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what to do when pain is nothing


Well just seen ortho,and after bending pressing ,reflexes,etc there is nothing more they can do. They will not do more scans as it wont show anything else. So sadly 'youve just got to keep doing what you do,I know thats not what you want to hear and i wish I could offer more but its pain management with your gp now im afraid'

So i have to get strong again,mentally,tell myself its only pain,i can handle it,..but Im so tired of hurting and Im weak physically and mentally,..shut up woman and just deal with it.

It is very hard to manage when you are in 24/7 burning soreness pain,hard to keep your pecker up..but ortho has said there is nothing else wrong just my back 30 years older than me,so I have to mange it. I am going to :

have a massage twice a month

use my tens,deep tissue heat massage daily ,tens several times a day

swim at least twice a week

hot soak daily

cut back on caffeine even further

smother myself in movelat and an oil a friend made

sniff relaxing smells

listening to relaxing music whilst massaging my body

walk and cycle as much as possible

and pick myself up dust myself off and start all over again ..for now Im going to have a meditate :)

best wishes to all

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Sorry pain can be so lonely when we suffer so, the bottom line stares at us, we try not to fall,and continue on with what we have learned over many years.

I remember several years ago,when they said ,we have trained you to take all the hard knocks that pain gives, we give the tools, we trust you to treat yourself carry on, that is it

So we take the hits,

Look after yourself we are always here for support



Those strategies sound great I find massage helps as does some form of suitable light exercise eg swimming x

That's brilliant that you've come up with a plan for getting on with it yourself. It's horrible to be told there's nothing more that be can be done, but there is clearly plenty you can do yourself. It might not make the pain disappear - which is what we'd all like to happen - but by doing these things you are putting the pain in its place.

Don't give up hope. I was told I'd reached the end of the pain management road 3 years ago, but I am slowly getting a lot more good days now. It doesn't just happen by itself.

You are winning.

It is heard not to let the bugger get you. Keep on truckin.

oh its so good to be able to speak with folks who understand :)

i guess the good news for me is when i reach 82 i will be used to the mobility problems lol. Im relieved my probs are only lumbar and cervical stenosis and facet joint arthritis and bone spurs ,no actual nerve damage..:)

have a good one peeps x

It's a roller coster! I hate the disappointments. It's hard to pick yourself up and carry on but it sounds like you've done it before - you've made yourself a plan! In the words of Super Mario, "Wahooo"! Plus, they don't know everything. Who knows what's currently being discovered! You'll find a way through. You are stronger than you know! ;)

I was told the same thing six months ago, but unlike you, I have not got myself; motivated to help myself more. After reading your post I shall start looking into a lot of the methods you have mentioned. Thanks for the inspiration. Stay well ann

Hi Ann,believe me I have not been motivated..it took seeing ortho and accepting nothing worse had happened. It isnt easy to stay up and we're so tired all the time arent we. But I want my mojo back,my positiveness ,so the battle begins :) lots of tlc Ann and hoping you kick pain in the butt,at least a bit lol.

jan x

HI-poor you,,,I gave up with orthos and got a great neuro surgeon.I paid to see him privately

and he then put me on his NHS lists.hes a wonderful man and very understanding. orthos had told me the same thing 15 years ago.they are great for hips and knees

, but where my back ,nerves and spine-they are the teams to see. maybe worth a go.Good Luck nettes xx


Hi Nettes,thank you for that advice ,I will look into it and see if pennies will run to it :)


You might have permanent pain syndrome or maybe fibromyalgia, it's all about the pain signals getting things wrong. Like a short circuit. Try to see the neuro side of pain management and get tests done. I have so many surgeries I have both conditions but now I am back on the surgery list as my knees have crumbled more and so has my spine but I now get pain everywhere. If one specialism can't give you an answer keep going, be a nag to the gp to keep referring you. Your pain is real and don't ever doubt that. You have a justified reason for being tired, frustrated, upset and people need to help you with it. All the best xxx

Have you tried an Alexander Teacher? Have you looked at your sleep regime? Are you getting enough sleep?

Wow you really go for doing all sorts of lovely things to help your self - well done you. I wondered what is 'use my tens,deep tissue heat massage daily ,tens several times a day'.

I have been looking up lovely smelling oils again, a bit of pampering is definately good for the soul. Take care - All best wishes xx

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