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Sharing a laugh out loud moment

I am tempted to stay home alone and mope due to excessive gruelling of the sodding shoulder.

But working on my theory that "any effort will be rewarded".

(All be it one way or another).

I sally forth with man on a mission. On the way home we stop to mooch around a rather impressive looking church.

On the prayer board and among the truly sad requests is this dubious appeal to a higher force than the local council.

"Please don't let them build 90 new houses on the Southam rd

And please let the developers. Go bankrupt!".

Don't you just love it.

Now has the vicar spotted it and is letting it lie?

Or will it be censored when he sees it?

Ps I dropped a silent prayer in for us lot.

Hope you don't mind.

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In these days of PC gone mad it's good to laugh. Thanks for the prayer nedd everyone on this sight are in my prayers too


Need I'm a great believer in laughter, playing a great part in pain relief. "I'm not a medical man, but I'm sure when your in a happy frame of mind, sharing jokes, happy memories e t c your spirit's and mood are lifted and the mind produces endorphins which are released into the blood stream, producing pain relief,together with a resulting feeling of happiness, relaxation and pain relief, Even if it only has a limited effect,, you be happy for a while (PS have you heard the one about ha ha)

My thought are with, you. get well soon.



Hi Ned

I found that funny, i doubt the vicar being happy about it, it's 90 less potential pockets to empty for the church plate!

Thanx for the prayer, take care and angel blessings


Ha ha ha, Oh, that's brilliant! Love it. (I am a church goer).

I do believe that laughter is very good for us. I can recommend the 'Ebay Song' on utube. It's hilarious.

God bless all here.


brilliant Nedd thanks for saying a prayer for us love Viv x


Certainly made me smile, thank you for the prayer all help muchly appreciated.

I wonder if the planning meeting will be disturbed by a plague of locusts lol


Everyone thanks for dropping by.

I like to think prayers floating about in the ether help a bit. For me it's sometimes the fact that I have not been forgotten.

I am a huge believer in laughter being the best medicine for feeling low. My pain toolbox has various charity books of

cartoons and funny quotes in.

Anne Marie I had never come across the EBay song thanks for sharing it. I am always on the lookout for cheer me uppers.

Nutty I shall scan the local rag with interest for locusts.

Have a good weekend everyone.



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