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Hi my friends

Hope you are all ok!. Just want some info if any one can help. At what stage in the treatment of o/c can you be considered cured? At stage 3b do i have a good chance of being cured?

Im in remission at the moment but would like your opinion on this. Also if anyone knows anything about non-hodgkins lymphoma the same question applys when are you considered cured?

Im having a very down time at the moment and need a liitle bit of support. I start getting worried and it ruins my life. I know there are hunreds of us on this wonderful website and i know ther are many survivors.

If anyone can help with these answers i would be grateful. Maybe it will give me more positivity as at the moment im full of negativity. Sorry!

Love and ((((healing hugs)))) to you all,



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Oh Lynn - you are in remission - be happy!

Love Lizzie



Hi Lizzie, Thank you for your kind reply. Im so afraid and plagued by this cancer im convinced im going to die soon. So much so im too scared to make future plans just in case i do. I know im morbid but i dont get any support you see which makesit all the more difficult for me.Theres nobody only strangers who have comforted me so now you see why im so desperate.I know nobody knows when,how or where we,re going to die but im afraid death has become an obsession in my life and i cant function properly.

I dont even know if i believe in my faith any more as i feel so let down by God in every aspect of my life both personal and health wise. Im sorry too if i sound ungrateful about being in remission but this waiting in between appointments is also not good.

Thank you again Lizzie my friend. I hope that you are ok and looking after yourself.


Lynn xxxxxx


Hi Lynn,

How about focusing on the things you want to do? You are not having any treatment, you are in remission, you have freedom - how about sorting out that holiday to Wales? A new outfit? Treat yourself to some pampering at a salon? I am afraid I am not very religous so don't depend on God for anything, I think I shall go back to being part of the Cosmos when I am gone - and that I find comforing. I don't think it helps to keep worrying about it coming back - if it is active then you have cause to worry about stopping it, but it has been stopped once, and if necessary I am sure it could be stopped again.

Love Lizzie



Hi Lynne,

Just be glad of the remission and enjoy! Officially my op got everything visible but they said that last time and it was back within a year and the second round of chemo produced allergic reaction and the replacement chemo did not work. I have always known that there was no cure but I am determined to live life to thefull for as long as I can. It may be imagination but I smelled different when the cancer was active and I can smell that smell again! i just hoping it is my imagination.

Remission is a great state, enjoy it, do not waste time in what ifs!


Dear Lynn

I am so sorry you do not have the support you need at this time. Although this forum is great for people like us I think having support or just someone we can confide in closer to home is important. Have you considered having some counselling?

Also, I know you have said several times you have faith in God and I wondered if you had a church nearby where you could speak to someone who could understand your feelings. Remember you are not alone and many people have the same experiences as you. I too have faith in God which has deepened considerably since my cancer diagnosis. I found the book "When God and Cancer Meet" by Lynn Eib to be particularly helpful.

Also, as mentioned above, remission is a great place to be and you are free to do many things you can't when on the chemo so enjoy each day and live life to the full.

Best wishes



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