Undiagnosed and feel like no one is listening

I know something is wrong with me and I feel like a hypochondriac and the Dr''s aren't listening. I woke up this morning in so much pain I can not even walk. My feet are so sore and on fire. My entire body aches like the flu and I have a headache this has been going on for seveal months. I get nauseous at times. I'm worried since I'm about to start a new job. . I get this random numbness in different parts of my body. Last night I was standing up praying and both legs went numb I thought I was going to fall. My hands/arms frequently go numb at random times. Drs shug it off as neuropathy. Im 37 and do not have Diabetes. I had a sleepy study and my oxygen level drops to 79% and no concern from the Dr. I get these stabbing pains in my body that feels like someone just stabbed me with an ice pic. Im dropping things often, feel clumsy, and forgetful. Family members think I'm over reacting but I'm scared. I'm in pain all day but especially when I first wake up in the morning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is awful.

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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this it is hard suffering in pain but don't ever stop nagging at your doctor even when you feel like a hypochondriac I find your not taken seriously until you keep on and keep on and keep on at them don't give up rest when you can and try to keep your chin up xxx

  • Hi unheard78 I'm so sorry your being treated like this it's disgraceful but please Keep Going back to Dr's keep a note of what,when,where and keep going until they Listen there will be One Dr in the practice that will listen just keep at it and Don't loose heart and you can always rant here or just talk someone will always answer you x linda

  • Really sorry to hear what you are going through. Keep hassling doctors. If they don't know what wrong should refer you to hospital doctors.

    I have a couple of conditions that you remind me of BUT I am not a doctor so obviously can't diagnose. Just your symptoms remind me of something affecting me. Plus something I have read about. Feel free to PM me but it is your doctors who need to do more for you.

    Hope they help you soon.

  • I hope you eventually get help. Keep on at your doctor. You could ask to be referred. I hope you get some help. I did!!

  • I sympathise with you. I have been trying to get Dr's to listen to me for the last two years at four different hospitals.

    My GP has been so good and puts it down to the nickle in my knee replacement which I am allergic to, he says it needs replacing but will they listen.

    Keep at them, don't give up, there is nothing worse than being in pain all the time.

    Have you been tested for MS, psoriatic arthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Fibromyalgia?

    They can be very painful and cause stiffness especially in the morning and sometimes late evening but they can be partly managed with the right medication. I do hope you get a result soon.

  • Keep going it's taken me 21 years and constant nagging and finally telling them what I wanted doing and finally getting answers been a long hard slog and pain really bad now but answers I'm getting and treatments at last so keep going knows it hard but you'll get there

  • Headache going on for ages consider 'brain fog' ? which is a symptom of either low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) or B12 deficiency or both together.

    Also stabbing pains, forgetful (brain fog) in pain all day (fibromyalgia/CFS) are also symptoms of both conditions too.

    Also with Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) and Low vitamin B12 you can also be low in others- Vitamins, minerals, iron, ferritin, follate.

    Problem being Doctors are not good at diagnosing these conditions when looking at patients bloods. Ask for a printout of any bloods done and pop them up on both

    'Thyroid UK' forum

    and (for B12 Deficiency) 'PAS' forum (Pernicious Anemia society,) both here on Health Unlocked)

    Where members can help you forward, if you do have these conditions, not saying you have these conditions unheard78, but it might be an idea to at least rule them out.

    One in 10 women apparently get Hypothyroidism and 85% here in Uk are Vitamin D deficient.

    Most of us now ask for a printout of our bloods and ranges.

    Many with Hypothyroidism and B12 Deficiency are overlooked or missed i read of their plights daily, but many 'missed' patients are easy to help once you have the blood printouts.

  • hi unheard, i have exactly the same symptoms as you and ive been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. classic symptoms. change gp and talk to someone who cares. best wishes, sarah xx

  • Bless you, there is nothing worst than being dismissed as a hypochondriac when you are obviously in need of help and support. Are you able to see a different doctor? Would your GP refer you to a specialist pain clinic? I'm no expert but some of the things you describe sound very much like posts I've seen from Fibromyalgia sufferers. I hope you find an understanding doctor soon.

  • Hi, do you have any other symptoms such as extreme tiredness. Weight gain and so forth? So sorry you are going through this. Wish doctors would listen.

  • Yes! I've gained 40 lbs in 8 months. I'm tired all the time. I wake up crying in pain from head to toe.

  • Agree with coastwalker. Try and get your doctor to do a full thyroid test it could be that or fibromyalgia or both. My mum has both. They are different conditions but closely related. Try and see a different doctor. It's disgusting that they are not putting your symptoms together and doing proper tests.

  • Unheard78, really sorry to hear of your pain ,it almost sounds like me , and I to fear no docs are listening to me , I thought I was suffering from fibromyalgia ,but I've seen two doctors ,the first doctor said ,she didn't want to label me with it as she had two other patients with it who went down hill quickly after the diagnosis, and the other doc said well you seem to have all the symptoms for it but again to me this does not quite seem like a diagnosis.

    Can anyone help on this , it's gone 4 in the morning and so far I've had no sleep as I'm in so much pain.

    I'm new also to this site and would appreciate and advise given.

    My currant medication is : 8 x 200mg paracetamol

    8 x 30mg codien

    4 x 300mg gabapentin

    2 x 500mg naproxen

    Per day , not to mention my meds for bipolar . I rattle

    Good luck

    Mad cow Kitza

  • Kitza Bi polar, babyblues, depression, even autism plus other conditions I have read many times are now being linked to low thyroid, (hypothyroidism)

    (low FreeT3/Free T4 bloods.)

  • Coastwalker, yer I've had loads of blood tests ,I think possible those but am seeing my GP this Thursday so will try to get a printout of what ive had , also get my autistic daughter tested.

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