Hi to all my friends

Hi I had a check up with CT scan yesterday and the cancers returned after only 6months remission .The nodules are small but there a lot of them in lungs ,liver and peritoneum.Im devastated and am looking to you all for anyone who has a similar story.My original cancer was NHL in May 2009 and in 2011 I got o/c stage 3c I had a radical hysterectomy and 6 rounds of chemo.went into remission in Feb 2012 then a few days later I lost my Son aged 32yrs to heart failure.Life is hard.Last year February it returned now stage 4 and yeaterday they said it was back.Im so afraid and hope some of you can give me some words of encouragement Love and hugs to all of you Lynn xxxx

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  • Hello Lynn, So sorry to hear it's back. I don't really know what to say to you so I'm just going to send you massive cyber hugs, love Kerry xx

  • Hi Kerry thanks so much for your hugs love Lynn xxx

  • I am so sorry to read your post and agree life is hard. I lost my daughter aged 48 so I know how hard it was for you to lose your son while you were just recovering from chemo. If you got through all that I feel sure you will now find the strength to fight this latest news. All my best wishes Gillx

  • Hi Gill im sorry you had to go through this too but I always say it doesn't matter how old they are they are still your babies love Lynn xxx

  • Hi Lynn really sorry to hear it's back and I know it's everyone's worst fear but you knocked it back last time so hopefully you'll do it again try keep strong thinking of you and sending lots of hugs babs

  • In my diagnosis I nodules on my lungs and a liver tumour as well as the ovarian,after 6 rounds of chemo the lung ones had gone and the liver tumour shrunk.i don't know if that's any comfort to you but hope so.

  • Hi my friend may I ask if you had any pain in your side with the tumour Im in agony this morning love Lynn xxx

  • I did have pain in my side with the tumour idont know if they said it was pleurisy because they didn't know anything else at the time.if I were you I'd see someone today you shouldn't have to be in pain.it would probably also put your mind at rest if you saw a dr.x

  • The pain I had in my side they told me was probably the tumour pushing against another organ.so you really should try and see someone today.all the best x

  • Hi the Dr examined my lungs and said they were clear so it must be a small tumour pushing against something. Its a stabbing pain worse on inhaling deep love xxx

  • That's exactly what I had.are you going to be seen at the hospital.hope you get it sorted regards c x

  • Hi yes I have to go the hospital for the oncologist to decide what treatment to take Thanks again for help Love Lynn xxx

  • I should think you see your gp asap with that pain and have it checked just to be on the safe side. It may not be what you fear but best to ease your mind

  • Hi there I live in South Africa but am from Wales and tomorrow here is a holiday so wouldn't be able to see my Dr I have taken Myprodol which has eased it a bit Thank you for your concern love Lynn xxx

  • 24 new cancer drugs are coming out right now. Never give up. I'm praying for you.

  • Helloe Ladykarla,

    What are hese 26 new drugs and when are they expected to come out??


  • I am sorry you had to make this post, you must be upset but start to fight back too. I lost twin grandsons during my second chemo they were prems and died shortly after birth. I thought my heart would break. But what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. I hope you will get a treatment plan that will put you back into remission again that is all we need at this time Sending you hugs

  • Hi my friend so sory for the loss of your grandsons its dreadful my heart aches for you love Lynnxx

  • I can't believe what you've been through. That is so difficult. Xxx

  • Thank you all so much I don't feel so alone now and have a lot of encouragement from you all.I really appreciate your kind thoughts and support. Ive developed a bad pain in my right waistline side last night and its quite painful but only have to Wednesday to wait and see what it is Be strong my friends Love and hugs to all of you Lynn xxxxx

  • Hi Lyn,

    I am new to this site but was saddened when I read your post.

    But from reading other posts there are a lot of positivity out there and also information of new treatments.

    I have a reoccurrence of oc in my lungschest cavity and an enlarged gland pressing on my adrenal gland and renal vein. I have awful pain and had to ask for strong pain relief. I'm waiting to hear about further treatment as cisplatin didn't give us the results we wanted. I also have the problem of a sluggish bone marrow so chemo has to be reduced considerably .

    I do beg you to get pain relief if your in agony weds is a few days away and pain relief will help you sleep and stay strong.

    I offer you warmest wishes and will be thinking of you xxxfiona

  • Hi Fiona thank you for your reply.Sorry to hear youre in this pickle too.Im not very good when it comes to pain but have taken what I have had before in the hope it will give me some relief..Love and hugs Lynn xxxx

  • I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time, life is hard enough and OvCa makes it harder. I had lung nodules and lymph nodules at diagnosis and have had liver ones too. I'm on my third lot of chemo now as it popped up on my spine - I have responded well in the past but have never been disease free, I still work full time and am determined. Don't loose hope sending you lots of hugs Amanda

  • Thank you Amanda it is a horrible disease indeed I had just carboplatin for my 1st recurrence but not sure what oncologist will give me now love Lynn xx

  • Hi Lynn, read your sad post and thought"There but for the grace of God go us all"

    But we must keep fighting this dreadful disease and as other ladies have said, there are new drugs coming out all the time!

    I was very heartened by an incologists address in an Ovacome mag, when he commented that OC must be viewed as a disease to be controlled ,albeit with some nasty drugs at present, but I truly believe the meds will improve, and in the meantime we must have courage and not let it beat us. There are lots of ladies on this site who are surving advanced stages with drugs which gives us all hope.

    Much love JackieO xx

  • Hi Lynn

    I had 3 cancers. All stage 4. First 25 yrs ago malignant melanoma in lynph nodes... 2nd in 2011 3rd in 2014. Both OC.. I'm 67 this yr. Stay strong. for the grace of God i didn't have a tragic loss..but my youngest son has history of alcohol .,some because of what we went through...eat lots of kale and spinach and antioxidants..,take vitamins..CHECK THE POSTS IN THIS WEBSITE regarding IBUPROFEN as anti-inflammatory powers and adjuvant therapy against cancer...drs don't tell u about because there is no money in it...and keep up with all the new research..take pain meds to keep fighting and PRAY and ask for prayers...in other words..,do it all..

    I cannot imagine losing a son..if u survived that...u can survive this..

    Love and blessings

  • Hi Ingrid, thank you for your reply you have been through a lot bless you. Im very depressed at the moment but will look back on the site for the stories .25 Years is a long time survivor indeed well done to you.I do pray but had so much pain today that I couldn't go to church Thanks for advice love Lynn xxx

  • With respect to the cancer I had a hysterectomy and was pronounced in remission but was back with the original symptons of stomach bloating within six weeks! I have written quite a few posts on this site which you may want to follow. Briefly I was put on Avastin, Gem and carboplatin for six rounds following the relapse which I seemed to tolerate well but did have problems with nosebleeds, I had to go to an ENT guy who said it was due to Avastin and didn't give any treatment. Severe bleeds still occur during the night and I am trying to remedy it by sleeping with pillows propped behind me so that my shoulders are above the level of my body. As for a reply to your question: I have sought a second opinion from the Royal Marsden and am seeing a Professor Gore on Tuesday 5th May. I shall be asking him what is the appropriate treatment in my particular case, ideally I would like a full stop on the cancer if they would be willing to act directly on the affected area, for me the peritoneum and some surrounding areas! a tough and probably unrealistic call but you have to say what you want for YOURSELF!

    Hope this may help and so sorry that you lost your son. So much love,Gio

  • Hi Gio thanks for your reply.Im in South Africa im from North Wales but an immigrant here. I find the Drs so cold and unsympathetic here and very abrupt.Im a sensitive person and need lots of hugs.I will see what the oncologist advises on Wednesday hopefully he will help. I pray so hard for a cure for all cancers and hope my prayers are answered Love Lynn xxx

  • Hi Lynn

    I'm so glad you've found this site as you're a long way from home. I only just read that on the last post. It must be very hard indeed having treatment in another country where things are done differently. My friend who was diagnosed in the Netherlands said the same of her oncology team there.

    I was diagnosed about the same time as you and I'm just looking at having a third line of treatment. Let's hope your next treatment works well for you and is easy to bear. They all affect us so differently in terms of side-effects.

    You're certainly not alone in S Africa. We're all with you in spirit!

    Sending love and hugs. xx Annie

  • Hi Annie thank you for your comforting words im really grateful.Yes this will be my 3rd line of treatment for o/c too. I wasn't too bad last year on just carboplatin alone and will see on Wednesday what the oncologist has planned.Ive had a lot of pain in my right side for a few days but to be honest the other times Ive been diagnosed I had no symptoms at all Amazing isn't it Thank you again for your reply love and hugs Lynn xxxx

  • Good grief....The pain in the world , and what so many have you have undergone and yet survived , is astonishing : and sad testimony to how the brain adapts and survival is hard wired into us . There are still holocaust survivors who bear witness , people fleeing terrors all over the world and now, Nepal and its earthquake .

    I have been in hospital , caelyx / then carboplatin twice , none working nand body rejecting the drugs big time . ,Genius nursing and brilliant doctors helped me through awful time . Now on cisplatin again and hope that this will work for a bit , being given weekly , reduced dose and slower drip ...survival of some sort . All been a shock to have to rule out two drugs ...

    By hugs on the airwaves to all women everywhere xx

  • Hi there yes there is a heck of a lot of sorrow in this big cruel world.When I think of those earthquake victims my troubles seem so petty.Im sorry the drugs aren't right for you but as one of the lasses said earlier in the thread there are new drugs coming on the scene.Lets hope when they do that they are better and that you are able to access one that suits you.Love and hugs Lynn xxxx

  • Hi Lynn,

    So sorry to hear the cancer has returned and of your devastating loss.

    Sometimes I've felt it's all too much but I know I've had it easy so far when I read what others have battled with. My heart goes out to you and all who battle with disease.

    Wishing us all well

    Aemi x

  • Thank you for your kind words Aemi I wish us all to be healed too love Lynn xxx

  • Hi Lynn. So sorry for what you are going through. I don't have any answers and can't offer any experience of all you have been through. I've just finished chemo for 1st recurrence. I can, however, offer love and my hope that you will again win through this awful disease and keep on fighting.

    Thinking of you


    Annette xxx

  • Hi, so sorry to hear your news.

    I to saw my Consultant today for results of my three month scan and it was not good news the cancer is back and I have a stomach full of ascites again. I was stage 4 had chemo, debulking and more chemo. In January was told NED.

    Now the consultant is saying because the cancer has returned in under 6 months they cannot cure me. But I thought when u had stage 4 you are never cured.

    Feeling so very gutted.

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