Elevated Liver Enzymes

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Elevated Liver Enzymes

I recently had a blood test to find out why I was suffering with pelvic/lower abdominal pains. I saw my GP yesterday who advised me if 2 issues with my results. Firstly my Thyroid is slightly under active but this is possibly due to the fact that I had surgery last November to remove half of my thyroid because of a tumour. Secondly my liver enzymes are high. Normally they should be between 5-40 and mine came back at 135. I am not a heavy drinker by a long shot and I am not on any form of medication and I'm not obese which are 3 factors that can effect your liver enzymes. Can anyone give any advice or has anyone been through the same as me???

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  • What did the doc say about it ?

  • Doctor has said for me to have another blood test in 4 weeks time to check them again. I guess if they are high again they will investigate further??

  • That is probably the next step. Hope all goes well.

  • HiJackAlfie37

    I, too, have a high GammaGT Reading in my LFTs. I'm told it should be about 35 and mine can get as high as 285. I'm on a lot of drugs and I am obese. There is one drug in particular, Carbamazepine, that they suspect may be causing this and I am due to cut down with a view to stopping it altogether. I have cut down before, but it didn't make any difference at all, which is frustrating. Like you, I am a non-drinker. Is your dr able to tell you what are the symptoms of having such a high reading? I am constantly fatigued and wonder if this has anything to do with it? Ann

  • I have drunk alcohol in the past but up until the blood test I hadn't touched it for over a month, doctor said it was fairly common but if I'm not a heavy drinker, I don't take medication and I'm not obese I can't understand why this would be???

  • Hi jackalfie

    I had some bloods taken results came back one liver one was abnormal I don't drink totally tee total I am overweight the only extra medication I have taken in the last 4 months was citalopram of those in the last 2 weeks and was prescribed fenytle pain patches( May have spelt that wrong) I have got to have re test in 4 weeks. Something else to worry about. You take care.

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