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Hi there all my friends!!!!

Well got good news my CA125 remained at 11! I went for chemo today but they couldnt do it because my platelet count was low( plss give me answers on what this means) But it means i,ll be able to have a Christmas after all! I had visions of being in bed with side effects so WHOOPPEE EH? Ok girls what does low platelets mean and what must i do and not do? Secondly I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful healthy New Year tou you all! You,re the greatest !Love and healing hugs and Gods richest blessings be with you and your familys Lynn XXXXXXXX

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I am sure when you went for chemo they explained that good as well as cancer cells get affected. Before you have each chemo they check to make sure the good cells have recovered sufficiently from the last chemo before giving you another dose.

Platelets are tiny cells that circulate in the blood and whose function is to take part in the clotting process.

The main effect of a reduced platelet count is an increased risk of bleeding, but this rarely occurs until there are less than 80-100 million platelets per ml.

Another week and you'll probably have recovered enough for the next round.

Well done on the maintained CA125 of 11.

Love Lizzie



Dear Lynn,

Good news of your ca125! Long may it continue!

The full answer to your question is at

Don't worry; it's common to need to have a longer recovery period between treatments toward the end (and I think this is your last, or penultimate treatment?). My oncologist told me at the beginning (somewhat triumphantly, I thought) not to book a holiday for the day after my last chemo date, as many do, and many have to cancel for this reason.

Very best wishes,



Great news Lynn,

Wishing you a L O N G Remission.

Dont worry to much on your Platelets they can be put right.

Just you have a Fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Luv trish x x


Hi Lynn

I had problems with my platelets right through my chemo last year, so was delayed at every round. In fact, I didn't end up having the planned 6 doses because after round 5 all my blood cells went awol! I had to have a few units transfused of red cells and platelets, but don't worry - time & if need be transfusions can fix it.

A year on I am in good health, and my CA125 remains below 5!

So for now just relax and enjoy Christmas!

Gael xxx


Hi girls!

Thank you all for your answers! I know where i am now at least.Hope you all well and have a great festive season Love Lynn XXXX


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