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Hello there, I would like to let you know of an event I have organised on Tuesday, 4th June, (10-2pm) at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, West Yorks. (£3.00pp) I have had the support of a senior consultant at the BRI, and also a local Doctor, as well as a number of Therapists.

The day is intended to inform sufferers of all that is now available by way of help and support, and also to encourage discussion and shared experiences. There are various presentations, and also 'Advice & Humour'. A local actress will do scripted segments based on info from real sufferers. In addition, refreshments, and a raffle.

I do need a good turn-out in order to cover the room hire, as I could not obtain funding!

It will be an informative and also very enjoyable day for all!

I look forward to seeing you there.

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Good for you....if I lived closer I would definitely be there to give it support...


Hello Joe, Oh thank you for your kind comments and support. Do please pass on the info to anyone you think might benefit. I have advertised the event very widely, but one can never be sure how many folks will turn up on the day. The venue is a lovely room, but fairly big! Oh well, please God all will be well.

Thanking you again. Anne-Marie.

Hope to be there Anne-Marie. Very well done you !

Hello there, how nice to hear from you and I will be delighted to see you. Do please pass the message on to anyone you think might be interested. The event is intended to help anyone suffering from pain in any degree - also help with the emotional side of things - and to be a bit of fun as well! There will be chat-time and a raffle.

Kindest regards, Anne-Marie.

I'm too far away as well, but I'd like to give you a donation. PM me with details of how I can.

anne-marie92 in reply to zanna

Aw, thank you so much that's really good of you. Well, it's the room hire that is my main worry. Cheques should be made out to 'SHIPLEY COLLEGE', but the actual room is in Victoria Hall, Saltaire. I would suggest that you just post that to the Hall making it for the 'Attention of Molly Kenyon'. This good lady has 'taken responsibility' for letting me have the room with a post-payment, and that's a lot of trust to put in someone. As mentioned, I exhausted every avenue to try and find funding, but could not. Thanking you SO much again. Kindest regards, Anne-Marie.

Thanks, will do :)

anne-marie92 in reply to zanna

Dear Zanna, thank you so much. I will write a post on how the day goes and pass on any and all info to everyone here online. Possibly, a local support group might be established - we will see. My main aim is to reach as many people as I can and then keep in touch. Take care now. Kindest regards, Anne-Marie.

Hi, Anne-Marie,

I also would love to be at Saltaire for your meeting, but live in Suffolk! I was actually at Saltaire last September whilst on holiday with friends, it is an interesting place and I love Yorkshire having lived there for 6 years as a child during the war- at Adel, near Leeds.

Am enclosing a small cheque to help with he cost of the hall, do hope it goes well.

Very best wishes,


Hello there, Oh how kind of you. As mentioned, it needs to be posted to the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, but made out to 'SHIPLEY COLLEGE', and Attn. of Molly Kenyon.

Yes, I've only been here a year or so and it is a fascinating place. The Saltaire History Group have been very supportive to me in this endeavour and I'm very grateful. Well, it's all looking good so far, and we hope for a successful day.

Kindest Regards, Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie, Im sorry but I won't be attending the Awareness Day tomorrow, I have to have a massage ASAP and tomorrow was the only day available.

I hope the day is successful and Id be grateful for any feedback/ info when you can.



Hello there, Thank you for your kind message - not to worry! I will certainly post an update on the event, and hopefully we can do something similar in future.

I hope you will be feeling more comfortable soon, and take care.


Bit far for me to trave, from West Midlands but hope you have a good turnout and a successful day.

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