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CRPS skin feels like it's burning and hot

Does anyone have problems with there skin feeling like it's burning , as if they have put there hands or whole body into very hot water then in icy cold .

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Yes. It is quite common for CRPS to make you feel like this. How long have you had it ? Where is your injury etc ?

I have had it for 21 years.


Hi there and thank you for your post. I had a knee replacement 4 years ago and I was diagnosed shortly after. The pain has move up my right leg and transfered over to my left knee and left ankle. The burning has been getting worse over the past few months


I am sorry for you. At least you were diagnosed, I suppose that is a good thing !

Did you receive intensive Physio ? I know it is agony but it is crucial :(

Do you have a good Dr ? I think you should speak to them about your concerns


I havn't done physio for a while but u do think I should try again. I see my dr on Wednesday and my pain specialist on Monday. If you have any questions I should ask them that would be great I always right questions down but always feel as if I get pushed out the door without anything changing.


Hi yes it's not nice have had it for four years now mine was so bad that I had to have my left arm amputated and it has started in my right hand and arm


I can't beleave it, that's terrible . Did you at least get releaf of pain in the arm that was removed or do you still feel the pain is there. I know that sounds wrong but I think you'll know what I mean. How is the other arm doing or are you getting the same amount of pain as the other one. Fingers crossed that you'll be ok. If I could give you a hug I would but it would have to be very gentle as it hurts me like crazy to hug.

Keep on smiling and laughing


Hi chawner

I still have the CRPS in my stump is not as bad but the phantom limb is as bad as the CRPS before I had my arm amputated, and as for my right arm is bad my elbow has started to deform and my pain doctor thinks I have about a year or two before I loose the use off it, and when that happens my partner has told me that she would not take care of me so I will have no choose but to take my own life


Oh no you don't !

You can't do that to your self !

I just got out of a relationship that I was emotionLy Abused in saying all the time I wasn't good enough and I did everything wrong without saying Anything like that to me but I felt like shit . I asked them to leave and it took me two years to get them to leave. Once I did I felt releVed because now I have to work everything out for myself and not have ask for help from someone that didn't want to help me.

Start learning to do thing with no arms and get confident with what you can do and no what you can do then you'll know what you'll need help with. If she dosn't want to be there to help you then she isn't the right one for you. You need a partner who'll be there a 100% in anyway you need them to be.

I hope we can both find that sort of person to share our life's with.

Please don't say you'll do anything to harm yourself. Who will I chat with on here !!!


Hi chawner

It's not just the CRPS I have other things going on as well, I told my gp how I felt and he said that he would help and find me some were ot live, because she owns the house and I would have no were to live. Thank u for saying that u would have no one to talk to on here


You sound a bit more positive today. Did you have a good weekend ?

I enjoy talking to you so please keep chatting.


That is dreadful.

I was told they would have amputated my leg had I been in America at the time I became ill. But that it is in advisable in any case. Did it help at all ?

I am so sorry you are suffering like this


Hi beccawhite

In a way the pain is not as bad but the phantom limb pain is worse than the CRPS, and I'm taking a lot more tablets after the op. I don't no how other people who have CRPS feel about it but their are days when I think I just want to end it all my partner tells me some times to stop crying and get on with it


I had my leg amputated in May after 14 years of crps and up to now its been brilliant. But certainly know where your coming from with the burning/freezing my husband used to say he could feel the cold emanating from my leg in bed at night ,sorry to say I never found any thing to stop it its probably one of those things you just have to live with. Fiona


Crikey, you have all been through it, haven't you ?

I am so sorry for you all.

I have never found anyone willing to put up with my limitations because of the illness....became ill at the twenty one yrs ago and am only forty now so I was just a kid really.....but you chaps have suffered badly it seems. We need extra care and support not less :(

I have poor memory too....and no pain Dr !....but I always write everything down when speaking to anyone. I forget my words too. I would ask them what they think is happening and why and tell them how concerned you are.

That would be a start.

I can't believe so many if you have had amputations. I came close but the Physio saved my leg. I was then told not to have it done at all costs.


Hi there, yes I'm only 46 now and we seem to young to hVe things happen to us. Maybe these things just happen to whom ever and for no reason, just because. When my son was born with special needs everyone kept telling me that he was given to me because i was strong enough to deal with him !

I always thought that was a strange thing to say to someone but maybe it's true.

My husband also walked out about two years before I got pain disorder and left me with nothing but the kids . No medical . No money , no pension and a very big mortgage . I fought to keep the house for the kids sake and evenichilly got it after he put it into four closure . Then a partner who well.... But I do have my kids and dogs and they make me happy.

A lot has happened since I was fourty , if I could go back in time I would And change lots of things but we only have what we have. So I can't !

Pain is not a very forgiving thing to have to deal with and it's not fair and it's painful and straining and sore and and and . I don't want it anymore and I want it to go away.

Had to vent sorry


Vent away !

I was at University and had no op or anything like that, just a spontaneous rupture of my Achilles Tendon. And that was that.

I was heading to become a History Professor, I know, boring ;) , but what I had always wanted to do. I had lots of plans, instead, I had to move home to my parents and I am still here, reliant on them for everything. It is horrendous and I feel a huge burden.

It has caused a massive rift in my family too.

And the loneliness and sheer uselessness I feel....well, we won't start that !

I have further health probs too, but this is just awful.

I am so sorry for you :(


Please don't feel sorry for me !

Just be there to chat !

A history proffesor hay,

If that's what you dreamt then that's what was passionate to you so that is fantastic . Are you still able to follow your dreams in some other way if it can't be your first choice.

How is your aculleas now .

Parents are always there for you arn't they, they really do love us unconditionally .

I miss mine, there in the uk and I'm in Canada .

Until next time, smile and laugh lots


I'm English....being sorry is a character failing ;)

No, I can't do anything at all now. I am housebound these days. I make it into my garden and to my medical appointments. I am lucky if I do anything other than that.

I have a migraine problem...well, I had been diagnosed with a stroke a couple of years ago, but my neurologist says it is all migraines. So ? I am having treatment but nothing is working.

My leg is very bad still. The Achilles didn't ever heal, it couldn't as the nerve supply had exploded, for want of a better word ! It was very damaged. My popliteal artery is in spasm permanently and I have severe Raynaud's. So that is why I am so disabled by the condition.

I have other problems too. All very boring !

Well, I am very grateful to my parents, but there was an issue about five yrs ago when I had some friends that I was able to spend about 24 hrs out of the house with. One was a guy who I was friends with and did wish us to be more than that. My mother knew all about him, I am not a liar and I was 35 years old ! My half sister found out, all he'll let lose and I was more or less summoned home or told to pack my bags ! Things were said about me that were such lies and now I have no sister :( she also assaulted me.

And my friend and I are not as close as we were. I was very upset about it all and remain so.

Life is cruel.

But talk any time, please do.


Hi Yogibe sounds like you are having an horrendous time and a non understanding person as a partner does not help. You can take control of this. Get rid of your partner as them saying they won't look after you is not being supportive. Can you get a mechanical hand? Would that help? Are there other things you can try with your other arm before resorting to amputation? Are you on anti depressants and if so which one? Why should you end your life for the convenience of others? Balls to that don't let them win! Find local support groups. There are people out there who want to help x


Fantastic reply .

I agree a 100%.

It's all going to be a challenge but isn't life anyway.

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Hi sharelle

No I can not have a mechanical arm because I have to much nerve damage my doctor will not put me on anti depressants because I am on a lot of tablets and he thinks they will not help me, I just don't know what to do any more. I have tried to get help from support group and I am still waiting that five months a go, my gp has told me that I should have a year or two before I loose the use in my hand & arm.


Omg your gp can't not give you antidepressants. I think it should automatically be given to everyone as the world would be a much better place! As you are on pain meds it is a higher risk to have SSRI's ie prozac etc but you can have something called mirtazipine. It's a different class of antidepressant with less likely to cause the seritonin crisis that can occur with prozac so ask, no demand that. I got my prozac back after they changed it and the new one wasn't as good by telling my gp give me back my prozac or I'll name you on my suicide note! Fortunately I know him from when I was a nurse and he was a hospital doctor but he also knew I meant it and now balance is restored x


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