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Amitriptyline with co-drydamol

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I’m in a lot of pain at the moment and have just cried my eyes out as I’m feeling so useless. I now also have osteoarthritis in my right hip and knee diagnosed last week, but they also found a meniscus ligament tear in my inner knee. I have been told to double or treble my 10mg dose of Amitriptyline at night and as I can’t take Naproxen they’ve also given me co-drydamol 10/500 to take as I need it. I’m so scared of taking the co-drydamol in the day as even though it’s a low dose it makes me sleepy. Is anyone else on this combination of Amitriptyline and co-drydamol and how much do you take and when do you take it. I’ve read the two medicines should not be used together but there’s nothing else I can take as I’m allergic to a lot of medications, which is why these have been prescribed.

I’ve started seeing a private physio therapist once a week but don’t sleep for 2 nights after seeing him because of worsened pain. (The doc said physio May help me).

I went for a walk to the post box 5 minutes up the road but was in such pain I need to take the co-drydamol I think in the day. I scared and hope someone on here can put my mind at rest about taking this with the Amitriptyline. Sorry for the long post.

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Oh I’m so sorry your in so much pain. At the moment I’m in a lot of pain with my left leg and swellings . I have a lot of feet pain and back pain. I don’t believe in painkillers and all the side affects . Amitryptiline should take some of the anxiety away though , Rest , Relax and hot water bottles , keep calm, being tense won’t help you and will only make things worse .

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Haz58 in reply to rabbits65

Yes you are right. I do get anxious about taking tablets as I’ve ended up in hospital 3 times with reactions to different things. Bad day yesterday after not much sleep for a while. Last night I did take a co-drydamol 3 hours after the Amitriptyline and I slept like a log so today is another day. Thanks for replying rabbit, sometimes you just need someone to put things into perspective. Xx

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rabbits65 in reply to Haz58

Yes I agree that’s why this site is very good . One can air your views and feel like your sharing and not alone with your fears etc

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Teapot66 in reply to Haz58

His Rabbit . I too take ampittripline, also co drydamol I find I sleep so much better with ampitripitalineas I too have chronic oO A

Hi I've just been prescribed amitriptyline for pain and looking at the side effects I'm really not sure about taking it.. I'm wondering if I can take over the counter pain killers as well.. I'm going to go to the nearest pharmacist and ask them.. They will be able to reassure you if you are worried about any of your medication

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Haz58 in reply to Glamily4me

i Know you can take paracetamol and ibrupofen. They put me on co-drydamol as I can’t take ibrupofen and paracetamol doesn’t help. I’ve taken Amitriptyline for a while now and been fine on it it’s very safe I’ve read, especially at the low doses they tell you to take for pain. That’s a good idea about ringing the chemist. Thank you.

I have a heat pad which helps the pain as does a hot bath. The heat pad is like a small electric blanket and has 5 heat settings, which unlike a hot water bottle, means that I can control the amount of heat. I wound not b without it!

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foxglove in reply to AML80

Would you kindly tell me which heat pad you find helps? Thank you

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Haz58 in reply to AML80

That sounds good, we don’t have a bath 😢 just a shower. I’ll have a look on amazon but would be interested to know which one you use.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Haz58

Had an extra thought, we use a lot for gadgets etc Easily found on line and a very reliable company, you might with a bit a luck be near one of their shops, we are not unfortunately. I must admit I do not like using the great Amazon since watching as one of their delivery drivers tossed my package over the gate! Keep your chin up! 👍🙂

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Haz58 in reply to Pinklady45

Brilliant. Thank you! I have an amazing gadget to open jars and another for cans. I’ll take a look at the site. The next thing I need is a higher loo! 🤦‍♀️😁

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AML80 in reply to AML80

It is called Max Kare Home Comfort Heating Pad. We bought this online but Boots sell them.

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Haz58 in reply to AML80

Great thank you.

I went to physical therapy for horrible knee pain (unbearable) only to have these people make what was unbearable and absolute nightmare that ended in knee surgery and to add insult to injury I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about 2 months after the surgery which was probably my issue the entire time .... now I battle constant knee pains.... unbelievable!

I use (Dr. Formulated CBD probiotics for inflammatory response) and Australian Dream for Arthritis (both) products are not cheap but they really have help me in my quest to calm the pain monster. Narcotics will never ever be and options for me.

My heat pad is called Max Kare and was bought on line. Boots sell them.

Hi there, long posts are the best - they give a tru account of eveything thats going on , so the answers you get will be worthwhile. I am sorry for your pain, its no fun and when you are in a new situation the fear causes, stress, which adds to tension which affects your body making everything worse, and relaxing very hard. First and foremost doctors prescribe what they can and when they can, taking all your requirements, medical history, situation and reported physical condition. When you take a new medication as you know your body takes a while to get used to it. So Co-Dydramol is a powerful drug as is Amitriptyline. Unfortunately with the same side effect - drowsiness. Your body will get used to it and it will lessen as time goes on. It sucks but you are going to have to ride it out, so when you take it, make sure you feel safe and cosy so you can nap if you need to. Tell someone you are taking it if it makes you feel better. Let them do their work and allow you control over your life eventually. I take a lot of medication because I choose to live my life and be as active as I can. I suffer horrendous side effects but am regularly checked, bloods done, kidneys checked and always make sure I flag any changes so that adjustments can be made. I trust my GP to cover his ass, so he's definitely taking care of mine.

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Haz58 in reply to NGD051111

Thank you NGD. I guess I worry as I’m not getting to actually see a doctor at the moment. It’s all done over the phone and I just seem to keep being told over the phone to up my tablets if I’m still in pain. Anyway I took a co-drydamol this morning and it really did help for around 3 and a half hours. I had brain fuzz as it made me tired but not having as much pain made that worth it, luckily I’m retired now so don’t need to drive or anything. I lasted until 4.30 this afternoon then just had to take another. I’ll take my Amitriptyline a bit later tonight I think so I don’t worry too much that I won’t wake up 🤦‍♀️ I’m logging every time I take something and have told hubby where to find this so that makes me feel safer too.

Like you I just want to do things I used to do, or as much as I can now anyway. Life is for living and after 14 months shielding it’s time to start living again isn’t it.

Thank you so much for your reply It has really calmed my nerves a bit. Especially pointing out that, hopefully, as you say a GP covers his ass so will take care of mine. X

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Pinklady45 in reply to Haz58

Good idea to log when you take pills, been doing that myself all through this oh so long lockdown. Means my Husband can look to see what and how much I have taken! I am not on as much pain relief as you, still on co codamol which I try to take as little of as possible. (Osteo arthritis)Your comment about starting to live again after these last 14 months really struck a chord with me, now we are fully vaccinated I feel so much more confident about going out and about and consequently a lot happier which I am convinced helps so much!

Just wanted to say you are not alone and are in my thoughts. Stay safe and be happy. Good luck.❤🌞❤🌞❤

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Haz58 in reply to Pinklady45

Thank you so much PinkLady. This site is a godsend! People lift you when you are at your lowest. Take care. Xx

Hi Haz. I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain.

I can’t relate to your type of pain, but I have chronic lower back pain and have taken most medications there are. I’ve taken both you’re on now.

Amitriptyline is indeed an old, but a good drug. Everyone reacts differently to drugs, and I’m sorry you’ve reacted badly in the past to some. Amitriptyline at 10mg is quite a low dose. Although an antidepressant, it’s quite sedating ( in a good way that will hopefully help you sleep). I was on 100mg a day (50mg in the am and 50mg at bed time, some times I would miss the morning dose). The co-drydamol essentially dihydrocodeine with paracetamol, will be out of your system in about 4 hours. So although you can very safely take them together, be reassured that it probably won’t interact much if there’s a gap. That said, you can take them together and be okay :-).

Best of luck

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Haz58 in reply to Matthewanthony

This is so reassuring Matthew! Thank you! The 10mg Amitriptyline no longer makes me sleep so I’m going to slowly increase it. Taking 1.5 now instead of 1. Doc says I can go up to 3 x 10mg. So I’ll try taking my final day co-drydamol at 4pm then Amitriptyline at 8pm. Then if I wake again in the night I can take another co-drydamol. Does this sound like a good plan to try?

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Matthewanthony in reply to Haz58

Hi Haz

Yeah I think that sounds like a really reasonable plan. It just depends on your pain I think. Hopefully the 15mg dose of amitriptyline will help you sleep through the night, and if not you can take the co-dryamol. If your pain is bad though, the fact you’ve taken both these drugs and not had a bad effect, I would assume you will be fine taking both together if needed :-).

Take care, Matthew

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