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Effort Rewarded

I have a choice. I can stay in and resort to head banging or I can go to the Library with man and a backpack.

I opt for an outing as a distraction for tooth ache of the spine. Working on my theory that

"Any effort is always rewarded".

We park up and walk along the canal into town. The first thing to divert the mind is a boat named Bump and Grind, a game then thinks I. Better than counting footsteps for distraction. 2 other names that grabbed me were Daydream Believer and Malingera!

At the Library I came across Contented Dementia which I borrowed with my mother in mind and possibly myself. Oh Gawd.

A wheaty bag and the most luxurious fleece jerkin that had been on my hit list for months were tracked down.

But the most distracting and heartening thing of all was the lady in the car park sat in her mud splattered wheel chair fixing handle bars on. She has an electric lift to help her get her wheels on the road and was just going for a trail ride with her ever so handsome dog for the disabled. For those of you already in possession of wheels this probably won't be a revelation. But for me who has only come across standard models or jazzed up jobs used in the Olympics. it was a so wonderful. Wheels that can go up muddy tracks and climb hills and available for Joe public. She said setting up was exhausting but her effort was rewarded with the sense of liberation she felt.

The roar tagged along and I had to cuddle up with whippet most of the afternoon to recharge a bit but I'd say my effort was rewarded by not having a sore head and finding all sorts of cheer me uppers.

Blast from the past.

No of course I am not old enough to remember them or am I?

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Love the toothache of the spine reference, that's me today! I chose to stay in, didn't really help, did a bit of yoga to stretch and de stress.

Still have pain but more relaxed about it now :)


Obtaining a state of detachment is the ultimate goal. So the pain clinic recommends. There was me thinking getting rid of the bugger was the goal.

Tooth ache seems to describe it perfectly. It is my constant companion inflicting varying degrees of misery depending on how hard I have tried to live or how knackered I am. It has a friend that comes out to play sticking pencils in spine and under shoulder blade. It's latest accomplice is hell bent on climbing up the neck fibres and taking up residence in the jaw.

Hope we both have a better day tomorrow. Never know we might have snow.



No snow but a beautiful red sky.


Thanks for your brilliant message, brought a smile and encouragement. Have a good day. Ann PS we had a half hour of snow here in Birmingham yesterday!


This made me smile so thank you

so good to hurt for a reason sometimes


Thank you Nedd, and for Sleepy Jean - they used to play this at the student union bar when I was at Poly, and the whole room would stop for a mass sing-along. I remember it was only this song and Return to Sender that had that effect!

Distraction is good medicine. I am battling with seasonal affective disorder and a return of the toothache in my eye & cheek this week. Miserable or what.


Hi Teadrinker hope you managed to put pain on the naughty step for a bit. Sometimes I wonder if I have misery running in my veins instead of blood. Nothing like a mass sing along to put a bit of feel good factor into said veins though. I am partial to a bit of Tony Blackburn and his hits parade of years gone by of a Saturday.

Suppernannie I went to college in Bham those were the days. I loved the art gallery more than the shops.

Welshnut saw same lady today complete with mud splattered dog.

Hoping we all find a few things to smile at.




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