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Hi everyone I am new. I have had back pain for years and started having neck shoulder hands and legs pain. It took along time to be told

I have fibg I have been taking pregabalin 225/2 for time I put on weight but in the last year I have lost a lot of weight and I an very worried that more his wrong. I am sick of going docs. Has He always put down to my depression any private docs anyone knows that can help me. Cus the pain his getting worse. The birmingham areas ps I take 12tbs a day anyone help me please .have a good day everyone take care .

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Hello BOB here

Sadly I would imagine that you would have been in and out of the GP Surgery, have you attended a Specialist, if so what has He suggested ?. We all get a sickener going to appointments and feeling that nothing has been done.

Would a Pain Clinic assist, in the control of pain, possibly a TENS may help you in the control of pain.

If you are concerned with the loss of weight that could be something unrelated to FBG so you need to have that looked into straight away. With me the drugs help in increasing weight and it is a real problem, this problem is more pronounced when taking pain control medications

It is very difficult to know the whole way forward when not knowing the full story of what to suggest. Always the best way of sorting things out is through the GP, although I understand the feelings you are suffering from. With depression and anxiety your condition becomes worse when you feel nothing has been done to rescue you from your condition.

Again your GP will arrange coping skills for you and possibly a Pain Clinic may be the best way forward. They can look at your medications and assist in a referral to othe departments that may help

If you need advice or support you know where we are, I have now been in Chronic Pain now for thirty years and understand the problems associated with that

Good Luck



Morning bob hope this message fines u well. Many thanks for ur reply. I have done pain management . Pyico pain management courses but been no help. I have suffered with my back many years but the last two years spread two figo the pain some days his to much. All if I over do it then I suffer like many on here. I am hydro theory today many say this helps a lot . Don't like water . But this his a well heated pool, see how I am later after the session has I get very tired will let u know how I get on . Am waiting to see my GP wich I hate going . About my wait loss he puts down to my depression. He only here's what I have to say if someone his with me. So my husband his coming see what out come his . Speak to u later . Have a comfortable day .


You asked about private docs. Why not try the Alexander Technique. There has been great deal of experiential evidence of its effectiveness. It may not cure your problem, but it will help make it more manageable and more pain free. See


I take nortriptyline 45mg for my nerve pain. It helped considerably with the pain and the depression I developed from being in pain for so long and how much it altered my life. Perhaps mention this med at your next app. I have minor side effects and I'm extremely sensitive to meds. Good luck


Morning juliansmom on this wet day hope u are well. Thanks for ur reply I will look into what u said. I am having hydro thearaphy today heard that it's good will let u know later that's if I not to tired has I get . Have a good day. Stour port


Hi there you need to be referred for a pain management programme I think it would help you ask your GP about it. I am taking pregabalin for 6 months now for my longterm chronic back pain they seem to be helping a bit but keep popping in on this site it helps sometimes knowing you arenot alone keep your chin up and keep fighting good luck mate.


I have been seeing a pain management doctor for 13 years. She's had me on and off pregabalin - sometimes it works and at other times it doesn't. But if you have pain and access to a pain management doctor, make her your doctor. Pain specialists have a tremendous knowledge of meds and I have come to rely on my pain med doctor much more than my GP.


The advice about yoga sounds helpful, just gentle and relaxing may help some if not all.

I remember advice on dealing with a pain, gently take a breath in and as one breathes out imagine breathing the breath

to the site of the painful area.

Of course pain is often referred from elsewhere but sending warm loving breathe to parts of the body is relaxing.


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