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Does anyone feel my pain?

Hi everyone.

I have been suffering with different types of pain for around 4yrs now. Ranging from chest pain, abdominal pain & basically pain everywhere! Had various tests inc several blood, 2 chest X-rays, endoscopy & 2 abdominal ultrasound. All came up clear! I am currently on nexium gastro tabs. Seen rheumatologist approx 18months ago and he thought i have chronic pain & fatigue. I am still not convinced that I'm ok tho. I'm terrified that I have cancer or something serious and its all over my body, then i think there is something wrong with my heart which I know is silly but can't seem to remove the fear from my mind! I have tried acupuncture, psychology & cognitive therapy. None have worked so far. It has a huge negative impact on my life most days but im fed up moaning about how i feel so i dont mention the pain anymore even although it hurts everyday. Thought it would be good to share my story & speak to people that feel exactly the same:-( hope to hear back soon

Mrsmcd xx

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Hello Mrsmcd,

You have come to the right place for help and support.

There is always a reason for CP although many times it is so hard to find. Long forgotten childhood injury. Something more recent like RA

Have you considered or been referred to the pain clinic? i know i always bang on about them but that's what they are there for.

To help, advise, hopefully find the right cocktail of drugs, therapy and self management.

CP is very real and even though the injuries ay have healed long ago the pain and siffering remains for life.

I know all the answers to the questions - be positive, pace yourself, relaxation tapes etc but somehow reality can be harder.

Do you have any family close who can support you? They should be part of your life and should understand what you go through. It can often be as important to inslude them in 'training' as it is for you.

Hope this makes sense!

Always around with an ear and shoulder.

Pat x


HI you are not going mad I to have all this and more I can't even breath without pain but try thinking up to and encluding ten years back, Did you have any epidurals, facet joint, spinal anything basically because this could very well be a cause and delayed effect. Have a think and get back to us, you are not alone !!!


Mrsmcd, we do feel your pain and feel for you! It's awful to have the pain physically and then on another level dealing with the emotional pain that comes with a life disrupted. I've had chest pain for a year or so now (as well as the rest) - its deeply disconcerting. I take my blood pressure when the palpitations are bad but it's normal and clearly I'm still alive so I've come to the conclusion that there's nothing wrong with my heart per se. The GP has also decided its anxiety and depression linked to menopause and told me they prescribe anti depressants for it nowadays instead of HRT. Also, the palpitations disappear when I fully focus on something else like reading a book or cooking etc.. If you haven't seen a pain clinician it is certainly a good idea but also know you are not alone. Best wishes and keep us posted. ;)


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