Hi...well went pain clinic....what a waste ofxxxxxxx

I give up..that's it gp. S.physios. pain clinics.I sat their feeling like an12 year old..he said no one needs to be on pain killers/has pain will still be there....I've to stop my pregapentin!!and my morpie!!!!well all you that have spoke to me!!knew that my heads been done in over no one reading my MRIs etc!!!!I am finished now really..give up..he said I've been on morpie for 3 year and any one on pain meds this long is a addit!!!! WHAT!!!!!I said about my boys been full on!!I don't just sit on my xxx all day !!I never stop I part time look after clean etc for my elderly grandparents!!! Oh Icryed my hhusband went mad!!!!he said I don't need meds no one really does!!!I its on box to take 30 mg every 2 hour if needed!! Nevers have take 30 mg morn!!lunch!!tea!!so who thinks they can function with pain !no meds!!!I will try!!although I've ran outta morpie before!!my legs were bad//????so any advice were to go from here!!I oh he said neurosurgery guy don't do their job good!!they knew fine well we will end up in more pain!!but do it any way!!my fribo !my discs!my scoliosis!!??? My pain??that's what went for...NHS!!!!sick he said did I take morpie when I went in labour!! Oh yeh...how comes I've read such nice things from others getting good help at these places!!that new gp..promised it was going to be different!!I didn't wanna go..made to feel like a junkie...ask my kids my hubby I can't get ouuta bed in morns//when clean suffer !!i what can I take..I will end up in bed watch..:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-* :-* :-*

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  • PS.he said won't do me no harm stoping my parapentin right now!!!!if end up having a bad do... Bloody idit!!!!

  • Hi louiseamos

    So sorry you have had a terrible time at the pain clinic I've only been once to the clinic they gave me gabapentin tablets but I had terrible side effects so I couldn't take them. Reading your post have they taken you of your medication if so what have they given you. Xx

  • Hi cloggs1. Nothing!!!he wants me to have stopped it !!he don't knew me!!knew my pain!!my suffering!!!it was bad I cryed its like they don't care .rumo said I had to get help with fribo..my server DDD and rest.?he never mentioned!! So by time he finished rabbiting on about how no one needs meds etc I was sick xxx

  • Hi louiseamos

    I agree with everything Katie says you can't just leave your medication of it is dangerous. I'm on a pain patch for my pain have you tried those. Xx

  • Hello louiseamos, you sound really angry with the pain clinic and your doctor. It get's you like that when they think just stopping the pills is the answer, agreed it is easy to become addicted to pain killers if your pain is bad but doesn't mean you can just stop taking them at the swipe of a pen. Even if you are addicted you need to withdraw gradually and don't let them bully you into submission. Perhaps you need to complain about the management of your pain and illness so it can be looked at more closely. I understand what you mean about it being difficult to get up in a morning, if your pain is not controllable maybe a different drug might help. Sorry this may sound ridiculous but what else can you do but keep pressuring the NHS for help. Hope you have calmed down a little now and every best wish for a solution for yourself.xx

  • Hi katieoxo60.? Hi yeh I am OK!!he made me so upset!!!I take pain meds has what else can I do???need something to help..even now its nearly 8 pm!!I am killing..it was the way he said stuff felt he wanted to have a pop at me over meds!!! I said I've 2 boys who I will have to look after rest my life..I don't want to have to take anything..but??what can you do!!so even the fribo they said I have no advice with that etheir.. He didn't ask about my pain or anything!!water on a hour drive..I give up with GPS now!!xxxxthanks my hubby said to complain xx

  • This is a suggestion an elderly client of mine gave me years ago, a drop of whisky before bed works wonders for pain. He was crippled with arthritis, another thing he said was don't believe everything the GPs say (smiles).What I call a bit of worldy wisdom from our seniors. Good luck with finding some relief.xx

  • Hi katieoxo60.. Thanks my grand a is mad..he's 90.. He's got bad over last few year..he's also my gran who has advanced dementsure.. Bless there hearts he's gone mad ..he don't like GPS now days true!!I've told him if he wants a glass whisky to have..I haven't touched a drop in 10 year or more...see if did..and was swilling pain meds for sake of it ..l would understand ...oh that's what he said too..I said my dad had back ace..in end he turned to drink which he died with..he had a real good paid job..mod police for years always worked..he said that was he's choice he choice to killhhe'sself on drink..you meaning me will kill your self on pain killers!!!!! I take 30 mg3 times a day.....frfirst in morning pain is bad can't sit on tolilt ...in kids afternoon..then before bed if didn't would be up has struggle to get comfy he was a horrible man.?I don't say that over just any one if no me I am a very carding person xxxxx thanks keep in touch

  • PS..katieoxo60.. I would either sit and have crack with old ens any day ....xxxxx they are at our best .:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) makes me smile miss all my old Clint's so much

  • I also wouldn't want to be stopping morphine and gabapentin suddenly, but you know, it just might be worthwhile trying to get off them and see what happens. I was on high doses of codeine for ages and never thought I,d get off them, but I did, and then realised that taking so much codeine and muscle relaxants and nerve pain meds regularly had actually been making my pain feel worse. I now manage on much less and much milder painkillers and don't have any more pain than I did when I was taking the works. I also have a badly damaged spine, so know exactly what you are going through. You would need to work with your GP to work out a schedule for coming off them slowly, but I'd say go for it. Staying on strong pain meds long term can sometimes cause more problems than it fixes, especially at your age. My mum also recently had her meds cut right back and she is also much better for it. it's definitely worth trying and the result may surprise you.

  • Hi earthwitch..yeh I too started on a lot of codeine meds!!then had operation.left worse..trust me over last few month have been up down on morpie..then get very sore end up back on it .3 times a day that's all I take 30 mg 3 times per day.or 20 mg instead if can manage. The thing with pregapentin I thought it helped at first made me feel more alive!!no sounds strange put after months of sitting in pain not been able to clean after few days on it I felt sorta OK..now get really bad heads like eating ice cream to fast!!my antie is a nurse been one 30 odd year..she said never ever to just stop meds like that!!!xxx

  • Hi Dan9878.. No I only take 30 mg 3 times a day..that's what my own gp put on my medication list I could take after my scan..but never have ..and she was one of doctors who felt with pain and meds..this xxxxx hxxx I saw yesterday I told him I take 3 times a day..so wasn't because that..I still can't get over someone saying that !!that if your in pain don't take meds!!the pains going to be still there!!!

  • you cannot just stop taking either of them! it needs careful tapering.

    please talk to your gp and pharmacist first.

  • I can't believe the medical professional said you had to cone off your drugs in one blow. I can believe you were told that drugs do not work for chronic pain and that you might as well come off them.

    They offered you nothing along the lines of management techniques? Where was this? Newcastle?

  • Hi calceolaria.. Yes he did...oh yes believe it..I cryed a lot..I went there thinking they were helping with fribo..and my last back scan..scoliosis.. Etc he never mentioned it...so is it not important???? Do you really just get on with it..the physio..gp..nuro guy told me to take easy!!!not that can...no I went to kendal

  • this just sounds so wrong. As a health care worker I find it very unnerving and upsetting. Yes sometimes to get a base line it is a good idea to take patients off medication and start again. But all in one go? and without some form of action plan? worrying

  • Hi corsa23... I too am a care worker..been for years one..so if don't sleep and in server pain..what do..I was very very up set..I've got my medication papers...I would never take more..ever...I've 3 kids ..2 are all we have..needed..no med pain..to stop!!!!I am going gp Friday...but sould wait till mines back couple month ..my husband wants me to report him...you knew he made me feel like I was a 15 year old in heads office..I was duty manager on my last care job..but 24! 7 was too much with 3 kids..a family member had been begging me to go private to care for her family member .dementsure.. Did and was carding full time for my grandparents too..until few month ago..he was saying why would pain put work on hold???you me knew that tipe work very demanding... Think he thought I sit on my xxxxx taking pills...I am really upset..I was scared to take this am...but by 10 am..had to lie down..the stiffness in my back. knees ..etc was in bearable...you knew after my last operation that didn't go well..my gp didn't want me back at work ..but did..I crawled in that door at 10 pm..cryed next day...even a sitting job..I can't sit for long...I love care work???too go back xxxtake care..its crazy I knew I've had bad run inns with some over Clint's when there I'll..I've told them there job few times...some haven't clue..I will be reporting him

  • So sorry sweetheart!!!! Have you been checked for fibromyalgia? It could be that you have more than the scoliosis wrong...that's not to say that you aren't in pain. People who have never had chronic pain just don't understand. For a doctor and pain manager to talk to you that way is horrific!!! You need to find another doctor and pain clinic. That is just plain vicious and mean. They should be reported. I'm so angry for you. Hope you can find the resources you need to get some relief!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Hi mitziblue..no the rumo said I've scoliosis and fribo..and then spondylorthritis. 3 level DDD.osteoarthritis.. And rest from my last MRI.. He didn't even look touch me..my Angie's a nurse a proper old style nurse..she's going nuts...reported needs..I am not going here no more..he was cruel. Plan horrible..it makes me mad I went for advice..pain advice..rumo sent me..never again...I told him I've run out of meds before..I was in real bad way..not shaking.sweating...bone pain..I feel so alone.and real depresst right now... It says on end of letter from rumo..I will be referring this lady regarding her fribomyalgia.severe degenerative spine disease. Osteoarthritis... Please help this lady regarding help with medication .which will help with living with these deseses...!!?!!?!!I am really down real down..thanks though for you all..I wasn't going to go back on my computer.. Thought what's point..but pleased did..xx

  • Bless your heart!!! I pray that you find a compassionate, caring, and helpful doctor sweetheart!!! There is no good reason you should be made to suffer when there are so many medicines available for doctors to prescribe. I have fibro, OA, RLS, IBS, and no fat in the bottoms of my feet, so I walk on the bones. I also have bulging disks in my back. The pain clinic gave me Opana ER 10mg twice a day. It has helped make my pain bearable. I pray that you too will find something to help with your suffering. xxx Mitzi

  • Report him via PALS and demand from your GP a referral to a good pain clinic in a large teaching hospital. Where would that be near you? Blackpool Royal? I'm not sure of its reputation these days. Carlisle? Try and get a referral to Newcastle or Salford. Long way I know but might be worth it. Can only imagine you saw an anaesthetist who had decided to specialise in pain relief. As someone said on here once, they are not used to dealing with people who are conscious!

  • Hi calceolaria. Xx yeh I don't knew why I never got sent Carlisle any way..he was telling the gp hadn't done there job..he also said the neurosurgery guy didn't knew he's job etheir.. By he's talk..he said I've to cancel my apptment with them at Newcastle.. Which I've waited for since end April.!!!..I really did feel low..down..before I went..in frist place..I was told my doctor this pain clinic would be different a physio would be there and pain clinic would help with all my new diagnosis????!!! No never..xx

  • So sorry to hear what you are going through. Under no circumstances must you give up. Make an appointment with your GP. Explain exactly how you feel about the whole situation. Even mention the reactions you have got from people on here. There is no way you can just stop taking strong medications just like that. I know it is very hard to get back up and fight for your needs after being made to feel like a total fool. At the end of the day you need help in managing your pain. You must have a very busy time with young children. How you young Mom's cope I will never know. I take my hat off to all of you that are dealing with pain and managing to keep it together for your kids. Don't give up. Hope things go your way soon. Ann.

  • Hi superannie.. Thanks..you..I have to cope..and went thinking would help help..advice on things..ways could cope better..has not closing well with pain. .or things at mo.. Thanks for that lovely message!!!!I won't give up xxxxxxx:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi Louise - I agree with what the others are saying here - no way should you stop strong pain meds suddenly like that. The doctor you saw is a complete idiot to suggest this! However, I also agree that it might be a good idea to try a slow reduction in meds - especially the morphine and codeine. I had assumed, from your recent posts, that you were being put on pregabalin (or is it gabapentin?) *instead* of these.

    I have fibro, polymyalgia and osteoarthritis - with lots of joint and back pain. The only regular pain meds I take is 125mg pregabalin at night (I can't function if I take it through the day - though I know a lot of people take more than this and take it through the day too). Apart from that, I just take naproxen occasionally if it gets really bad, or simple over-the-counter ibuprofen or co-codamol (I can't take co-codamol regularly as it gives me headaches).

    It *is* possible to manage pain by other means than lots of strong medication - eg. relaxation, gentle stretching exercise (I do pilates), positive thinking, etc - but it's really important that you find a medical practitioner who can work with you to help you achieve this. I'd go back to your GP (or is there another better GP you could see?), explain how you feel about this latest consultation at the pain clinic, and ask for another referral to a better clinic.

    It really annoys me how people like us get treated sometimes by these idiot medics. Good luck to you and I hope you can find some sensible medical help soon.

  • Hi carolineC57.. No was put on morpie after my operation..2011.. I was on lot bigger doses then.. Was on just morn..night until November last year.till that last disc thing..now out again on both sides..I am on pregapentin.. But not sure if doing a lot..as for new different gp.. That's something else he said stop seeing different GPS..one or two I've knew a long time..ones off..other struggle to see..I don't knew were he's from..but its hard to see same..see scared now to ask for any were..Ifeel very drained .tired..not sleeping..much..cracking up .getting real bad pains in my eyes..ddon't knew if its fribo ??has this is one reasons sent pain xxxxk in first place has well has needing advice on my arthritis too...I've lot firth in them now.x

  • I know how you feel, Louise, I've lost faith in doctors over the years too. I remember you saying in another post that you were waiting for your regular GP to come back - are you still waiting for him/her? Perhaps you will get on better if you see that GP?

    Or is it possible for you to change surgeries - to find a doctor who is clued up about helping people living with chronic pain?

    Not sure what else to suggest - hope you find some help soon. I am concerned about you coming off the pain meds suddenly - you could find that you get some nasty withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps, if you can't get to a good doctor yet, your pharmacist might be able to advise you about this?

  • Or re my previous post above, what about Preston or Lancaster Hospitals Pain Management Services?

  • Hi there, I just went to my pain dr to and got about the same response as your getting. I asked about more or differant meds or differant dosages but he's like I think it's time you got out and about a lot more now and come back , sometime !

    I feel as if I could end up in bed to and some days I don't think anyone would notice , oh yes they would there wouldn't be food on the table .

    I was trying to get into see a differant pain dr about 100km away and when I got a call from them they offered me a pain seminar ! That was it .

    Yes why do some people find meds that work and others don't. When I was in hospital about three years ago the nurse a used me if doing street drugs because nothing they gave me worked so in her eyes I was already drugged up .i couldn't beleave it.

    Anyway , let's both try and get to bed and have lots of pain so we can't get to sleep and feel even worse in the morning when we have to deal with our kids and continue with all the pain for another day ...

    Sorry I'm getting mad about now too

  • Hi.chawner..yes well that's how he made me feel..like I was a bloody drugged up person just wanting to get high..think would of got my kids taking away by now..all meetings etc ..boys socail workers etc..if I acted like was " off " my head or wanted to feel that way think wouldn't have my kids by now..made me giggle that..yes let's go bed for day see who notices..tell you who should the other 4 who live here my 3 kids my other half..hubby..and my little dog wouldn't get out or fed...your last couple sentences are just how l livexxxha ha xxyeh get up same way start all over..hey yous are only ones I have a grown up talk too..since been out of work..with pain.. Apart from going my grandparents I speck to no one..xxkeep in touch








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