Hi all well I got some results today !!!

Hi all hope you ae all doing well,

Well i got some results today, I have been told the tumour they removed was a borderline Tumour and they have had to send it off to the Queen Elizabeth cancer specialist unit to get a 2nd opinion, as it doesn't specify what type or stage . They will be back in touch with me on tues / wed with a more clearer picture. Please has any one had this diagnosis or does anyone know what this means are they saying its cancer but not sure what sort of cancer ? I am quite upset as my consultant assured me after surgery that it wasn't cancerous she was 99% sure and then I got these results today. Can any one shed any light please!!!!!!!! hugs lena xxxxxx

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  • Hi Lena

    I had borderline tumours removed nearly eleven years ago. It still isn't really clear to me what they were but I am still well and I didn't need chemo or radiotherapy. There is a good info sheet on Borderline OC, under 'resources' on the Ovacome website, ovacome.org.uk It may help you to get it clearer. The good news is that the survival rate is very good for this type of tumour. I was monitored for 5 years and can still opt in to the system, via my CNS, if I have any worries about weird symptoms.

    Good luck with the results

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Lena

    I had the same diagnosis nearly 4 years ago and am still here..this is a very confusing diagnosis , but the prognosis is very good....

    My understanding and what I have been told is as follows.

    Borderline is a non invasive form of ovarian cancer ...many doctors say that it is definitely not cancer , but nor is it benign. Chemotherapy and or radiotherapy are almost never given and if it recurs it is removed surgically. There are different types though. Depending on what has been removed and the type you may need to be seen for gynae exams and or scans and or CA125 tests for a number of years. However policies vary from place to place.

    Getting a second opinion on the pathology is really good and the right thing for you.

    Please try not to worry and let us know how you get on.


    Charlie xxxx

  • Dear Lena

    I'm pretty sure that 'borderline' is good news. What I would do in your situation is ring the Nurseline of Ovacome because they have enormous experience and extensive knowledge of this disease. The number is 0845 3710554.

    I can imagine how worrying it is to be told the hospital has sent it to another cancer specialist unit for a 2nd opinion. Waiting is horrible. The one positive I can think of is that your hospital is being 100% thorough on your behalf and that really is good news.

    Sending loads of love and hoping for good news next Tuesday or Wednesday. xxxx love Annie

  • Hi Lena

    I recently spent a lot of time researching borderline tumours because of a decision I needed to make. I found 2 really useful leaflets. One was the ovacome one and another was from Greater Manchester and Cheshire NHS. This one says they are not cancers but tumours that can spread and cause problems, hence surgery and monitoring. If you google 'Greater Manchester NHS borderline tumours ' you should find it. As everyone says the prognosis is excellent. Hope this information helps and all the best for Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Sue x

  • Hi all hope you are all doing well. Thank you for your kind response .

    I have spoken to Ruth the nurse on Ovacome and she has explained everything to me . I am getting my head round it now thank you Ruth and too you all for your help and information . It was such a shock as when I saw my consultant in the hospital after my operation she was so certain it was not abnormal in any way and definitely not cancerous. Then to get these results today knocked me clean off my feet. you see I had prepared myself for the worst before op and after being told all looked okay I let myself believe all was okay. Now im over the initial shock , I believe this is a good prognosis . I just hope the results don't change on the 2nd opinion to anything worse. thank you again all you have been a great help . my mind is a little easier now . hope you are all as well as can be expected and I pray that one day soon a cure will be found for all for this dreaded disease. love and soft hugs to all Lena xxxxxxx :))

  • Dear Lena -- it IS good, if any OC diagnosis can be called good... All the perspectives above should show you that.

    Don't under-appreciate the impact on you, your emotions and confidence, and on the family either though. Anything like this rocks your foundations and, I think, changes your world view quite a bit. So don't walk away, be a bit kind to yourself and stay connected here! Whatever the outcome. I think more info is always better info, and the fact they have a second opinion on the way is a very good thing. Stay strong!


    Sue xxx

  • Hi Lena, I also had a borderline tumour removed in March this year. So far, so good and I have been told that I will need check-ups for 5 years. Hope you are keeping well, Jacqui xxx

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