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A Miracle in the NHS

Found - love and kindness - consideration - being listened to - treated with courtesy and respect - given time to really talk - regular assessments - we were all going to be a team to help me - little sandwiches and tea - yes all really true - and this was the NHS.

I still can hardly believe it - it was so amazing.

Now this was a NHS Falls Clinic - for people who have had a fall, which had an ambulance call out. I wasn't even going to go there, as I had experienced mostly the complete opposite of all those glowing words, but I was advised to go & try it.

One thing is that I had really decided to go the Homeopathic route prior to the Falls Clinic appointment - but if the NHS can support & help - then perhaps - the best of both worlds - I'll keep you posted.

You might wonder how a Falls Clinic would be anything to do with pain management - but what happens to me is that - when I am really in intense pain - my body and mind spin out of control - and I fell & froze & couldn't get up.

I did some gardening today - body hurt - but mind loved the flowers, the earth & sky. All the best everyone.

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Same to you Phoenix. I'm glad you found some compassionate support in our NHS.


Hi Phoenix, where in the UK did you have this excellent treatment on the NHS. I want to put it on places to go!! I hope you are better

Regards Moggiemay


Me too!!!

Good to hear you had such a good experience Phoenix.

Take care.


Ta - Farnham, Surrey.


I feel let down with my NHS here in Perth...

Just at the start of the New Year my GP wanted to get me referred to the falls clinic, as I was in a similar situation as you....

Now, after a few weeks the falls clinic came back to my GP, and said that they wouldn't see me, as they reacon that I was too young to be having falls, I was 43 then, am now 44...

So yes, I feel let down by my NHS up here. They knocked me back in 2008 for I was overweight for a operation on my lower lumber, on which then it was only L4,5 and S1. Now I have more discs causing problems.

I reacon that if I had this op in 2008 then I wouldn't be like I am today...

Good luck to you, hope it works out for you....



I have almost always had good treatment from the NHS. I know some of you seem to have had bad time there, but when my treatment is less than perfect I tell myself it never will be perfect as we are all human beings and most of the staff I have met are almost always doing their best. Before I retired ( not due to the cancer or pain ) I was a librarian working with the public and I know how hard it is to remain cheerful and friendly and helpful all the time. It must be even more difficult with ill people who are worried and as a consequence sometimes unreasonable. I could tell you scores of stories about the rudeness I suffered from people who were presumably not ill. I was shouted at and sometimes sworn at by adults who couldn't have what they wanted when they wanted it. What annoyed me even more was if they behaved like that towards the Saturday staff who were mainly 16 or 17.

There I've got that off my chest. Even when we're ill and in pain we should try to be more tolerant. I'm prepared to be shouted at now.


Sorry about the subsequent bad news about 'My Miracle in the NHS' My second visit was a disaster for me. The Specialist I was supposed to be seeing wasn't there - the Dr I saw gave me a hard time, that instead of the 3 tablets I was asked to take daily I had only taken 2 a day. As I explained I was already getting a bad reaction from the 2 a day. And I got the feeling, that I was being labelled 'as an obstructive patient - and that I do it their way - or not at all' I hate it when your not given any leeway as to what your own body is telling you to do. Where did all the love and compassion go and that we were all going to be a team?


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