I suffer with my feet,not during the day but when I get into bed.My heels in fact the whole of my feet ache,no they are really painful. I soak themin Arnican footbath ,but it does not help really. I am at a loss. I spoke to my Dr and he sent me to a sorry can,t remember the name but she did not examine my feet at all, and told me to wear a special type of trainer. I am 90 yrs old and felt that that was not the advice I wantedto hear, so have had to put up with it. Has anyone any suggestions please.

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  • You went to your Dr with a problem in your feet. He sent you to someone who could help with that problem. They gave you advice which you appear you didn't like.

    Wearing certain types of trainers makes sense to me.

    What were you hoping for?

  • I too suffer with my feet all day every day, if I am on them for too long I get to the stage that I can hardly get them to bend into walking motion, I am 67 years and have often wondered if the older you get the less concerned the doctors are. I wear trainers with rocker soles which help as you do not have to move your feet so much when walking but alas I fear that they might not be suitable for you as you are so much older than myself. Do try trainers though as although it sounds silly they do help me somewhat

  • Hi Vondel, I don't think it's age related...when my agonizing chronic pain and mobility problems started I was treated as a nuisance. They didn't believe me. I was early 30s. Later turned out I had a partial dislocation of the hip...for SIX MONTHS! Private physio saw that immediately. Now have long time soft tissue and nerve damage which has permanently disabled me.

  • I have Arthritis pain in my feet and I find that Ibuprofen Gel ( Ibuleve or the Sainsburys own, or Tescos own, or Boots own, Ibuprofen Gel ,rubbed into my feet up to 4 times daily really takes the pain away, and I wear some bed socks to keep my feet warm in and out of bed. I hope that this is of some help, painful feet can really get you down.

  • Hello Luvbin, that's a good age to have reached. I have problems with my feet the physio suggested varied exercises one being the alphabet, you do all the letters of the alphabet with your foot movement. However it only works if it is muscular pain, but it does improve circulation too. It was probably a podiatrist you were sent to. I wear a support in both shoes too and I've tried acupuncture also, when it is bad I struggle to walk, hope this is some help, you can do the exercises lying in bed. Best wishes.

  • Hi, how amazing to read of your age and willingness to share your thoughts. I went to see a Physiotherapist offering Reflexology. There is plenty to read via the www. on the subject, and like with so many subjects you can be easily convinced that what you read is the way forwards. Please take care to reserve caution and always talk to your GP/Consultant before trying alternative therapies to those your GP/Consultant has already referred you to.

    At my fist appointment for "Reflexology" the session started with a consultation where I would share brief medical history and then I would be given an overview on the subject of Reflexology and what I might expect to gain from the sessions.

    Then it was onward to the treatment room where they wash and dry your feet before applying the warm oils to then start their practice of Reflexology. They massage your feet like you never knew they could. It was AMAZING. Well worth every penny. I would thoroughly recommend it.......

    If you should try it perhaps you would report back ....... It really is AMAZING...... Good luck .......best wishes. Joseph

  • Hi Joseph, I want a reflexology for my feet now! Is this also nhs?

  • Hi, in answer to your question - Reflexology is not available via NHS locally to me. This does not rule out its availability through other NHS Trusts. I would suggest you try your GP first.. Just to give an idea of the likely costs should you choose to privately fund the treatment. Aprox £45.00 per session is what I have paid, and I would support a price increase if I was faced with one........Definitely worth it .............Regards ... Joseph

  • Thanks Joseph.

  • Hi you may have seen either of one of two, podiatrist or a rheumatologist, either one would have advised wearing shoes of the trainer type. I have arthritis in my feet and wear trainers when going out and at home have firm slippers. The reason you need this type of shoes are the soles, they cushion your feet so help to lesson the pain at night. Do take their advise and you will be a cool 90 year old.

  • Are you wanting a name for the pain? You may have plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, arthritis, heel spurs, cysts. You may have the whole lot. Having reached 90 I guess that is possible. Ask your GP what the diagnosis is. Do try looking for smart trainers - there are plenty on the market now. Are you an internet shopper? Loads to choose from if you can manage to look at them all. Lotus Relief, Van Dal, Hotter and so many others. They are expensive. I have to buy special shoes too. I've had aching feet since age 40. I want to buy much more modern shoes but cant and it upsets me and I have to organise my wardrobe around my feet which galls me but what can you do ???

  • Thank you I will look on the Internet .will also talk again to my Dr .thanks again for your advice

  • Have you tried a vibrating foot bath. They help my circulation, it feels great after. I hope you find the help you need.

  • Did not think of that,my friend has one so will borrow hers before I purchase.Thank you four interest.

  • All the best.

  • You might look at how you spend the evenings. Do you tend to sit with your feet down a lot? or with anything that might put pressure at the back of the knee or calf? I ask because it may well be a circulation problem and no doctor is likely to see the changes which walk away during the daytime when you get to appts. Then feet raise up and blood aggravates the parts other things haven't been reaching, particularly warmth in places that might have arthritic changes.

    The idea of the foot spa and keeping warm from the knee down may help too. Try to time a little pain medication an hour before bedtime too, rather than wait until it's really essential.


  • I know foot pain. It is, unfortunately, a pretty constant companion of mine. I had surgery for a severe bunion condition, a bone spur on the side of my big toe, a Plantars Wart that has been there 20 yrs and the removal of a soft tissue mass growth, all on my right foot. This surgery was performed by a Podiatrist, and I can tell you, that surgery did nothing to relieve my foot pain for the most part. The bunionectomy was not 100 percent corrected and the plantars wart and bone spur returned with a vengeance. So yet another referral I will be seeking is of an Orthopedic surgeon. Hopefully your condition/conditions don't warrant the need for surgery, as I'm sure you're age would be a factor in that as well. I have found some relief in shoe wear. It really can make a huge difference, not only in walking, but the proper shoe wear should also relieve the pain you feel when you finally do come off your feet. I recently purchased some Skechers Memory Foam trainers that feel like a little piece of heaven on each foot! Its like walking around on little cushy pillows of billowy softness :)

    So don't be so quick to dismiss this advice! Hope you find a suitable solution and forgive my windedness ;)

  • Along with some of these wonderful ideas i thought you could give sheepskin bootees a go. At work we put them on fragile patients at bedtime to protect feet and heels and give warmth during the night. They relieve pressure on the heels and I'm told they are very comfortable. You can buy them online or from disability shops. X

  • What about some magnesium flakes sprinkled in a bowl of warm water for about 20 or so minutes each evening...been known to help a lot of people. You can buy them from Holland and Barrett or on the Internet. A good brand is BetterYou.

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