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Hi, does anyone have areas of skin that feels like grazed / bruised / burning when touched?

I have had neck, back pain for years with terrible right arm symptoms (including shoulder which just drops on a regular basis and freezing hand)... (worse since injured at work as a nurse) rib removed but short term help only...pain seems to have spread to rest of body, with bone, neuropathic and joint pain. Blood tests did not indicate arthritis (though told in neck) but now, in addition, have really painful thumb joint and surrounding skin feels like burnt/ severely grazed when other arm has an area with this too. Also have fallen a couple of times with seeming like leg/ knee giving way? Any ideas would be really appreciated please as seem to be getting worse but really have no satisfactory explanation / diagnosis.

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that sounds like what is called paraesthesia - it really just means altered sensation, and it means that nerve signals to the skin are misfiring in some way. The skin sensations on their own may not be much to worry about, but if you have fallen, then maybe its time to ask your GP if you should be referred for a specialist assessment. Possibly neurology or rheumatology - it would really depend on what other symptoms you had. Don't let the GP fob you off with saying that blood tests don't show arthritis - there are a number of types of sero-negative arthritis (which don't show up on blood tests)


Thanks earthwitch, I will definitely go back and seek a referral.


You have mentioned symptoms. You have not mentioned how tight your muscles are.

For understanding of tight muscles you will need to see teachers of T'ai Chi, Yoga and Alexander Technique.

Muscles that are too tight interfere with the functioning of the body and can cause pain and loss of function in various places.

In the Alexander World it is known that we can cause faulty muscle behaviour which can cause us damage. It will take time to unlearn faulty muscle behaviour and replace it with better functioning muscles.

Hope this helps


Hi, think muscles do get really tight.. so i will look into this. Thanks for your help.


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