. Have you tried alternative help?. I have had success with Bowen and Reflexology in the past. At present I am back on 10mg Amitriptyline as I stopped a couple of years ago due to excessive dry mouth! My pain is not in any general area but moves around and comes and goes. Most of my heath issues are auto immune related.

Wishing you a peaceful and safe festive season.

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Oh thank you!

I will certainly research this and also discuss possibly changing meds.

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Maybe I need to look at other therapies along side medication.

Anything that helps reduce pain is worth trying.

Seasons Greetings!

Since your pain is 24/7, why aren’t you taking Amitriptyline three times a day?

I live with very painful neuropathy and I use Nortriptyline morning( 20mg ) , afternoon ( 20 mg ) and at bedtime. ( 30 mg )

Just a suggestion. Also, your arthritis pain might be helped with taking daily turmeric capsules.

So sorry to hear your in so much pain, of course I totally understand and know that feeling... I am in constant pain daily and their isn't really any painkillers so far that helps me... I started on 20mg amitriptyline but i am now having to take 40mg along with codeine or naproxen and still i have lots of pain... i have shooting, burning, aching, stabbing and cramping pains so I find codeine helps a bit with shooting pains but that is all the relief I get. As I take the tablets daily they start to lose affect. So I find instead of the amitriptyline helping to relax my nerves so I can get to sleep through pain like it did to begin with I now just tend to feel the following day side affects which is more fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, headaches... I just cannot cope either. I'm fed up of being told to just rest as much as I can when I have 2 kids solely dependent on me. I don't have much help and even when I do rest I still have pain. I too feel lost and depressed and alone. No one really fully understands the pain I feel daily and on top of all that I suffer with severe uncontrolled asthma so really the only painkillers they are allowed to give me is co-codamol or codeine as all other interfere with my asthma. So tired of hurting and crying from pain that seems to be brushed of a nothing and so tired of suffering from the side affects of all these medications.I wish I could have offered you more help. I hope you get to find some relief.

I think you might have fibromyalgia. Your symptoms sound classic to me. Ask your doctor - it is a real illness, but starts in the nerve pain center in the Brain, that sends wrong signals - it makes you feel pain when there actually isn‘t any, - it used to be called soft tissue rheumatism but research has shown that it is misdirected signals running from the spine up to the brain‘s pain center. You can research it on the internet, and hopefully your doc is open to it. Since it is an illness that one cannot grasp with conventional methods many docs don‘t want to know. There are about 4 million sufferers in the USA. Worldwide the number is huge. I wish you good luck. X

Thank you so much for your reply... I will definitely mention this to my doctors x

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Oh, thank you for responding. Just to hear from someone else who understands is so reassuring.

I will speak to my Gp but he has already given me different medications, I think I need to go to the Pain Clinic for more help.

Take care!

Shawty38 in reply to days70

You are most welcome... I hope you manage to find some relief ASAP

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Many thanks for responding to my post.

I can relate to a lot of what you mentioned in your message and I can maybe speak with my Gp about taking a different approach as at the moment I just feel maybe the medication needs to change.

Thanks again for responding!


Any advice would be greatly received! ☺️


I would describe the pain as moderate pain.

Unfortunately I do not have a direct number

don`t give out personal numbers or email addresses if they can`t talk on the open forum then be careful.

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Thanks for writing, I appreciate you looking out for another individual in this way, it means a lot.

Thank you!

kenster1 in reply to days70

anytime looks like they are gone now.

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