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Walking will build muscle Lost through vascular ulcers

My gp has decided in his wisdom that l need to walk as much as l can to build up muscle in my calf ,hears his thinking. Behind it,,

If l build up the calf muscle it will squeeze the veins in my leg and push the blood up the leg....

Bearing in mind lm 3weeks out of compression bandages that lve had on for the last say year and a half

And they have put me back in a stocking and my leg is swelling and very hard to touch..

So l went walking till l couldn't anymore yesterday and day before and guess what l was rewarded with...

The vascular ulcer on my leg re opening very painfully and smelly today...

Now is this because he thinks l lay on the sofa all day and do nothing grrr sorry for my rant lm just so pissed off why can't he say l don't know what else to try do l go back to him next week and say look what you caused aren't you proud ,!!

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Does he not know the extra pain he has caused me ...

What shoul l do now ...lm lost

Any suggestion please


That is awful. I can imagine how you feel.... I hate it when I tell yet another physio that I cannot do certain excercises, but tell me to do it anyway and then lose a few days in complete agony.

Personally, yes I would return and say that this happened following their advice, however, I would take a relative with you who can confirm to them that you DID do as asked and that you do not lie on a couch all awful as it is I have had to take my wife along to appointments to confirm I am not exagerating my pain, and the backup of a relative did seem to help. I would also push to see a specialist for this after their bad advice, and if you equest a referal they should not refuse you.

I hope you get the help you need, take care.


I say bad advice, but I am not a medical expert..... so maybe it was good advice medically that unfortunately did not work.


Hey stamp ,thankyou for your comment .what is it with doctors thinking we just lay n the sofa and don't move all day every day ...

My hubby always getting on at me because l don't put my legs up and rest enough .and maybe your right l should take someone with me

When l wrote earlier l was having a rant but l am sick of gps and there words of wisdom ,my husband thinks they just don't know what else to do with me


Hello Jackie

How are you getting on today, have you managed to get your leg sorted by the doctor or hospital, to get the leg cleaned up and fresh bandages applied, it would sound that you need to see someone to make sure you do not get infections, I understand that the hospital will need to see you very soon


Hi Jackie, we all need a frustrated AHHHHH rant from time to time :)

I think they disbeleive some people to be honest... I have known a couple of hypocondriacs; 1 from my family, and they must make GP's think twice sometimes about others, but the oath they take as medical doctors say they should do their best with any patient. Thats why a second person may help things along I think. My freind had the same thing when she had depression and her mum went with her - they said that a lot of people fake depression to get off work! Although it may be true, they shouldnt think the same for everyone.

All the best. Hope your legs improve soon.... will say a prayer for you.


Why are you lissoning to a Gp who is right you know youself he/ she doesn't so do what you think is right and ignore such advise from those who should know better.


Before goes on the blame game. Has anyone looked at how you do your exerciises? Want have you done to walk with relaxed leg muscles.

I can walk up a hill with tense muscles. I will get to the top of the hill out of breathe and aching legs.

Or i can walk up the hill endeving to keep my muscles less tense. When I notice my muscles are getting tense stop rest a bit and start again.


To all the above with a difficult GP: If you feel your GP is not taking enough trouble to resolve your problem can't you ask to see another GP in the practice, as they're quite happy to do in many practices.Failing this resolving your problem request you be referred to a specialist.However,as a last resort I have said,quite truthfully, I shouldn't have to, particularly as money is difficult, but it looks as if I'll need to see a specialist privately.This can motivate many through guilt to seek an answer within the NHS. But, unfortunately, sometimes this does not work as they're willing to pass you on to a specialist they know in the private sector. In which case you'll need to back out, saying that on second thoughts you really can't afford the private expense.It's worked for me but you have face up to them.Best of luck.


It sounds like there was underlying infection, if the wound was smelly when it opened up.

Walking until you can't walk anymore was probably not the best thing to do. Any walking advice I have had has been to walk at a comfortable pace, for a comfortable length of time. Then slowly build up length of walk by adding 10 mins every few days.

If the gp told you running a marathon would be good for you, he wouldn't expect you to go out and do it the next day. He would expect you to train. Its the same with walking.


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