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Does anyone know of any painkillers that don't affect the liver and are not addictive or have horrendous side affectss❗

Im in really bad pain and my consultant won't give me any painkillers except from ibuprofen because I'm at high risk of liver failure. Does anyone know of any painkillers that aren't addictive, affect the liver or have horrendous side affects❓❓❓

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Im new to severe chronic pain.i think oregeno.basil.rosemary.and curamed helps should google each one.just a thought.sorry were sick it sucks:(

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maybe CBD would help its the safe legal medicinal form of cannabis

theres a facebook group


What's the pain, back...... etc. If so look into a TENS machine. Can really help. Good luck



I have tried many Pain killers and the best imo is oxycodone. However Nucynta was not bad and it is safer.


Have you tried hypnotherapy. It can really help and self hypnosis once taught to you can sometimes put you in charge of your pain.


Ibuprofen is known not to be effective in some people. Sart with yoga, T'ai Chi and see a McTimony chiropractor. Pain killers deaden sensation and can make an injury worse resulting in the need for more pain killer.

I do not take pain killers. I am in pain and do endeavour to do things in a way that keeps the pain and discomfort as low as I can.

Getting enough sleep ensures that you can fine tune the muscles to reduce the pain and discomfort. Pain plays havoc with the ability to sleep.

See an Alexander Teacher if you can afford it. The ycan teach you things that can/will help in reducing the pain.

Hope this helps.


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