NED and special friends

Hi there. Hope you are all doing as well as you can be.

Iv not posted for a long time but read everyday. Such sad news about our Clare but then on the other side of the coin 10 years for Kathy. All you ladies have been so much support through difficult times and continue to be so. I met up with Gleedy a couple of weeks ago for a coffee and we got on like a house on fire. We plan to meet up and have a shopping trip before Christmas. I truly have made a special friend.

I received great news last week at my first scan since finishing my avastin. No evidence of disease still. I couldn't believe it. I am so pleased. A little more time for me before the bugger decides if it wants to come back or not.

My partner must of asked me most days since, have u posted on your site yet?? So just goes to show what an impact you ladies lives have on us.


thanks, hugs and sending love to all of you.

Mandy, xx

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  • 🎉 congratulations on NED

    My plan for 2018 is to get to some get togethers even arrange one in Northants or Bedford as on the border of both

    Lovely to have an update

    LA xx

  • A meet up sounds great LA. Would be nice if a bunch of us could get together. Hope you get some better info from your CNS next week babe. Xx

  • Count me in LA. I live in Lincolnshire and would love to meet up. X

  • Hi lily-Anne would love to meet up with others. I live near Birmingham but come to the royal marsden so could meet in either location. Is anyone from Birmingham way??

  • Hi Mandy, that excellent news keep it up. As for meeting others on here that's great.

    I am the other way can't stop posting I have too much to say at times. Take care Cindyxx

  • Always a pleasure to read though Cindy, xx

  • Wonderful news Mandy. This site is amazing and I have made wonderful friendships. What would we all do without each other. I hope you had a mini celebration. Xc

  • Brilliant Mandy. I think we all understand how each of us can go quiet for whatever reason. But all know we can slip back in when we need. That's very important xx

  • Yes unfortunately this ride is sometimes rough and sometimes smooth. Thanks for your reply. Xx

  • Brilliant news Mandy, long may it continue !! xxKathy xx

  • Thanks Kathy. I do hope so. Xx

  • That's great news Mandy. I hope you have some nice things planned xxx

  • Thanks. Off to turkey for two weeks in the morning. 🍦🍦

  • Hope you have a wonderful time Millie xx

  • So pleased for you, Mandy. What a relief - no evidence of disease. Long may it last. We're so lucky to have this site. It's great that you've made a new friend, too, not just a 'virtual' one. Love, Solange 😊

  • Lovely to hear from you. I'd like to meet up with some people I'm looking at as friends. It would be great to see how well they are all doing. xx

  • So pleased to read your good news.

  • Hi from the USA here, Mandy! I loved hearing your news. A positive post such as yours brings sunshine and hope. Like yourself, I am a daily reader. I HAVE to check in and check up on these amazing troopers here absolutely every evening before bed. We all need this type of support!

  • Great news Mandy. It gives us all a lift to hear this and gives us back our hope. Long may it last.


  • Great news!

  • Mandy, congratulations ! This is great news. You are truly blessed and you'll be fine. I don't ever think about my cancer coming back. I worried the first year because it's scary and new. I 'm Happy to say April 2018 is my 4 yr mark. I have no intention of letting cancer come back. Keep positive, your a warrior like the rest of us. Together we fight and triumph. Best regards Liz

  • Thanks Liz. It's so positive to hear the 4 year mark for you. I'm not gonna let it stop me getting on with my life now. As D would say, onwards and upwards. Xx

  • I'm stage 3c clear cell ovarian cancer. If I can do it you can too. Stay positive. I'm on no meds but I do take specific vitamins. Mostly stuff I looked into that's supposed to help me stay healthy and mostly keep a strong immune system.

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