Hi all just wanted to check in an say hello !

Hi eveyone hope you are all doing well. Hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year. I don't know whether you all remember me I had my op in september 25th it turned out to be a borderline tumour stage 1a musenous. I am still doing well my scar is healing but it has left my tummy looking lopsided lol. But hey I'm not complaining I am lucky that's all I have to contend with. I have got to have an mri scan again due to severe pain in my lower back but the doctors think its unrelated an maybe to do with worn discs I hope so. I have been refered for post operative stress counselling as I've become very stresed an tearful of late my doctor thinks its this so I have an appointment to go and see a counsellor for assesment on the 24th of this month . I thought it was the change but apparently its too early for the change even though I'm getting hot flushes. I'll let you know how I get on . My best wishes an soft hugs to you all xxxxxxx

. Ps . I still light a candle every evening for you all which represents hope for finding a cure for everyone. Xxxx. : )

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  • Best wishes and thank you for the update love x G x

  • Hi! I'm glad you're recovering and getting the post-op support you need. Hope the counselling works and helps you to get over this frightening experience. It's good to hear that you're doing well.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi there.. I'm really pleased for you .. Glad you've made a good physical recovery. I had psychotherapy because I found it very hard to deal with my misdiagnosis. I found it hard to know my life could have been so much different had I been diagnosed much earlier than I was. The therapy helped very much. Love to you .. Tina

  • Hi all and thank you, at least I know im not the only one and its normal, I'm feeling a little better today , just feel so guilty because I have had all clear now . I am so happy mine was a good outcome ive been told by GP its Post operative stress and I'd just need a few sessions with a counsellor, so im hoping this will do the trick. best wishes lena xx

  • Hey Lena, don't feel guilty about anything- what you have gone through is major surgery and a life changing experience. Hoping the sessions are really helpful- I'm sure they will be. In the meantime you do anything and everything that makes you happy - it's only 4 months since your op xxx

  • Thank you janette, for being so understanding, everyone is so good on here , I hope you are doing well and still fighting on . I have to agree with your post the symptoms of ovarian cancer are not public enough and I to spread the word about the symptoms. God bless big hugs xxxx

  • I love this comment , do everything that makes you happy, that has helped me.

    Lena, how fab is your GP ! Talking to an independent person can be really good. Take tissues and don't be afraid to cry x x

  • Thank you langstone lady, tissues are an excellent idea and the support you've given me is much appreciated big hugs xxxx

  • Lena has your doctor suggested HRT for the flushes? For years i'd asked for it but as had a bad back and history of breast cancer they refused me them and was a right narky cow!! following op i was red hot all time- and hey presto have the patches now which have made a huge difference (tho when the hubby strolled in at 6am steaming after his works do they didn't stop the rage then!!! lol) xxxxx

  • Hi janette I was offered hrt by my oncologist but I refused it as I've heard such bad things about it do you think I should try it then . Some people have said it made them really bad very depressed and some said made them suicidal .How long have you had them and are there any side effects ? Also do they drastically reduce the hot flushes I been taking evening primrose oil for hot flushes they do limit them as well as make your skin nails and hair lovely . Do you think I should give HRT a go then . Hugs lena xxx

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