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Why is pai only when i stand

Hi I am new to the group. I suffer with a slipped disc and arthritis of the spine. Have had three injections in the spine and none of them worked. Have been on co-codomol, pregablin, Gabapentin Tramadol, and most of the other pain killers. Doctors just keep telling me to double up on the dosage which make me ill. Have no pain when sitting or sleeping, but as soon as i stand up the pain goes down my leg and lower back. The pain i have is more than i can stand at times. Have tried every thing and spent a fortune on cushions belts massage chairs. rollators tens machines. Any one got any idea what i can try next.

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Hello futilezombie2 and welcome to our pain forum

You sound like the manufacturers of pain aids best friend.. We all rusg out to buy anything which we think will help. On its own one thing will rarely make much difference. But several, including pacing yourself and managing pain may have a better chance.

I presume you have been to a pain clinic? Have you been offered a pain management course? These are very good and teach you with the help of aids, drugs and alternative therapies the best way to lessen your pain. You know it will never go away?

Very few GPs ave much knowledge of managing pain that is why a pain consultant is the best to see. He will prescribe meds which GP will give you and monitor. Often more meds does NOT mean less pain.

Hope some of this may help



Have you seen any consultants or just your GP? If not you should ask for a referral. As Paton said GPS are not usually very good at dealing with chronic pain.


Hi, have you had an MRI scan ? To properly diagnose your problem?

The pain when standing will be because you are putting pressure on a nerve.........I am a fellow back sufferer, so really do understand your pain........


Hi Birdlady, yer i have had M.r.i. scan Bilateral injections, and two other injections that i have forgotten the name of. The only thing i have not had is the operation and hospital said i could end up worse than i am now. Don't really want to go down that road......


My advice is....don't go down the surgery route. I had a second back operation over a year ago, and I wish I could turn the clock back.....My pain now is just awful, plus I have severe nerve damage and numbness......

I don't know what to suggest to you for the pain, but if you want a chat to a fellow sufferer......I am here.......Chin UP......


Thanks for the information about your operations, i know now that i will not take that chance. I have been this way for five years and it is getting worse. Doctors have tried me on all medication except the one that i know works which is diclofenic. He said he can not give it to me on repeat as it causes damage to the kidneys. I am now confined to the house most of the time as it is so painful to walk. It looks as though i will just have to put up with it. no one has an answer. Hospital tell me to exercise, if i could do that i would not be there.


Seen consultant many times, he just sends me back to the pain clinic, and they are obsessed with the tens machine, which is as much good as a chocolate fire guard. Thanks for your advice. Hope your pain is not with you all the time and you get some relief from it. It totally takes your life over.


Oh Futile,I feel your pain I really do.........I think the next step they want me to take is to have either a morphine pump fitted, or the stimulator . I am not keen on that idea either, but will have to go to the pain clinic and discuss it a lot more.

Have you tried Butrans Patches, I wear those and they help a bit..

Know what you mean about Excerciseing.......if we could we would....

I use a walking frame with wheels , and it does get me a bit more mobile........( hate the thing though) . But needs must!


Yes, i also have a rollator with four wheels and a seat. This eases the pain as i walk about the house, but will not take it outside as its to much hassle to fold it up and to heavy for me to put in the boot of the car. Had morphine patches as well. have spent thousands on every thing form tens machine to copper soles, copper bracelet, knee and back braces. Have no social life any more. Constant pain wares you down.


A tens machine is the best thing I have tried, it takes all my pain away it takes a bit of getting used to but it is well worth a try honestly


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