I am worried.got tingling in bottom..server legs.to feet pain:-( :-( :-( :-(

Some of you may of read some my posts before..damaged lower back..I've been having leak ing bowels. Not much but there in mornings after I wee..well embarrassing.. Been gp before didn't seem bothered??parapentin worked first week??a bit.nothing now.nor morpie.. We are miles away from home.first holiday for ages has I've been I'll with pain..him in top of legs.scared..very ..can't take pain away..not coping.why me..we came kids driving us nuts.//!but ???losing scared really..I wish I knew what was really wrong.saw a rumo person.she never had no notes no nothing only that my white plates are down for last ten year??she said I've damaged back like car accident.knew I've DDD.. Solisis. No one knees told me why I didn't have one hip higher when younger???I've a coffee milky Stan on my back big but faded couler 2 in fact.joints sore.dizziness.chest ribbs go stiff sore.??tingling crawling in head bum legs??she said could be ( dizziness) could be fribo.??but no tender points..felt like she fobbed me off..I can't do this for ever much more..every gp.I've since but one fobbs me with meds.I've 2 austisc boys gril too.been well always hard work..but keeps me going..I asked gp how comes my MRI in October shows a excured disc.has well has 3 l knew about.had op for //made worse. Had MRI 2 month ago.shows another on left side excured disc..asked why in short time got that bad!!said ????? Well who ???knew s then.no wonder I am so down..feel when having lecking bowels etc ..??what to do.sorry so long sorry for those who get sick me.. I need advice any one with similar simptons help me please... :O :-* :-D :-( :-) :-(

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  • Hi louise,

    You are having a rough time of things at the moment and it seems that you need some help to get the treatment that you need to get on top of these symptoms. I would recommend you make a list of all your symptoms and find a friend to go with you to see the GP. Ask to see the continence nurse as she can run tests to see why your bladder is leaking. Pain clinic may be able to help with the electric shocks and leg and back pain. stand your ground and face each thing at a time.

    In the mean time try having a warm bath to calm down your nerves I know it sounds silly but when I am having electric shocks in my arm and leg it does really help.

    You do not say what medication you are taking but most chemists will give you a free review of the meds you take.

    Wishing you luck


  • Hi.welshnut..sorry took so long to answer back in our caravan.have to buy internet daily and not good signal..good advice I do have hot bath's etc..hot water bottle..on morpie.parapentin.... I feeliI am getting no were..in loads pain down leg.shooting pains .no I am going to have to go ahead with a op!!just knew..I've had one.made worse.was surposed to have operation in April.. To scared.. Xx

  • agreed with welsh nut, take a numbered list, book a double appointment if necessary, and definitely take someone positive with you. I've had some of the same and the leaky bits are always obvious when lower back bad. It does seem more manageable as things calm down, and I tend to keep to a routine of "one in one out" loo 15 mins after drinking which helps. Things are very numb 'down there' when nerves are flareing. I think Gaba may have help a little too. Sounds as though you have a complication of symptoms so stick with gp to take overall control, I hope you have a good one. Good luck lady.

  • Hi.Heorte. I will..write every thing down..going back to Newcastle. In September. My MRI had got so worse in just few months..the leaking bits.is so embarrassing. I knew I've a enlargement of s1 joint???think that's above my tail bone??you knew not one person has gone over my MRI with with..I saw a rumo. She had no notes or nothing..but tingling down to fribo??in bottom???thanks v much for advice:-) would help if a gp was a little bit good but not!!if no what mean..meds hide so much.

  • and ask for copies of all your tests over last two (?) years. That usually shakes people up - first question will be - "why do You want them?"

    answer - because there seems to be a lack of info or integrated help for me so

    1. I can carry a set of notes with me for others to refer to

    2. perhaps I can find someone with the knowledge and time to patiently explain what is happening

    They may want to charge But if you say you are quite happy to accept photocopies, they shouldn't.


  • Heorte.. Thanks I will.have to pay for all that..I've had 7 MRI in last 7 year..I knew what you mean..if only I had a good gp..mines been off for months.my last MRI that physio

    Sent me for said at end of 3 rd page need more tests??had no more..?I will demand why!when go Newcastle hosptail in September. I was ment to go 2 month ago..I've only met him once..so can't kick off with him..the big prop is you can't see same gp..so this is what happens...cheers for all that..I will demand to see all my notes..andget copes.

  • Has anyone suggested you may have a cauda equina syndrome ? it really sounds like there is compression of your spinal cord, leaking bowels is a very serious problem as is buzzing and tingling,I would seriously consider changing my G.P.

  • Have you tried acupuncture and I don't mean the holistic sort that treats the whole person, I mean find a really good old one who has done it for years and uses deep needling by the spine. He can try individual discs to locate exactly which ones are causing your pain. Then find a neurosurgeon at the priory and pay £200 and take your MRI findings with you. He should be able to get the images not just the report for you and you can discuss things fully then. Good luck

  • Hi..thiskittybites.yes it does sound like what you said..I went gp few month ago first time happened was very embarrassing.. Got finger were sunn don't shine. Was fine.???but still happing?? My bum.tail bone feels further down??sounds strange but def is..I get no were with gp s.on morpie.. Parapentin.. Not doing a lot..but thought of swolling pills reast my life..no good.think I am looking at fuse on.. I feel bone on bone..I worried. Has get no help with our kids.boys well youngest hard work..he's been to 3 different schools.has ADHD.and autistic.. He's full on..he's really hard work..I've been told by family support workers not lot of mothers would cope.. I barly.. He swears on street.pulls he's pants down hits me..teachers.. Theirs bit of it..and who would help if I ended worse after another op.. I am scared..really.... Thanks you and few others always answer me ....xxx

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